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The darkness that surrounds me

What is this life leading to,when I need chemically induced sleep, and what do I do,when even that fails..

Sit here in the dark and wait,that's it.

Tears optional.

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Always yours,now&forever

Was truly honored to be the witness for Anngie & Hongwee's registration of marriage

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Taken today at paddington hse

Taken today at paddington hse of u'll rather see a pic of me than the pancakes :p

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Fire in my mouth

2010 thus far

My days are whizzing by in a blur again. It's my turn to do the HO roster from mid jan onwards.I'll have with me a schedule to fill,and a lot of people to please.

2010 started off with me being in the arms of the person I love, but without the people I adore.I didn't have my friends with me,no one made any solid I spent it with falah and his close friends.

I'm still working at a&e,the people here are nice,willing to teach and they remember u by name,from the first moment they get to know you.

Sometimes I get some mail from my friends who are in their final year(s) of med sch asking me what's important to know,well honestly… there isn't really anything specific per se,just today boss asked me what does peak flow depend on -__-

Eeek.sometimes I can't believe I'm in the middle of my 4th becoming more n more jaded.

Well,life goes on.

I've never regretted choosing this field,however much I whine about my job.I like what I do,at times I love it.but I just can't fall in love with the hours it requires and the expectations from me.Im just me,taught to heal..but still a human nevertheless.

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