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We are leaving!

in approx. 13 hours we'll be taking a train to Lvov, (it is a 26 hour train ride) then from lvov we'll be taking a bus over to Warsaw :):):) im not quite freaked out by the endless hours in the train because i have taken the ride before..and im really excited because i finally get to go somewhere with smalljing. too bad babygirl and chanshuk decided not to come earlier.but im very happy i have Pinky and Jing with me tomorrow!

and zamir, andau and siti too ๐Ÿ™‚

it's probably my last entry before i come back, pray for me (hope we'll do fine with our presentation) and i hope i'll get to buy all the things i want to buy…heeehe im kinda lazy to put up the list here but i really really hope i'l lget to buy the limited edition silk covered moleskine …haha it'll be my second moleskine, my first was bought from Hamburg and i love it! haha makes me feel like a clever person when i use it (i know by making a statement like this,i've just proven myself to be contrary..)

anyway no time toblog

im supposed to practice ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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i thought i’d make this semester a record, but..

for the first time this semester i skipped my class, this morning. the other time did not count because i had a dental appointment and my teacher gave me the leave. but today was different, i woke up in the morning dazed and dizzy, my eyes could hardly open, it was stinging.

so i decided to not to go class. i didnt spend my morning luxuriating in the fact that i can be home relaxing, i was merely trying to piece my self together. i woke up feeling guilty, and i really dont fancy feeling guilty for not going to class :/ more so when i'll be missing it one whole week when i go to Poland.


sometimes love can stretch really far, maybe mine is limitless.

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Hate crimes for fun : Are we human to them?

i was reading Christabel's blog about the holidays they were granted a few days ago, coincidentally with the anniversary of Bastard Hitler's Death. It is for their safety, for their wellbeing. reading this article made me sick and so angry. ah damn those Russians, fucking racists. Killing people for their skin color is downright barbaric, doing it in honour of Adolf Hitler is purely stupid.

Being here, in Ukraine for almost 5 years, i can safely say that all of us have bore the grunt and dislike of the locals towards us. It can be as irritating as girls bitching about us, staring us down or bad to an extent where the locals (usually young men) harm us. Walking around the central area isn't safe for us at night, drunken teenagers see it fun to provoke us. Recently it became worse, as there were students being attacked in broad daylight, nearby our hostel.Our hostels are guarded and when there are events at night at the university, we will be escorted back. We cant go to the park which is right next to our hostel because it isn't safe, there will be too many young people drinking and getting drunk. The irony of being in such close proximity to a beautiful place – we cant go.

i've gotten used to the walking around constantly watching my back, avoiding crowded places, and i do try to go home before it gets dark. If we are out for dinner, we cab it there and back. These are the small ways that we can protect ourselves,but far can these measures take us if sometimes the students get beaten even on the way back from classes?


ps: i started off this entry with the intention to put up my ticker for our Poland trip.Bah.

i may be stereotyping, but this is how i feel, and i do not apologize for a less than polite description of the locals. because more often than not, im right about them.


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This is backdated to last saturday.. Chocolate Fondue at Kofein

it was my first time ever eating whatever-fondue :):) and im so happy it was with my sayang

when we were in Berlin eating ice cream at haagen daz there was also the fondue but it was way too cold to be enjoying ice cream fondue at minus 0 temperature so we assuming this aint as good as the haagen daz one would be, but i was still pretty satisfied.

must be the sugar rush.

hehehe the gave alot of chocolate, strawberries,grapes,marshmallow-like cookie,pear and… hmm i cant remember. hope to bring Jing there one day,think she'll enjoy it more than how my sayang did (it didnt make him jump or make his toes curl-just soso effect only leh) unlike me, i was super excited and giddily happy.

haha, now there's another reason to love Kofein

ps: it was only 27.50 Grv for 2 persons

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U people must so do this~



please click on this link instead ok? *click* because somehow if u click directly on top, u wouldnt be able to see my entire question :):)

[Edit] Pinky didnt get 100 the first time round! he tipu wan he was logged into my account so he had to redo and this is his second attempt with me right next to him *hmmph-ing* and grunting so the answers were pretty obvious.arrrr.

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So my day was like this.

We didnt have water supply in our hostel the day before yesterday and to top it off our electricity supply went haywire as well last night and the worst this is, it was not the whole hostel affected it was just randomly selected. damn, and our room had to be involved. So we didnt have water and electricity! am i living in a hutan!! we moved to Gogolia 74 for the night, ehee brought along my babypillow and our comforter-in-a-bag

today i helped out in the University's conference, me and yenyin were teamed together to write the certs (omg) can u believe it, asking ME to write the participants names on the certs, damndamn it wasnt a difficult thing to do, but we were cooped up underground in the office waiting for pretty long before i decided that i REALLY REALLY had to go check Pinky out cause my sayang is presenting *evil laughter*

Pinky has been so lazy, he wasn't really prepared because he has been playing his ps2 and sleeping like an oink, watching ANTM 8 and Ugly Betty <– ooh how i love it,but back to the point!! argh so jahat but he had to do his presentation anyway so he did..and it turned out pretty ok.

