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the breakfast that we planned for changed to lunch because Chen had church service, and it was probably a good thing because i arrived late *guilty* woke up at 12.30, double checked the presents for everyone and rewrapped some, changed into a dress..decided i looked too fat for the dress,changed out of the dress into shorts and my new topshop+cotton tank top..dashed out of the house, had to settle with Liev (my dog) running around before driving out..picking suyi up and then struggling with the queue for parking when we finally reached Empire. So we were late *oops* sorry gals! really am..

had the English breakfast..which comes with 2 eggs cooked the way you like it, and 2 choices of other stuffs and i picked beef bacon and chicken sausages.the portions are generous and it even comes with a glass of fresh juice (you can pick the one you want) and coffee. i had orange juice and cappuccino. love everything on that plate. but it would be awesome if the eggs are served warmer.

had a long chat over our breakfast-at-lunch, chen,sj and fan tried the angel hair paella. and it was so great catching up with everyone :)then we had our present exchange.i hope everyone liked what i picked for them 🙂 i miss spending time chatting and laughing with all my girls, and im glad we are able to meet up for xmas even though everyone kinda has their own plans. shopped around abit after that.and made an appointment for body massage at Thai Odessey for tomorrow.

am currently waiting for mrF to reach home, he’s on passive call tonight and was at the hosp with his phone off and un-switchable :/ his iphone’s lifespan is definitely getting shorter as we speak and we are still contemplating making the switch to iphone 4.

that’s the Christmas weekend for me, hope you had an enjoyable one too