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a little quickie for u

today i had the luxury to wake up late,drink a cup of tea slowly instead of gulping it up..and taking my time getting dressed, because today our class started at 11.30 am ๐Ÿ™‚ we went to Hospital #7 (most of the hospitals here are labeled by numbers) to see Hemodialysis.

did my CT scan last is most likely not TB..but it might be 1) benign lung tumor 2)an aneurysm either way i'll have to find out why.and maybe i'll go back home, depending on what the TB dr says tomorrow.


i finally found a pair of black, flat boots which could fit my fat stumpy leg AND my jeans :D:D so i could wear it tucked in..which is quite a feat because it is thigh high but it's suede so it'll be a pain to take care of. nevertheless it'll be something for me to be excited about for the next few days..*lol* if Pinky sees this he'll be totall flabbergasted because we had a pretty hard time finding the *almost* perfect pair of boots for me. most of the ones sold here are so embellished, and too fancy for my liking.

still wondering..should i go back home?what if it's notihing..would it mean that i 'wasted' my trip..


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did the Mantoux test on friday, and now i have a slowly disappearing,itching and tender papule on my left forearm ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it was measured to be it could be *almost* a positive result. except that i was vaccinated 12 years ago. im embarassed to admit that i dont know if 12 years post vaccination, Mantoux test result will still be affected (ornot)


my days are filled with visits to the clinic,rushing back to class..spacing out in class and finally making my way home.everyday there will be a tiring journey, a boring wait and that stupid itch on my forearm.which burns when i take a hot shower.

the only thing exciting which happened in the past few days was discovering my Pandan flavoring-haha kinda forgotten that i've even brought it here. Pinky and i baked a Pandan flavoured butter's too dry for my liking but pinky said it's it's okay i guess.

i haven't the mood to snap pics of my necklace and my Benefit items. all i remember fr the past few days is just how tired i was.

my CT scan is scheduled on kinda afraid ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

*edit* took away the pic, didnt like it on ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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it’s just you

sometimes i just want to runaway, far away into the opposite direction

but i know i 'll keep coming back each time i try

because there are just these invisible strings to my heart

that u hold the reins of.



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Are you, or are u not?

im guilty of a childish emotion… because even though i hate to admit it, i dont feel very nice that practically all my friends (hmm the ones i totally care about) are enjoying themselves at a steamboat party, and i wasn't invited -___-

don't really want to ask why. what i think they will do is just not to mention it in front of me, till i ask. no one will bother to tell me WHY.

am i not a friend enough?

bah. dont want to bother about it. i shall just bask in my happiness of receiving my Benefit package today :D:D

and i bought a pretty pretty necklace, will take pics when the camera's charged.




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My first ever endotracheal intubation

'Are you afraid of a corpse?'

our tutor asked us at the beginning of our class today. we said no, and he said 'okay great, then u'll do some training'


a man was dying.he was operated for messenteric vessel thrombosis yesterday, and he had peritonitis. his prognosis was bad. he was a DNR (do not resuscitate) case. so we were told to wait.

wait for a man to die, so that we can practise on him. im sorry it sounds really bad, but im very thankful that i had the opportunity to do it.

fast forward a few hours later..


i was standing beside the body of the man while our tutor showed us how to do an endotracheal intubation. then he allowed us to try. it was my first time touching a 'fresh' corpse..and i was uncomfortable because he was still warm on his head..and he was still soft. his eyes were not tightly shut..and i had to lean quite close to his face to get the laryngoscope into the right position to see the larynx..he had tongue cancer, so half of his tongue has been resected, making it a tad scarier for me.then put the tube in..draw the metal guidewire out, and check to see if the tube is really in the larynx by inflating the balloon (on the tube)

yeay i did it , got it in..and it felt really great.had a little adrenalin rush and i felt very accomplished-my very first endotracheal intubation, (even tho it's on a person already dead) done successfully.

i dont have photos to show..didn't take any because i thought i is disrespectful to take photos of us manipulating a corpse :/

one of these days im gonna post pics of the operations we saw during our surgery rotation.

ps : my current cycle is Reanimation..and it is ending on Monday.

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no way jose

tired of running around

tired of the wild goose chase

tired of waiting

tired of worries


may i just pay for the CT scan myself?

