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Trip to Italy-the retail therapy

oh God. the shopping was fantastic, what wasn’t was the limited time allocated for shopping >.< not too impressed by how our tour guide arranged the day to day itinerary as it didn’t allow us much time on our own. so recently in april me, mom, aunty flo and uncle sam went for a trip to italy. we covered a few cities.. hmm if laziness or procrastination wears off i might blog about the trip. but this post is about the stuff i bought!

i think I’m gonna be eating porridge for a few months. but maybe not because mr awesome is feeding me ๐Ÿ˜‰


our haul from Venice, where we had 2 hours to shop so we only managed to pop by Chanel and MiuMiuImage

and this is from Rome, managed to purchase all the above items within 45 mins. I’m gonna do individual unboxing post for the MiuMiu, Chanel and LV..wait for it ย ok?Image

found these beautiful snakeskin bangles in Pisa, since i missed the chance to look for them in Florence, where i remember i bought a few during my last trip years ago. snapped up a few in various colors, not all of them are mine..this stack here includes mom’s and aunty flo’sImage

wearing all mine together, love how it goes well with my Pandora bracelet โค โคImage

not so flattering pic of me at Serravalle Designer Outlet with some of our haulImageImage

found the shoes of my dreams. my very first pair of ferragamo shoes ๐Ÿ˜€ i love the gold studs.. and thank goodness there was my size at the outlet, so i got it at a very good price tooImage

and my mom’s, a more subdued pair less rocking but still very pretty ain’t it

and finally, a pic of our haul, minus some misc stuff (all the ones that g0t my heart racing are in this pic ๐Ÿ˜‰



La Segrada Familia

As beautiful as it’s been described..this is still in the progress of completion.estimated date of completion is 2026.the year the first tile was laid, 1882.u do the math.another one of Gaudi’s masterpiece.

Ola espana!

blogging from hotel novotel in barcelona..quite a nice place big bonus is the free wifi even in the rooms! but the time difference made it impossible to chat with falah. anyhow saw the sights of barcelona yesterday, very nice city but we were heavily warned about the pickpockets. luckily nothing happened yesterday. saw a few of gaudi’s work. really interesting..and unusual. then the afternoon was left for shopping. mom and i bought a chanel each, aunt hilda and aunt florence got an LV each.. and all of us got some longchamp. managed to get anngie’s LV neverfull..more on the shopping story in another post.that’s quite a drama on its own -__-

i miss falah so much when im walking around.. wonder when we’ll be able to come back here together? weather is okay, quite chilly but very nice with the sunshine. spain could really be the place i fall in love with. it’s beautiful, from what i’ve seen so far.

off to valencia today, and paella!

many hugs n kisses for falah *__*

Summer trip – Stockholm

Photos from our summer trip to scandinavia, first city, stockholm via warsaw


us minus tan in front of our hostel

at the nearby supermarket, everything looks yummy when it's foreign~

somewhere in the city, going for the ferry ride


complimentary rides for ferry with the purchase of the Stockholm Card, a must for tourists as it includes 2 boat cruises and more than 70 museums admission







we stopped at this little island to visit the Vasa museum

this is a real viking ship pulled up from the ocean floor many years after it sank


more pics to come, im getting lazy -__-

sorry for the bad captions



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Greetings from stockholm

im in stockholm now,after a tedious 3 day journey all the way from ukraine..heehe finally we are here!

will be here for 3 nights

everything is so nice,clean but very expensive ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

tomorrow will be our first day of sightseeing…cant wait


missing pinky though, but having my parents around makes it more bearable.



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Dniepropetrovsk – A short spring break shopping trip

back at the same spot after 6 months.. Europe shopping centre , *hehe* what a tacky name, but i love the building even though it's abit on the smaller side and im only interested in 2 shops there : Tally Weijl and Accessorize. This was the place we started shopping at about 11 am..after our perfect japanese breakfast nearby.

this pic was taken very early in the morning when the streets were still, hence the opportunity to take the photos in peace.

we arrived at 6.40 am the morning, holy shit so early and we were like vagrans with no where to go so we decided to take a walk to the river side, and this is a very heavily edited photo the bridge across the famous Dniepr River in ukraine.

