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it’s been a while

alot happened in august, im overwhelmed.

started oncall in the operation theatre, but next week im going to start my ICU (intensive care unit) posting. hopefully the oncall wouldnt start so soon.
gonna get some sleep. just arrived home from jb, visiting grandma.

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the volcanoes halted everything

my parents were supposed to fly to frankfurt last night but the flight was cancelled due to the volcano ash cloud phenomenon… hmm. was post call and went to the airport to send my parents off but i feel quite happy that they came home with me, wasnt really ready to let them go. the flight's postpone till tomorrow, tentative. hopefully they get to fly tomorrow because they were so looking forward to the europe trip with my aunts/uncles.

and i was looking forward for my lv/chanel ^__^ ehehe too bad i cant tag along, taking such a long leave in the beginning of a posting is too stressful for me.


life is like that..im back in the wards, im in neuromedical now, and back to doing oncalls about 6 times a month. and it sucks, still havent gotten used to it.still feeling depressed pre-call.. but at least i have my parents and falah around.


need to go out more i think.

havent been meeting up with anyone else.


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starting work tomorrow

today i forgot to switch off the car headlights and i left it there like that for 2 hours to find that i couldnt start the car. luckily i had falah, luckily i was in pyramid, luckily the security guards came to help.

im so annoyed by my careless self.

have not mentioned the few times last year i hit the car banging the curb, banging another car… *sigh*

no one to blame, but myself.

and that sucks.


ps : yeay gonna meet chanshukman tomorrow. *excited*

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day 3 of almost slothness


shall put this profile pic as a gentle *ahem* reminder to my sayang, who is on the verge of quitting….that im always here, ready to revert back to the not so social,not so chain smoker that i was. If he requires a fag-mate. in a twisted morbid way, in an almost lost hope to push him to quit.


i just sounded like some sort of psycho maniac.

im totally surrendering to the fear of developing malignancy. i see people suffering with it everyday. young and old,male or female.those who lived their lives indulging in everything and those who lived prudently, always watching their health.it could happen to anyone, but the fact is that smoking carries the increased risk.


oh yeah,

i have 11 days ahead of me of not waking up early..

finally a non bf/family related reason to smile.


i swear im grining in front of my screen right now 😀

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holidays…almost over

im on holiday and i finally feel rested.

got my hair permed today

eheh i like it!

it's not done by my usual hair stylist, decided to try someone new since he moved to a new shop and im just too lazy to drive to hartamas for my hairdo.


had my hair permed at Centro, Cocoon at the Garden's midvalley by samantha.

found samantha one day when i was having my eyebrows shaped in shu uemura and i noticed the lady who did my brows, her curls were really nice, asked her where she did it and…


the rest they say, is history


(didnt really mean for such a dramatic end to my story, but)

im blogging from my comp! so rare 😉




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still here, still breathing


retail therapy works. especially when its a pair of 4.8 inches come fuck me heels..

and then some tops

and some bras

and thongs


last weekend was spent shopping.


this weekend has just started.

there's someone i want to see, some people i need to see, and some one i'll gonna see.

all the people mentioned above are different.. who's who?


finished with peads today.

offered to do saturday morning ward round…because i felt generous..*hehe*

going be having a week long break then im gonna start Obstetrics & Gynaecology.. hmm am kinda nervous about it.


this week's been busy. was on call on monday. went to see Jason Mraz on weds with falah & daryl, on call again on thurs..then today i attended a wedding.

the bride n groom were wearing pink.BRIGHT satiny pink. omg as much as i love pink, i will not make my husband wear pink on our wedding day -___-

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