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Fariq’s birthday

Happy 23rd birthday to the one who holds my heart, dries my tears and make me laugh silly ๐Ÿ™‚

someone's gotten himself a new muffler..(or whatevre you call it)


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Back from Dniepropetrovsk

it was almost an impromptu trip even tho we planned it earlier but the weather, my being sick nearly made us not to go..what a terrible mistake it would have been then ๐Ÿ˜‰ i โค the city! it's nice and has nice pretty old buildings..and it has shopping centres so it was a good blend of modern and old world charm. we didn't take too many pics, it was cold and most of the time we were walking or i was here's a few

we arrived at 6.40 am, it was freezing and after Izzy's friends Apip, Anatoliy & Shihan picked us up we headed to McD's for breakfast

this is the room at the 'hostel' facility which the rest of our friends are staying for the night.we didn't stay but we were lucky enough to nap while waiting for the shops to open. it's pretty basic, with two smaller-than-usual size beds and shared bathroom for 2 rooms, but for the rather low rate they are paying, i think it's a great deal

Pinky recharging his energy in anticipation of me going crazy when i start shopping heehe

this is me outside the shop i wanted to go to Dniepro for.. *Tally WeijL*  and that's the 1st shop we walked into! *gleeful smile* i got what i wanted, gonna show u later ๐Ÿ˜‰

just a random pic taken outside the Europe shopping centre. see my pants and the embroidery on its sides?i have had many ppl mistaking it for dirt, some of my friends even asked me if i had fallen down -__________- luckily this time when i wore it no one said anything

he must be thinking 'how long more of this!'

and this is Apip our lovely shopping tour guide ๐Ÿ™‚ โค u apip!

took some pics of the Europe Shopping Centre at night

DSC06743 [800x600]DSC06746 [800x600]DSC06747 [800x600]

i like the way the light changes ..typical of me to marvel over things like this

Fr L-R : Apip, me, Izzy, Tita & Baiduree at Apip's room


now im gonna show u the things i bought

a cap and a pair of knee length socks from *Cropp* and 2 pairs of thongs fr *Accessorize* oh i love my thongs they are sooo cute i wish i bought more


 these are the ones i bought <3<3 how can i resist a thong with a cherry on it

and there was something i found..totally unexpected 0____0

i found the Smashbox tokidoki eyeshadow which i saw online months ago..thought i wouldn't be able to get them cause it's not available in Malaysia..and i thought Ukraine wouldn't have them either so i was really surprised when i found it at Bonjour

 was getting only one initially because i was told that it's 200+ Grv but when i paid for it it was only 133Grv after a 5% discount (they gave me a discount card,yeay!) i decided to buy both XD

one of it has cool shades and the other has warm shades, sorry the colors aren't showing well in the pic. dont u think the tokidoki imprints on the mirror is so cute

amazingly i only bought 3 tops-as usual i was indecisive and am regretting right here's my first from *Promod*

a red one from Mango..haha i already have the same top in white but im loving this shade of red

a pink ruched tube top from Tally weijl

and in the next pic, the actual reason i wanted to go Dniepro so much

my delicious earrings! *gasp* i didnt expect them to still have it, i bought my first pair in Krakow (poland) wayy back in Spring..haha but im so lucky ๐Ÿ™‚ dont care if u think it's totally loving this. kinda afraid of losing it again tho

was whining about losing the earrings *here*..didnt expect to find it in Ukraine 5 months later . i am a very lucky girl indeed.

the weather was really bad today the winds were blowing so strong some trees fell and we couldn't go out to do our marketing *pout* and i couldn't even get a cake for my baby's birthday.

it's his birthday tomorow and i got a present! hahaha it's a baby pink dog tag chain <3<3 looks so sweet (so totally not me) but the color is fabulous


me is very happy indeed.

a little breather away from my worries.back to visiting clinics and classes tomorrow.

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finding the cause

im still running around doing my checkups to find out why i have that 'shadow' in my right lung.

im so tired of it all.

tired and afraid ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



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a quick one


just a little something we created when Johnny was here.was trying to show him how i use my brushes..and this turned out.too messy for my liking tho. anyway i was trying to how him how to recreate this :

it turned out really different huh..

but im really glad ihave my adobe photoshop back โค


AND…it snowed in Simferopol today!it wasn't forecasted at all :( rainy the whole day..and then it start snowing around evening.what a surprise *sigh* wondering how's the condition on the road tomorrow.




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