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the breakfast that we planned for changed to lunch because Chen had church service, and it was probably a good thing because i arrived late *guilty* woke up at 12.30, double checked the presents for everyone and rewrapped some, changed into a dress..decided i looked too fat for the dress,changed out of the dress into shorts and my new topshop+cotton tank top..dashed out of the house, had to settle with Liev (my dog) running around before driving out..picking suyi up and then struggling with the queue for parking when we finally reached Empire. So we were late *oops* sorry gals! really am..

had the English breakfast..which comes with 2 eggs cooked the way you like it, and 2 choices of other stuffs and i picked beef bacon and chicken sausages.the portions are generous and it even comes with a glass of fresh juice (you can pick the one you want) and coffee. i had orange juice and cappuccino. love everything on that plate. but it would be awesome if the eggs are served warmer.

had a long chat over our breakfast-at-lunch, chen,sj and fan tried the angel hair paella. and it was so great catching up with everyone :)then we had our present exchange.i hope everyone liked what i picked for them 🙂 i miss spending time chatting and laughing with all my girls, and im glad we are able to meet up for xmas even though everyone kinda has their own plans. shopped around abit after that.and made an appointment for body massage at Thai Odessey for tomorrow.

am currently waiting for mrF to reach home, he’s on passive call tonight and was at the hosp with his phone off and un-switchable :/ his iphone’s lifespan is definitely getting shorter as we speak and we are still contemplating making the switch to iphone 4.

that’s the Christmas weekend for me, hope you had an enjoyable one too



I Love Unifi! just got it installed at home.been waiting since August.finally last month we saw that it reached our area, and’s installed! and i love it love it 😀 i can watch tv series online streaming..and the torrent dl are way faster that my previous tortoise speed streamyx. the only thing im not happy about is that it took so long to start up at my area.wasted all these precious months of downloads.

it’s christmas eve and mom&dads 32 year wedding anniversary 🙂

merry xmas everyone *hugs*


am feeling guilty being so lazy. of not helping mom out at all. of sleeping in everyday. should really try harder to sleep early and wake up earlier. SIGH.

locum tomorrow evening. keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldnt be busy

ate too much, bought too much

it is with friends like this that you know you meet once in a while, and yet the conversation flow like it was just yesterday that you met. Cheryl came from penang to stay over the weekend.Cheryl is my very good friend from uni, we were classmates for 3 amazing years..and i stay 2 floors above her in the hostel. our favourite past time was shopping and cooking and ogling at beautiful things online..and then trying to find devious ways to get it shipped to ukraine 😉 i would come back from class, pop by the kiosk on the ground floor and buy a pack of yogurt i know i cant i’ll bring it down to her room in various ways to tempt her help me finish it. funny that years later..i would remember this. and the times we had our ‘instant’ steamboat by just throwing in everything we originally intended to cook for dinner into a big pot of steaming chicken stock -__- guess i was more creative then huh.

Suyi came along with us to IKEA and we had alot of fun deciding what to eat, only to realise later that we shouldn’t have bothered..cause we ended getting almost everything.i made sure we took the chicken wings.. cause i love it so! spent almost the entire day there browsing and lemming things that we can survive without, but would love to have. cheryl managed to buy the storage kits she needed, tempting suyi along with her. it was hilarious when i saw our trolley filled to the brim with all sorts of things. there’s one more pic of me holding something really long…

this is me holding Cheryl’s walking wardrobe *hehe*

ps : it’s a really good deal at just rm99!erm you have to kinda fix it yourself,kindly refer to IKEA catalog for more details =P


L’occitane Christmas haul

im really loving the chrismas gift sets from L’occitane this year.the packaging theme is fuchsia and green, very bright and contrasting.even the giftset leaflet is so pretty.i got my items from Sunway Pyramid. the SA who served me was really nice and friendly, she even threw in extra paper bags and gift bags of various sizes for me to repack as gifts for my friends.

the big paperbag of my stuffs

the winter rose (rose des neiges)  set

wrapped in fuschia papers

clockwise fr L-R : shimmering shower gel, sugar scrub(the wooden spoon is so cute!) and body creme. all from the xmas limited edition winter rose collection

my favorite handcream is from l’occitane tho i have not started using the winter rose(pink) or the fleur cherie(orange) ones..i assume it will be as good as the others that i’ve used.

bought the shaving foam and shower gel fr the Men’s range for MrF and it really smells so yummy.cant wait to smell him with it.haha, couldn’t get him the fragrance because there’s this superstition btw us (long story) that forbids me to buy him perfumes. forgot to take a pic of it before giving him.

went to a few malls around here recently and this year the xmas decorations are really fancy. i took some pics of the l’occitane displays.

oops just realized it’s not the l’occitane display,it’s Borders the bookstore.but u get the gist, it’s pretty similiar.

