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Disappointed would be an understatement

I should really start to stop looking forward to anything. Then I wouldn’t feel disappointed.But then again, how do I do that if that’s what keep me going?


love and its possibilities

too many things happening all at once and i’m overwhelmed. daddy’s not well at the moment *keeping fingers crossed* he will feel better soon.

right smack in the middle of the night and im sleepless trying to conjure a way to get an ipad2 tomorrow without joining the queue now. crazy ah?

When the traffic is bad

Was driving to pick Limun up today for a short trip to Subang Empire, and the traffic was so slow that I could do this : (snap a pic of myself,edit n send to my beloved mrF)

Wearing my white camelia chanel sunglasses :* I love that it’s not too oversized because now it gives me a perfect excuse to buy another pair of err oversized sunnies *glee*

Download frenzy, bits and bobs about Tmnet Unifi

Tmnet Unifi has really made my downloading life wayyy easier. to date i have downloaded

with the current speed (i’m subscribing VIP5 package) and i’m able to download a whole season of TV series..let’s say on average 15-20 episodes of 350mb each episode within 4 hours?or less. sometimes i just browse the torrent files, save a whole lot of it and click them all at once before i go to bed and the next morning, it’s all downloaded and already seeding. i’m pretty happy with Unifi so far ๐Ÿ˜€

my favourite ย torrent sites are Kickasstorrents and Thepiratebay. Love the way everything is easy to browse through, and most of the files are good copies.

actually i haven’t started watching them yet. only ANTM..but not the rest *sheepish* was thinking i might have time to watch them when i transfer down south to Malacca.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


malacca, yeay! (sayang please come soon)

hmm, i think i have better skin when i was working. i mean full time work, with oncalls and what not. however stressed/depressed i was (it seemed to be cyclic, somehow) looking back at the pics my skin was actually clearer. i’ve been having a breakout on my chin for ages..ever since the spain trip. i didnt change my skincare routine. the only thing is, i sleep really really late these days.

so anyway the biggest news this week was.. that me and limun’s appeal to Malacca has been approved ๐Ÿ™‚ i felt so relieved and then immediately after started worrying again,wondering how long do me and mrF have to do this long distance thing before he can come over, and how in the meantime do we meet up because of our different weekends (remember it’s Friday/Saturday for the people at the east coast) and what’s more..when i start working i’ll be oncall.. SIGH. I really X infinity hope that he could come over in get a transfer over. how i wish.

im gonna try to fall asleep earlier tonight. need to do something about my skin ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


I Love Unifi! just got it installed at home.been waiting since August.finally last month we saw that it reached our area, and’s installed! and i love it love it ๐Ÿ˜€ i can watch tv series online streaming..and the torrent dl are way faster that my previous tortoise speed streamyx. the only thing im not happy about is that it took so long to start up at my area.wasted all these precious months of downloads.

it’s christmas eve and mom&dads 32 year wedding anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚

merry xmas everyone *hugs*


am feeling guilty being so lazy. of not helping mom out at all. of sleeping in everyday. should really try harder to sleep early and wake up earlier. SIGH.

locum tomorrow evening. keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldnt be busy

Hello world!

This would be the first on wordpress! im quite liking it so far, but still need a proper header, and ALOT of tweaking here n there ๐Ÿ™‚

it’s the long weekend without falah >.< come back home quick hun!

I’ve moved! vox is closing :(

Hi neighbors. I've moved my blog to TypePad. You can now visit me at You can follow me on TypePad by visiting my profile. See you there!

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Why I *heart* jaya grocer

It is the only place nearby where I found teakanne tea, which I used to drink in Ukraine. It has the most amazing aroma.. and a very wide range. Did I mention that I'm a tea person?

Icu sucks all my energy. It's not busy per se but somehow at the end of the day I'm always really worn out.

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