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dear you & you

7 months later, and im still missing this

i miss your company more than i've let you know


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still having fun with i-talipon

some pics i took over the few weeks

had lunch at this place called the garden

nice concept indeed,i like

and the food prices are okay

small, medium and big Lam

another shot of the interior

one day i was walking past the nursery at our labour ward and heard a baby crying

so i went in to take a peep

and saw this little darling

alone in his/her crib (didnt check – hehe)

so cute ain it

one day i dropped by cheryl's place before going out

and saw her almost buried by her stuffed friends

taken on a sunday afternoon post call..if im not wrong

i love Jaya one!

so glad it's near UMMC ๐Ÿ˜€


all pics taken with the iphone

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just to let u know

that im still alive and laughing

im quite contented these days, not as badly mind-f*****

and i even managed to watch the few movies that i really wanted to




this was last tuesday

i love spontaneity

i think i live for it

too much time to plan and prepare makes me anxious

nothing gets me going more than a sudden decision to have fun ๐Ÿ˜€


i spent valentine's morning doing my ward round.. it was relaxing, everyone was in a good mood and stress free

then i had a delicious lunch at Delicious, (urm, really-pardon the pun)

and went browsing the Bangsar boutiques with the girls.


my day was lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

thank you, and you know who you(s) are!


im really lemming something at the moment:

i want a book of poems by E.E. Cummings

must drop by a book shop one day to look for it


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who would’ve thought that

we'll be going to zouk on a weekday..

and im post call


haha im so hyper now

but tomorrow i'll be zombied.


shall worry and regret tomorrow, there's no time like NOW!

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after a whole week of work

went to Phuture with the girls last night.




i need more nights like that!

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the shopping drama

yesterday i met up with my dear Datin ๐Ÿ™‚ so happy to see her, and boy she drives one hell of a nice ride…

had dinner at italiannies in pyramid, shared carbonara, fried calamari & had our drinks..

then we went to topshop to get me my dress (my pay came in! 2 months of it ๐Ÿ™‚


so we were walking around when we saw a couple holding their toddler looking really distressed, it turned out that the kid was having a seizure, right there in pyramid oh gosh, so me and didie went to help, put him down, try to get him to breathe..checking his vitals..it was quite exciting ,and its kinda funny that all these while i've been going out nothing has happened and the one time that me n didie hang out we come across this..

when the kid regained consciousness they brought him to the nearby hosp..and that was it.

hope he is okay, i tihnk he should be ๐Ÿ™‚


working tomorow and on call the day after.i should really catch up on my lost sleep.

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some silly pics from our PD induction course

i cant believe im gonna say this but i miss induction and even btn camp (a tiny bit) i miss hanging around by the beach late at night drinking and just talking silly with the ppl i've just met, the ppl i have known for 6 years but really just gotten to 'know'.

i became better friend with so many people who were from my uni. People that i see the past 6 years but never gotten to know.. and we became good friends during induction at PD.

me and Janee's room at Selesa Beach Resort, Port Dickson

haha dont look at the mess,just look at the room

the coffee making facility that i made full use of to cook instant noodles and other 'instant' anything because im always skipping the meals provided

Amy, Didie, Me & Janee during one of the sessions.looking bleary eyed because it was a real effort not to fall asleep

Danny, Didie & Janee

Singfa & Didie

with our favourite 'Harimau'

some people doing midnight fishing

Anbar & I


Ganesh & Amy our chimney

Gurvin & my big head

hence this pic, me trying to take a shot with his big head instead


happy times

even tho we were so dead tired, we made it to the beach with our drinks, and sometimes burger ramly.

i miss my datin didie,miss driving out with her, amy & janee to get our supplies of ciggs,beers (Mr. Chang from Thailand & Harimau) , snacks and Ramly burger from the nearby 7-11 store

many more pics taken with didie's cam, i wonder when i can see her next. hope she's doing okay in serdang.

cant wait to get our first pay, because we made a pact, we are going shopping!


gonna bring Liev the fatty for grooming at Ikano today, then checkout the ESPRIT presales for members.. 

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Doggy day at BU central park

Ivy n Liev went to the park! first time for my 'sakai' doggy ๐Ÿ˜€ haha liev was scared by so many bigger doggies..lol the doggies are generally friendly towards humans..but not so towards their own kind!


Liev in the car

Ivy & Liev in the car!

Liev meeting another chow chow

sitting at the pavement in the shade

Liev and doggy get to know each other

i โค my silly fat lazy liev!

it was a good day, abit too sunny..but at least it wasnt raining.i saw so many dogs i havent even seen before..so amazing.. saw a great dane for the first time..and somethingsomething mountain dog..and LOTS of huskies

and a very beautiful cream colored chowchow


photos credit to *Cheryl* , edited with picnik ๐Ÿ™‚

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anothe night of debauchery.. *edited with pics*

i havent been thisdrunbk for ages.

i lve the fact that cheryl ishere…

went out today thinking of just afew glasses of wine..

and that turned into a few glasses of red wine + a shot of tequila (thanks johnny boy!) + 2 jugs of tiger beer..


and of course fanyin appearing out of asudden

and the live band *almost* playing isabella..my favourite malaysoing

and the singer promising me that he will learn it soon :$


i camt believe chen made me go sing with him





*insert evil laugh* now that i've gotten the pics…it's my turn to post them up!!

it started with a bottle of wine  and some tequila shots

me with cheryl, some say we look like sisters!

me with cheryl – lol yes, we had 2 cheryls that night

then everyone was drnking tiger beer

even Fanyin!

thanks to Johnny boy who kept ordering the jugs

very semangat to cheers for dunno what

coerced by both the geminis, see why i say they are scary?


lol chen, i still love u even tho u..

tend to exhibit ur violent ways onto me..

cant remember what we were excited about

our favorite beer

was really happy to find somene to smoke with

hahha they dont call me dragon lam for nothing ey

the singer that night


many more pics but i think im lazy already..

it was a truly great night..

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Mambo Jambo..

went to Velvet with Suyi,Chen and suyi's collegues (haha,ya funny mix) but turned out to be so fun…and funny. the songs played were all SO OLD!! God it made me feel old… but it was fun being able to sing along to the songs that we are dancing to..YMCA, It's my life, Girls just wanna have fun..u get the drift of the playlist? ahahaha really, i was so happy to see Suyi and Chen going crazy..it's been a while…

the only photo of the night

my two beautiful friends, i feel so blessed that after all these years we are still so close, still going out regularly..and tonight hearing the songs from our teenage years brought back all the memories of the silly things we did. and then Chen said to me, Ivy… we had so many 'firsts' together! hahaha how very true. first clubbing experience..drinking, going out.. went through so much with Chen. Im sooooo glad she's back to her old self and TO US!

i had to go out with my geeky glasses.. -__- because i have to lay of contact lenses for 2 weeks… and im finally doing the Lasik for my eye on friday! gee cant wait and at the moment i have no qualms or fear at all… the only thing im worried about is mom over worrying and not letting me out for too many days after that..

bumped into our sec sch mates Kean leng, Yumin and Yewin!! ahhhhh been ages since i've seen Yewin ๐Ÿ™‚


time for bed!

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