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Serenity prayer


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things that I can; and Wisdom to know the difference ‘

Reinhold Niebuhr


Relocating again

Moving to Melaka means packing up part of my life in Subang (my heart is elsewhere,at the moment in Terengganu) I have been feeling rather depressed about moving out of home again. Tomorrow me and Limun will be reporting for work in Melaka. Wish us luck 😦

Will be missing mom,dad and my fat little lion liev ;(


jealousy rearing its ugly head. and tail. and horns!!

it’s not even that time of the month yet.

anyway i’ve decided to start taking leave from next week. instead of hovering around for a few more weeks, the temptation of not doing so seems to be..erm.. more tempting? sorry for the lack of vocab.

i was supposed to go back to the OT for the last remaining 2 weeks, but i chickened out in the end. i’m rather unmotivated now.. and prefer the ICU which has become somewhat my comfort zone. i’ve been here longer than anyone else in the team at the moment, save for the lecturers.

i’m off to try relax.


There is only so much pain that a person can bear

I wish I could crawl into a hole and never come out.

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the irony

the recipe to a broken heart


1. few words uttered in anger

2. a dash of indifference

3. a pinch of ignorance

4. top up on the anger

5. let everything set in

6. cut down on the comfort

7. no need for more love (or tolerance)

8. forget about the tenderness

9. sieve away the memories, as much as you could



just be patient, and your broken heart with be serve in minutes.


this is one recipe i wish i never found.







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an update u dont really need

i have been trying to hard to stay afloat i kinda forgot how to breathe.i dont know how to relax anymore. and i have stopped bothering about it. the shoulder stiffness is something i live with, my indigestion is a condition im used to,and i have even stopped being vain.

i spend whatever free time i have fretting, being with falah, fighting with falah or shopping with my parents. i dont remember how i used to hangout with my best friends… and i think they have gotten used to not having me around.

tomorrow's gonna be another day at work.. 8 more days till im done with this team.

i cant wait.


i always need a hand to hold, im thankful i found it. i found the hand that holds mine and gives me comfort, the hug that makes me feel safe and forget everything for a moment, and the kiss that leaves me breathless.

i promise to try to be happy.

i've just realise that happiness, just like anything else needs to be worked for.


wanted to put a pic up but as i couldnt find an appropriate one.

we should really take more pics sayang.





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if only it was as easy as that

sometimes i wish i could just click delete and erase all that i dont want to remember.


if only.


my heart is broken again by my past ;(

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stress at its peak serum level

im on call again tomorrow

went out for ice cream with limun and falah.


on the way home i turned into the wrong row.


my mind was too preoccupied.



i think i need a break 😦

im losing myself to work.


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what you dont see in me

i see some bleak days ahead..expecting about 9 on-calls in april.



havent been feeling so good the past week.

the moments of joy were fleeting.

the anxiety of what to come resides deep in my heart

in btw all that


i feel relieved to have a few hours of really good sleep.


i need to drink

in fact i think i need to binge drink

and probably get drunk


cant remember how it feels to be happily silly

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mind f*****.

i could do so much more if only you allow me to. i wish im selfless enough to persist even though u said u'll rather i dont. but i really am too proud.

to proud to let go

to proud to go on.


i worry about what i foresee, i feel disappointed by what you said to me.

in the midst of all this chaos, you are my comfort.

but soon enough, you might also be the reason for my tears.


i dont know if i should walk away from you.

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