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Runaway flyaway

Spent the weekend away from home with these wonderful people who’ve known me for ages, friends who have been with me through college, uni, a few relationships, Europe trips..


Met Ck!to think that he used to live 2 floors above me back in Ukraine.he had a habit of going downstairs to the kiosk to buy a carton of milk every night and on the way up he usually pops by my room..sometimes we checkout pretty girls on friendster-that’s me layaning him, sometimes we watch horror movies, because I’ll never watch a horror movie on my own >.< and sometimes we just gossip about whatever happened in class..we went grocery shopping together when I was living alone, and always ate out because he's such a foodie, always craving for something fancy. I'm missing my favourite fish pasta from topor restaurant as I type :/ he's a friend I'm perfectly comfortable with, a friend who has seen me at my worst and yet didn't hasn’t runaway

And as usual Jing,vv and Cheryl were there to welcome me, there to stand by me when I needed them, they know all my weaknesses and despite that still love me. I stayed a night with my cousin, and she brought me to see a wise elderly lady who told me alot about myself and my life.

A weekend away did me me a lot of good.I felt liberated, and realized that being alone is not so scary after all. I value my independence, and I know someday I’ll be able to embrace the freedom that I’m given.. even though it happened at a time I least expected. But that’s how life is, not everything will turn out as you expected, not everyone will stay with you till the end, and adversities come as they please without warning. The only thing within our control are the choices that we make.

I choose to be happy.

And to cherish the people who didn’t leave when I needed them most.

Though miles may lie between us we are never far apart, for friendship don’t count miles it is measured by the heart



the breakfast that we planned for changed to lunch because Chen had church service, and it was probably a good thing because i arrived late *guilty* woke up at 12.30, double checked the presents for everyone and rewrapped some, changed into a dress..decided i looked too fat for the dress,changed out of the dress into shorts and my new topshop+cotton tank top..dashed out of the house, had to settle with Liev (my dog) running around before driving out..picking suyi up and then struggling with the queue for parking when we finally reached Empire. So we were late *oops* sorry gals! really am..

had the English breakfast..which comes with 2 eggs cooked the way you like it, and 2 choices of other stuffs and i picked beef bacon and chicken sausages.the portions are generous and it even comes with a glass of fresh juice (you can pick the one you want) and coffee. i had orange juice and cappuccino. love everything on that plate. but it would be awesome if the eggs are served warmer.

had a long chat over our breakfast-at-lunch, chen,sj and fan tried the angel hair paella. and it was so great catching up with everyone :)then we had our present exchange.i hope everyone liked what i picked for them 🙂 i miss spending time chatting and laughing with all my girls, and im glad we are able to meet up for xmas even though everyone kinda has their own plans. shopped around abit after that.and made an appointment for body massage at Thai Odessey for tomorrow.

am currently waiting for mrF to reach home, he’s on passive call tonight and was at the hosp with his phone off and un-switchable :/ his iphone’s lifespan is definitely getting shorter as we speak and we are still contemplating making the switch to iphone 4.

that’s the Christmas weekend for me, hope you had an enjoyable one too

Lobby Lounge Empire Hotel, Subang

had a chat over uhrm.. char kuey teow at Empire hotel, subang a few weeks ago with Limun.

love the wood panelled ceilings.. the waveline design is so pretty

limun is actually holding my drink, hehe. it was the cranberry splash. the orange swirly drink is hers, very yummy

new dress new dress ❤

soft and fluffy in the inside with just the right amount of crunch on the outside..

an explosion of sour, sweet and salty flavours in your mouth

it was better than what we expected from a lobby lounge, and i had to have it because i had an explicable craving for it

cheers to our friendship 🙂

i’m always hitching a ride home with limun these days. saves time because she leaves earlier than my dad can pick me up (why my dad is still sending me to work is another story i’ll save for another day) i know i’m such a big baby, ahaha but anyway i digress. met limun when we were both still juniors, doing our second posting in Obs & Gyn, laboured through our labour ward posting together and with Grace. 2 months in labour ward was bearable because of them, even though we spent our time surrounded with the cries of mom to be, the cries of babies just delivered and of course the stench of amniotic fluid… it was actually fun. i would’ve been in orthopedic posting with limun again, and im sure if im, we would be having alot of fun.. but i decided to take a leap of faith and go for anesthesiology instead. so now we spend our time mainly gossiping on the way home beating the traffic jam, and sometimes having drinks outside.

i was telling limun about how my parents mentioned that they regretted sending me to ukraine for 6 long years, so faraway alone.. and how if i really ended up in NUI, Galway, chances are i might still be there and wouldn’t have come home for housemanship. then i would meet limun or falah. this is how my life was supposed to be i guess. not ending up in Ireland, and now im home. fell in love, working my ass off, and of course.. met someone who turned out to be a very good friend.


Brings back a little nostalgia from the days as a student with plenty of time to chat online.great time chatting w chanshuk,was really thrilled 🙂

Miss my bsbygirl and chanshuk so much

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Always yours,now&forever

Was truly honored to be the witness for Anngie & Hongwee's registration of marriage

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dear you & you

7 months later, and im still missing this

i miss your company more than i've let you know


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still having fun with i-talipon

some pics i took over the few weeks

had lunch at this place called the garden

nice concept indeed,i like

and the food prices are okay

small, medium and big Lam

another shot of the interior

one day i was walking past the nursery at our labour ward and heard a baby crying

so i went in to take a peep

and saw this little darling

alone in his/her crib (didnt check – hehe)

so cute ain it

one day i dropped by cheryl's place before going out

and saw her almost buried by her stuffed friends

taken on a sunday afternoon post call..if im not wrong

i love Jaya one!

so glad it's near UMMC 😀


all pics taken with the iphone

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i knew u were there but..

tonight..i saw a side of someone i wish i didnt.

i always knew it was there, but honestly speaking, i didnt expect that side of that person to affect me.

because i thought what we had were solid,

we are good friends.


im disappointed

feeling kinda weird now

i dont know if i'll be able to get over it

and i really dont want to be petty

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still here, still breathing


retail therapy works. especially when its a pair of 4.8 inches come fuck me heels..

and then some tops

and some bras

and thongs


last weekend was spent shopping.


this weekend has just started.

there's someone i want to see, some people i need to see, and some one i'll gonna see.

all the people mentioned above are different.. who's who?


finished with peads today.

offered to do saturday morning ward round…because i felt generous..*hehe*

going be having a week long break then im gonna start Obstetrics & Gynaecology.. hmm am kinda nervous about it.


this week's been busy. was on call on monday. went to see Jason Mraz on weds with falah & daryl, on call again on thurs..then today i attended a wedding.

the bride n groom were wearing pink.BRIGHT satiny pink. omg as much as i love pink, i will not make my husband wear pink on our wedding day -___-

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just to let u know

that im still alive and laughing

im quite contented these days, not as badly mind-f*****

and i even managed to watch the few movies that i really wanted to




this was last tuesday

i love spontaneity

i think i live for it

too much time to plan and prepare makes me anxious

nothing gets me going more than a sudden decision to have fun 😀


i spent valentine's morning doing my ward round.. it was relaxing, everyone was in a good mood and stress free

then i had a delicious lunch at Delicious, (urm, really-pardon the pun)

and went browsing the Bangsar boutiques with the girls.


my day was lovely 🙂

thank you, and you know who you(s) are!


im really lemming something at the moment:

i want a book of poems by E.E. Cummings

must drop by a book shop one day to look for it


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