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8 grv to a cuter me

i think i want teal colored tights.and its time to dig out my blue tights and to repair my blue boots and today i bought a pair of black dotted print tight (i look kinda fat in it) but i love it anyway

then i came home and saw my new brown boots my parents bought for me and regretted not taking the maroon tights cause that would go with my brown boots really nicely.


then i remembered that i have another pair of dark brown boots which will look nicer with maroon tights than black ones


haha maybe i should take pics of all my boots/shoes and carry them around with me so that i can flip them thru when i need to make life altering decisions like this.

please tell me not to go back to get the tights in maroon.


im in some kinda shopping anyway remember the little red clip that i broke?i bought new ones *smiles*


weather is nice and warm, yeay!

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BBQ Pics

let me show u a little bit of what we ate and our happy faces anticipating it

We had fish, chicken, and sotong! wheee *drool* i love seafood i love BBQ

look at babygirl's very happy face and my melting chocolate coated hershey's marshmallow

look at babygirl's even happier face hahaha

my two bestest friends here and me ^___^


i think im watching the 4th episode of Grey's Anatomy for the day.haha that's a tad too much but i need some comfort since im having classes in a hutan.yes, it is very remote, we cant even get there ourselves we have to take a prearranged bus from the main Tuberculosis dept and that hospital does not have a cafe!

we are literally put into the forest to starve.with lots of MBT (tb bac.) flying around us.but at least the teacher provides a kettle for us to make a hot drink.

im contemplating the idea of bringing my japanese noodle bowl tomorrow =p


ps : why i have no pics with pinky wan *hmmph* hops away and pout

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im just about to move my ass downstairs to join the rest for a BBQ right at our hostel.wahaha so convenient!having a pit downstairs tho it's a lil bit…not so well made.


anyway, i is very happy and excited now see me see me!

see i had this so cute red ribbon hair clip which i JUST 30 mins back, well…had because it broke


and pinky goes 'what happened!what happened!what happened!'




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spoilt pampered pig

so nice to have a hand to hold, someone to hug, someone to smell and someone to sayang me and manja me and do alot of things for me.

my sayang loves me so much that when im lazy to bathe he wipes me clean *giggles*

im finally back where i belong - together with Pinky.


i hope things wont be too difficult for us when i finished afraid of how to get through an entire year apart, but i will try to make it work.


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Potato Hut

i just came back from dinner at Potato Hut.what a silly name for a shop but i was excited to try it out (my friends say it's because im a potato myself-the horror!) so we had our dinner and pinky's buka puasa there.

the food was okay,but pinky didnt like it so i guess this means i wont get to eat it often too >.<



i ❤ my pinky (even tho he doesnt like Potato Hut) and in the middle pic fr L-R : vinvie, me looking like i dont have a neck, cheryl and our new classmate Sing Huat


gonna go class now. a very lansi Rahul is our tutor. bah. i was so tired yesterday after class cause i spent all my energy being angry at him during class. *sigh*

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Japan Trip : 17th Aug 07 – 23rd Aug 07


it was a pleasant flight fr kl-osaka on MAS airlines..i was quite entertained by the inflight entertainment (this usually bores me) so once we arrived early in the morning at Kansai,we were taken to a bus and headed straight to Universal studios. OMG it was so HOT! the weather was hotter than malaysia


hmm i cant tell u how Universal Studio in japan compares to the one in US because i cant remember how the one in US is like :s haha but i liked it there, it's pretty big but we went on a public holiday so there were many many people everywhere. the lines were endless for every ride, and it was a 'norm' to line up for 2 hrs for each ride.

 some pink shop which i didnt have time to enter, and still whining about.

the Jaws ride was fun fun fun! it was a boat thing where we cruise around some river and then the Jaws appear and our boat captain would shoot it and there'd be fire and what not. real can feel panas type of fire leh.

this is quite boring, with unreal looking dinos and a big plunge, which got us all wet.


then we checked into our hotel, which is situated right at the shopping area in osaka, Shinsaibashi.

 our hotel room! it was really small n there were hardly any walking space but i totally love it ❤ wait till u see the bathroom

it was small but so so nice. there was an area for shower u can see on the right,and a stool is provided for lazy asses (like mine!) or u can have a bubble bathe in the bath tub.the flooring is made to allow easy drainage of water so u will not end up with wet floor in the shower area.

 the elevator of Cross Hotel faces outwards onto the street. so cool right. i've not been on a elevator like this before but when i went to japan, there were so many hotel with it heehe 



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Blood experts we may be

it feels really good to wake up and not feel like i dread going to class. sometimes i feel that way, waking up and wanting to fall back into bed again..and just spend the day in bed.

Hematology was something i thought i didnt like. having an inspiring tutor makes all the difference.there is this huge communication barrier btw us and him but everything works out fine.we have many funny moments trying to understand each other. and he gave us pears. i swear i like NOT because he gave us the yummiest pears i have ever eaten in ukraine..haha

today is the last day of the cycle. i'll miss him. and today he'd bbring us 4 kgs of pears to eat 🙂

the more i learn, i realised that in medicine, there are so many diseases which are actually incurable.very often what we do is to take away the symptoms and reduce the severity of the disease, but total cure isn't as commonly possible as i have thought.


that was what i said in the morning, and in the haste of my exit fr the room.


err my tutor just called me 0__0 and today he kissed us! maybe its the norm for the local students, but it's def not the norm for us arhh. then we exchanged numbers..

and he just called me.

omg. im feeling abit weird about this.



no mood to blog lio. something's bothering me 😦 and i dont know how to deal with it.

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i've just reached home from a mini drinking sesh with my new classmate. the good thing about ukraine is, beer is available anywhere . we were at a pizzeria. cheryl and babygirl ate.i drank. with Sing Huat, our new classmate. and then it started raining.

so we walked back in the rain.

im giddily happy :):)


so the conclusion is : mid afternoon drinking is niceeeeeee.

maybe tomorrow we'll visit the little wine cellar tucked underground in central area. babygirl and i went there once. 2 years ago.

time to revisit.


i tihnk im gonna lie down.

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Japanese Curry

Last week i cooked instant japanese curry. here's how 🙂

first, go buy the House brand instand curry cubes from Cold Storage. there are a few variety, with choices of cheesy curry or apple and honey flavoured like mine, and u can choose from mild, medium to spicy.but really, even the spicy one isnt spicy.then u need :


chicken, onions  and the third pic shows the japanese curry cube, opened. oh yeah, and tomatoes,carrots and potatoes too,if u have them, but i didnt so..

start off by frying the onions, and then put in the chicken and stir fry it till it's 3/4 cooked.

add about 1-2 cups of water and then wait till it boils and throw in the stand back and wait. soon it'll turn to be like this: (u have carrots and potatoes it'll be good to add it in now)

let it smmer in slow fire until it thickens..prolly 10 mins later

add in the tomatoes and then serve 🙂

i ate mine with basmati white rice and my tomato, cucumber, egg and onion salad *yums*

okay, i think i just posted my most 'auntie' post to date =p

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i can do this whenever

and im so so glad


because i like to make pinkyboo squirm.haha.

im happy because im back in his arms. and my teacher gave us pears from his orchard today because yesterday i gave him a tiny packet of that 30cents junkfood thing which i love, u know those orangy striped packets of calories?

he said i have good memory.

maybe that's why im so happy.


everything's great, except that it's too hot. i feel myself heating up from insdie, and burning on the outside.having my period and its cramps along on such a hot day isnt fun.

but i guess it's all okay if i can sit here and feel happy blogging about it.

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