Monthly Archives: January 2009

after a whole week of work

went to Phuture with the girls last night.




i need more nights like that!

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so ur taking another away

the Peads dept in our hosp must be really something.

today the second house officer went for Psy consult.

2 out of 12 of us are so stressed that they needed a Psychiatric consult.


at one point i was almost there too..




i hope she doesnt decide to quit, it's such a waste to study 6 years and to give up like that.

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another new start

tomorrow will be my first day in General Paediatric more oncology for me..i dont know if that's a yeay or not yet.


hope i'll be coping well



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im so stressed now suddenly i dunno why,called gauri just really wanted to speak toher but cant reach her 😦

todaywas kinda like my lastday in Peads 6.

tomorrow im on call..maybe that explains why im so stressed.




i feel like banging my head against the wall

i dunno what's happening to me!!


i think it's because im looking at the next 2 weeks with possible no off days 😦 till chinese new year


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