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Does yakitori count as dinner?


Accompanied Limun for dinner at the cafe (pic above) ordered a celery+apple+cucumber juice which was yummy but I wouldnt go back there anytime soon because the service was slow.there were only another table occupied and it took them more than 10mins to blend up my drink 😦

This pic is taken before the loooongg wait for my drink,still happy n smiling

Wore my new cotton on top which I got from the sale today 😉 and i like the green background.actually the ambience is pretty nice but the food is just okay and the service was below too bad.

Went walking around the mall and right before going home the jusco snack counter was selling their greasy fried food at 30% off, what a perfect excuse for me to snack on 2 fried chicken wings and 2 yakitori sticks *yummy*

I have an obese (115kg) patient to intubate tomorrow,wish me luck -__-


Back home

Having tea at One Apple, Sunway Pyramid.look at how cute the pastries are 🙂