so today half the kids here have no classes because it's conference day and the other half (like me) spent almost an entire day stuck there, but at least i got a cert back in return. it says.. For Your Important Contribution To Medical Science hahahaha and all i did was to write down names. i didnt even get a proper cert for getting the first place in the previous EMSA conference with my Path Anat research (thanks to a certain Ms. Sangeetha but it's another story) and im getting one so fancily awarded for pretty much just hanging around and writing down a few names.

the irony.

we really have to get together and practise our presentation, i dont want to go 'ah and err' too much and im describing slides, for eg.


i have to describe this picture that u see above in the most convincing, knowledgable manner i can…*errr* so im labelling the pics here and there so i'll remember and i wont fumble and describe the wrong things..

omg my period just came (u might not want to know this) tomorrow we have ANOTHER autopsy class and guess who's gonna have to get her hands dirty this time (no prize for getting it right) and the only happy thing i realised today is that we are leaving for Poland next Saturday!

cant wait cant wait cant wait.

i'll be travelling with people that i've not travelled with before except jing and pinky but at least got pinky to layan all my nonsense so i really dont think i'll be bothering everyone else too much ๐Ÿ˜€

i have to go rub pinky's bum head now. he's having some kind of headache.

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God bless you, may u rest in peace.

im freezing, shuddering and i feel a chill to my bones. sitting here with the window to my back and the sunshine streaming in i feel strangely uncomfortable and cold. im so bothered. im stinking and i cant bathe due to the 24 hour cessation of water supply.


of all days to be having an autopsy class.

it has to be the day that the water supply to the hostel is cut.

im tired, im almost dozing off but i refuse to lie on the bed because i havent bathed. im waiting for my kind classmates to give us that magic call telling us that we can go over to bathe.

im disturbed by the whole ordeal, and im desperate for some company but there's no one home. i dont have much to say but i need someone around me.

and all i did was to jot down the details of the autopsy. i didnt even have my gloves on, that shows how uninvolved i was in the whole process.

but my turn is coming ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

if u had to know, the corpse we did the autopsy on today was of a Moldovian man, 40 years, he commited suicide by hanging himself.

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QotD: I’d Totally Pig Out

If you could eat anything you wanted, and not have to worry about gaining weight/being unhealthy/inhumane, what would you totally pig out on? 
Submitted by Jay.


oh my list could go on and on.but let's start with my absolute favourite :



1) Char kuey teow –

 this is a Malaysian specialty, is it fried kuey teow with prawns, eggs, chinese sausage, beansprouts, best served on a lotus or banana leave


2) Carbonara anything – ah, the glorious and cheesy white sauce!i love it with anything at all


3) McD's fries – ๐Ÿ˜€ no description needed on this one




4) Eggs, any style –

if only i dont have to worry about cholesterol. my main favourites are scrambled, half boiled & sunny side up with runny yolks


5) Starbucks Rhumba Frappe

6) Fried rice, Pinky style - my only weakness when it comes to eating rice. no photo for this one, till the next time he cooks it for me!


talking about food, i must mention my dinner tonight, hahaha i had a wide variety of things to pig on, well we had…

baked beans, toasts, omelette, spiralli pasta, tuna mayo & mashed potatoes.

heehee all thanks (alot!) to my Mr Pink. :D:D how can i not sayang him right? he feeds me to the brim..hahaha

 *all photos taken fr Google image search



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If u want to get to know Ukraine..

you can start by watching this movie. It is funny, comical and poignant. If i would've seen the cover to the dvd i may not have watched it, because honestly, elijah wood doesnt exactly look his best here, and what's with the superbright background of sunflowers..

but i did , and i discovered a movie that i'll remember for a long long time to come. The movie is based on a book authored by Jonathan Safran Foer, whom the main character is named after as well. This is the story of a young American Jew visiting post Soviet Ukraine in search for a lady whom is thought to have saved his grandfather during WWII

the movie shows us Ukraine pretty much as it is, very real to life. The idiosyncratic behaviours of the Ukrainians, the Russian accented English (many cities are still Russian speaking) and the defensive stand off-ish attitude adopted by so many locals. the movie starts off rather comical, and as the story unfolds there are many poignant and unexpected twists.

i admit i may be biased because im living in Ukraine at the moment, but i really love this movie. After all it has all the attributes i love in a movie : comedy, emotions and drama. the movie is not for you if u do not appreciate the somewhat dark humour, or if you are looking for more action. It goes on slowly, but it is injected with right doses of mystery to keep you watching.

look out for Oleg, the Ukrainian tour guide, listen to the way he speaks as this is almost exactly the way the locals speak. watch the scene where his family was having a meal and they were discussing picking Jonathan up from the train station, and let me tell you, this is pretty much how the locals speak to each other as well. What we may take as rudeness or anger is probably just the normal tone they express themselves.

i credit the producers for bringing to the screen a very real depiction of the Ukrainians, as we dont see much in movies these days. I will remember this movie when im return to my home country in the unlikely event that i'll miss being in Ukraine.

all that said, Please Watch The Movie!

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