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Chanel petit cambon tote

before going on the trip to Spain, i was searching around online drooling looking at things i wanted to get. So i was eying the Wilshire MM , the one in Rouge Fauviste especially..the beautiful eye catching raspberry red color. Or the Alma BB. As expected the Alma BB is sold out at the Louis Vuitton store in Barcelona but sadly even the Wilshire was only available in Gris art deco, a silvery grey colour which i didn’t like, it was too dull for me. So they didn’t have everything on our list : the Eva, Wilshire MM, Alma BB.. and nothing else caught my eye. only managed to get the Neverfull pm in Damier for Anngie. So we walked down the street..and walked past Chanel.

It was a really small shop, very few ready to wear pieces on sale, a rack of sunglasses and some handbags. i asked the friendly sales associate (SA) for Petit shopping tote (PST) and it was out of stock. I asked to see the Grande shopping tote (GST) and my mom and aunt thought it looked too big and bulky on me. then the SA brought out a very cute little thing which i fell in love with instantly. It was the petit Cambon tote. Made of lambskin..with the patents CC sewn in front..it was the perfect size. so cute, and when i took a peek inside it was a really sweet surprise for me because it’s neon pink!! fell in love (again!) and decided to buy it. after waiting a while, she came out from the storeroom and handed me a black paperbag with ribbons at the handles and a white camelia flower on it. so pretty 🙂

gonna do a reveal, because im very excited and so happy!

forgot to take a pic before i untied the ribbons

the big black box with the ribbons and another flower

are you getting excited yet =P

my new baby in lambskin so soft and supple

she neatly folded the dustbag at the side

the neon pink interior <3<3<3

it has 2 zipped pockets, 2 pen slots and the keyring holder

i bought sunglasses too 😉 will do a reveal soon


the Alhambra, Granada

this is one of my fav pics of the entire trip, i loved the long corridor with so many arches..giving a peek of the beautiful view of Alhambra kingdom spread out in the distance. truly breathtaking. would love to steal a kiss with my spacesuitman* there someday.

*new petname for the one and only man in my life (daddy not counted)

Ola espana!

blogging from hotel novotel in barcelona..quite a nice place big bonus is the free wifi even in the rooms! but the time difference made it impossible to chat with falah. anyhow saw the sights of barcelona yesterday, very nice city but we were heavily warned about the pickpockets. luckily nothing happened yesterday. saw a few of gaudi’s work. really interesting..and unusual. then the afternoon was left for shopping. mom and i bought a chanel each, aunt hilda and aunt florence got an LV each.. and all of us got some longchamp. managed to get anngie’s LV neverfull..more on the shopping story in another post.that’s quite a drama on its own -__-

i miss falah so much when im walking around.. wonder when we’ll be able to come back here together? weather is okay, quite chilly but very nice with the sunshine. spain could really be the place i fall in love with. it’s beautiful, from what i’ve seen so far.

off to valencia today, and paella!

many hugs n kisses for falah *__*