this is the l’occitane set up at The Gardens, i love that it’s so floral and xmas-y at the same time


Pavillion KL, main concourse. compared to Kiehl’s counter, L’occitane put in much more effort! see im bias because the predominant color was fuchsia 😉

a closer look..

there’s also gift with purchase(GWP) in store now, for non xmas set items above rm500 you get a calendar and a set of miniature shampoo/body lotion/handcream 10 ml + a tote bag. if you buy the xmas sets then the bar goes up to rm600 for the GWP.

im happy with my haul 😀 (tho my pocket is not)



simple pleasures

even more pleasurable with you mrF. each time he comes home there’s a little blackout period.. where things get readjusted, where i in a (omg-i-cant-believe-it) manner reprogramme my mind into the fancy thought of having him around. we spend our days walking around, eating.. doing unimportant, unnecessary things. yet the feeling of just having him here, to do these unimportant, unnecessary things… well it makes it a different experience altogether.

had lunch at our favourite place, and as usual the food was yummy, except the fries..i think it was re-fried, if that word actually exist. i am so happy that i get see him. drove all the way back for me, for us. i really appreciate it. can you imagine we used to see each other a few times a day? for eg, in the morning before work, meet up at lunch if time permits..and we hangout while i wait for daddy to pick me up after work. sometimes if i stay in the hostel he would too, and even more time together. never got bored of having him around, after so many months. even seeing him so often, i’ll still miss him when im not with him. and now.. he’s faraway, working alone. living alone.. and our time together is limited to once every few weeks. i miss him everyday. im living with it, but i’ve not gotten used to it. he’s leaving again tomorrow, and im sure the tears will be pouring again.

but for now, i’ll just try not to think about that, and be happy looking at our pictures 🙂

Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland photos

one of the biggest highlight of my trip to spain was the visit to Sephora store.i begged mom for a few precious minutes to spend at the store, because we were having our free day shopping at La Rambla at Barcelona, and mom was in a frenzy trying to cover as many shops as possible..and makeup wasn’t in her list of priority. SO anyway i went into the Sephora store and it was HUGE.entered the store on the 2nd floor, and when i went down the escalator my heart stopped beating for a split second. i was in the mecca of cosmetics. giddy with excitement the first counters i went to were Urban decay and Too Faced , because we don’t have them in Malaysia. was deciding between the Urban Decay book of shadows vol III or the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palette, i guess u know by now which one came home with me 😉

i have not started using it yet, as the whole palette is too pretty ❤

love the illustration of the fairy

once opened, there’s a pop up at the centre with even more fairies,a pocket with 3 cards for tutorial, and on the right side the blusher and face powder

a closer look at the left side

the right side with the blusher and face color

this is the pull out drawer compartment consisting of the eyeshadows, full sized lipgloss and shadow insurance ( their shadow primer)

these tutorial cards are also included in the set, arent they so cute?

im really excited to start using this set but im still holding on because it’s just too cute and pretty! so it’s just photos this time.. no reviews yet. im still very much in love with the Naked palette from Urban Decay so im using that more now.

maybe i’ll do another post after I’ve started using this 🙂

Chanel petit cambon tote

before going on the trip to Spain, i was searching around online drooling looking at things i wanted to get. So i was eying the Wilshire MM , the one in Rouge Fauviste especially..the beautiful eye catching raspberry red color. Or the Alma BB. As expected the Alma BB is sold out at the Louis Vuitton store in Barcelona but sadly even the Wilshire was only available in Gris art deco, a silvery grey colour which i didn’t like, it was too dull for me. So they didn’t have everything on our list : the Eva, Wilshire MM, Alma BB.. and nothing else caught my eye. only managed to get the Neverfull pm in Damier for Anngie. So we walked down the street..and walked past Chanel.

It was a really small shop, very few ready to wear pieces on sale, a rack of sunglasses and some handbags. i asked the friendly sales associate (SA) for Petit shopping tote (PST) and it was out of stock. I asked to see the Grande shopping tote (GST) and my mom and aunt thought it looked too big and bulky on me. then the SA brought out a very cute little thing which i fell in love with instantly. It was the petit Cambon tote. Made of lambskin..with the patents CC sewn in was the perfect size. so cute, and when i took a peek inside it was a really sweet surprise for me because it’s neon pink!! fell in love (again!) and decided to buy it. after waiting a while, she came out from the storeroom and handed me a black paperbag with ribbons at the handles and a white camelia flower on it. so pretty 🙂

gonna do a reveal, because im very excited and so happy!

forgot to take a pic before i untied the ribbons

the big black box with the ribbons and another flower

are you getting excited yet =P

my new baby in lambskin so soft and supple

she neatly folded the dustbag at the side

the neon pink interior <3<3<3

it has 2 zipped pockets, 2 pen slots and the keyring holder

i bought sunglasses too 😉 will do a reveal soon