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Ola espana!

blogging from hotel novotel in barcelona..quite a nice place big bonus is the free wifi even in the rooms! but the time difference made it impossible to chat with falah. anyhow saw the sights of barcelona yesterday, very nice city but we were heavily warned about the pickpockets. luckily nothing happened yesterday. saw a few of gaudi’s work. really interesting..and unusual. then the afternoon was left for shopping. mom and i bought a chanel each, aunt hilda and aunt florence got an LV each.. and all of us got some longchamp. managed to get anngie’s LV neverfull..more on the shopping story in another post.that’s quite a drama on its own -__-

i miss falah so much when im walking around.. wonder when we’ll be able to come back here together? weather is okay, quite chilly but very nice with the sunshine. spain could really be the place i fall in love with. it’s beautiful, from what i’ve seen so far.

off to valencia today, and paella!

many hugs n kisses for falah *__*