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Life will never be the same again

It is in this stillness of the night that my mind refuses to rest, and keeps whirring at a multitude of thoughts..

I think of how I think of dad everyday

How each time my he comes into my mind tears well up in my eyes

How the moment comes without warning, hitting my heart with a profound sadness and yearning for him.

Only 28 years of my life I had a dad. Out of that 6 years was spent away from home.

Moments like this I surrender my heart and soul to the pain I don’t know how to relieve.

I will always be missing you dad. I just can’t bring myself to say it aloud most of the time, I’m trying too hard to stop the tears from falling ;(

I celebrated my first birthday without my dad. I truly miss the moment of receiving my first birthday greeting every year on the card he will slip under my door, with a text to wish me. My dad was always the first person to write me my card. And sadly this year, the first year that he was gone.. There was no card for me as how it used to be. Because daddy’s gone and no one else cared in that way.


Relocating again

Moving to Melaka means packing up part of my life in Subang (my heart is elsewhere,at the moment in Terengganu) I have been feeling rather depressed about moving out of home again. Tomorrow me and Limun will be reporting for work in Melaka. Wish us luck 😦

Will be missing mom,dad and my fat little lion liev ;(

Celebrating mother’s day

Having dinner at itallianies , sunway pyramid. Invited Daryl along too cause he's family 🙂 I wish dear bf could join.

I'm really touched. He wished me happy mothers day as a future mom to his kids *shy* made my day xD

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