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The REAL countdown begins.

im really hoping i will do ok in Social Med, i cant understand shit about it, and it is veryvery difficult to study from materials which have funny ways of phrasing their English.

if all goes well, by 10 am tomorrow i'll be done with my 5th year!

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♥ Ivy ♥ – Monday, June 25, 2007 4:10:16 AM

4 more hours to exam. my final (important) exam of my entire medical school education. Peadiatrics isn't my last exam, there is still one more..but Social Medicine is supposedly an easy one.better not talk about it lest my arrogance jinx it.hah.

im so bored! not because im confidently done with my revision,but im just tired of studying.i want to play, i want to go out! after this exam can play! but still have to study Social Med, but at least it isn't gonna be so stressful. since the marks are already kinda decided anyway. i know i wont be getting a 5, so i wont be stressed trying to do my best.

there's always a difference studying for a 4 and a 5. and im always at borderline. it sucks because if i study to aim for less than perfect, i won't ever be so stressed. but i cant help it but strive to do my best because that's how mom taught me. and it stuck, even till now when she doesn't even mind my results anymore. time's changed, she's the one now telling me not to get myself so worked out, stressed…but im the one not able to do it.

im so stressed its making me having my period again, in blood clots.i've never had my period coming twice in a month before.and this month's was so painful i took 4 fast acting panadol + 5 duspatalin to combat it. maybe this is the residual clot 😦

Jing came over with super delish Chicken rice,omg just the way i LOVE it, it was so so yummy Pinky ate a record amount of rice..which is 1.5 bowls <– yah, what a record, now u know why he is skinny and im not. Jing has always been around when im freaking out, and even when i have Pinky she still does it for me.

my eyes are tired, im just hoping i'll get the questions i can answer better. good luck to babygirl, cheryl, tanny and everyone else. hope we'll walk out of the exam hall smiling 🙂

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i had a hard time falling asleep last night.spent 3 hrs tossing/turning and wiggling my toes to finally fall asleep at 6am, will full sunrise.sunrise is around 4++ am these days.sunset at 9pm.nice…but what is the point of having long glorious summer dayss when i'll have to be indoors facing my books?

today i woke up with a pain on the right side of my throat…and when i drank water it was painful to swallow on the same side. my right cervical lymph nodes are enlarged abit..but i have no sore throat at all. sigh. what's coming next lah.


very beh song and impatient now. mind is tired but i cant frustrating.


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I had my Therapy (Internal Medicine) exam today.two more exams and i'll be on my way home. instead of being excited im apprehensive, to be honest im not really looking forward to going home. It's been almost a year since i was home and i feel weirdly safe here, away from my parents.many questions i have to answer when im home, and im not sure if im able to deal with it.

i hate me for feeling this way.




then i cant help it but wonder if i'll be able to fall asleep without Pinky.

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make a fake one if you don’t have the real thing

if only i knew how to use the brushes.



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She says, He says

' hello fatso!'  

' hello so fat.'




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Tomorrow was supposed to be the day

i think im in deep shit.

im only at question 45 out of 135 😦


i've eaten too much ice cream. i sense the forthcoming down it always happen after my period.



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I Hate PMS

Time to hug the hot water bottle.

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Oh Lord.

who would have thought that the very first time i tried peeping at my pda during an *cough* exam i'd get caught.



hahaha.all's fine in the end though, and im really really thankful that it didnt affect anything :p

but i learnt my lesson already lah!

yeay, bye to Infectious Disease, next one up : Hospital Surgery

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It is that time of the year again

haha my kiddy writing, this are my half hearted attempts at making notes for my first  exam , Infectious Disease, look closely i tihnk u can see Cholera and Intestinal Amebiasis. i dont know which smartypants fr the Dept decided to break down the questions into some 200++ instead of the original 100++ which we were given earlier.

so i was saved by my procrastination to study…lalalala by the time i started, the 'new' set of questions just came out! *glee* now i only need time, and some caffeine (my GIT cant tolerate coffee!) so i really dont know what i'd do.

i cant believe i allowed my fussy self to mix colors for the same set of notes, i usually dont do that but i started with blue to realise that it was really dull and difficult to read so i needed a lighter color then i realised that i ran out of it…bah. ended up like this and today i bought another stack of pink papers which are almost FLUORESCENT omg if that doesnt wake my senses up i dont know what will

tummy ache 😦 been getting it pretty often, this rumbly tumbly thing going on in my stomach.


the messy affair that is my table

ok time to start writing my kiddy notes again.i sometimes i wish i could be the kind of people buried knee deep in books, engrossed in whatever they are reading..but i really am not.i have a very short concentration span. say for example in the midst of writing this entry i've gone to the toilet, read a couple of blogs, googled a few things, chatted with vinvie, and now im back to finishing this entry :S

i hope i can write faster !! urgh! why no one trained me in speed writing, i always tak jadi write lectures cause of this it's either that or my entire arm will be cramped from trying to speed up.

wah lao.

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