Pinky and Jing at the bridge, no pics of me there because i had a runny nose and was sick and still too early to look remotely sane in photos.

Second pic is me doing the usual at the restaurant we had our breakfast in. The usual being trying my best to bully Pinky in whatever way possible. I feel odd referring the place we had our breakfast in as a 'restaurant' but take a look:

nice bright ambience of the restaurant, of course im bias, because they serve japanese food ! *whee* it was such an indulgence to have it for breakfast because Simferopol does not have a japanese restaurant, the closest it comes to it is some restaurant serving a few over priced pieces of sushi..



Jing's ramen, and our maki rolls. Hmm one quirky thing about the japanese restaurants here.. (cant say about all, but i went to 2 in one day and it both had it) they nicely state the Kcal of each dish next to its photo in the menu..now girls cant complain about over eating..or not wanting to eat ๐Ÿ˜€


then for lunch, we went to Friday's.

there arent many pics that we took apart from those of us eating.. because no time lah during shopping to be taking photos -_____ – that's me sipping on Jing's drink because i actually ordered a boring hot choccie to drink because i was sick and i couldnt take cold drinks.

oh how i wish this was mine! 

our starter

some chicken dish

and actually we had another fish dish but we finished it before remembering to take photos. TGIF in ukraine is quite pricey, one dish averages around 80grv so it wasn't so hard to eat enough to get the discount card (yeah discount card for TGIF!! haha)


this is how empty it was, only 2 tables were occupied.


omg this was orgasmic. i think i was severely deprieved of good rich dessert in ukraine because this just isn't the local style of dessert cant even find a decent cake that i like so when i took a bite of this.. i was really really happy


the end of dniepropetrovsk blog post.

sorry there's only pics of food. *oops* maybe one day if im not lazy i'll take some pics of the goodies i bought there!

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Dniepropetrovsk , a small shopping haven

just got home fr a very fruitful shopping trip >.< but im sick..again with the sniffles and cough.
will  post the pics of my stuffs up soon ,there's something im reeeeally excited about ๐Ÿ˜‰

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CNY 08 day 1

Happy Chinese New Year Darlings! May your year be filled with endless supply of love, laughter and beauty! (tell me you dont want that hahaha)


the next few days ahead are gonna be filled with

  • gluttony (oh the food!)
  • envy (everyone's new year outfits) ,
  • lust (Pinky also got new year outfits leh),
  • greed (we started playing this game..)
  • sloth (4 days of holidays,what do u expect)

hahaha so basically im starting off the year committing the sins im already guilty of last year *lol*

have i mentioned that i love CNY songs?i think im becoming some sort of distributor for my pathetic 20 odd songs.hehe i totally dont mind spreading the 'lovee'

omg last night we had 'Mamaji' marathon gosh is the game addictive or what.i love it! even though i keep losing..even pinky played too eyyeay so fun <3<3 we played tll almost 6 am this morning and Pinky had to go class about an hour later..while i doze off..how nice for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

so today was spent doing nothing , something im getting better and better at..haha

no pics yet, sorry!

btw i had the most amazing reunion dinner last night because there was ample food,ample space and i could eat at my own pace, hehe



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home is where my heart says

im back in the comfort of my own room.im so glad and relieved that i dont have to worry about lugging my stuffs all over the place anymore.


nothing beats the feeling of home when you know that someone is waiting.

this would probably be my fav pic of the entire trip.

because i looked like shite,sick and tired

because this photo didnt capture all my imperfections


off to bed,


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Hello fr Athens

just came back from beautiful, deserted Santorini.

am now waiting patiently to go back.

i think im gonna just shelf my LV intention,because after days of walking around..i didnt stumble upon it.byebye mini lin croisette..


miss everyone~

i think i miss sitting around doing nothing but surfing the net, and the taking a breather hopping onto Pinky and distrupt whatever that he is doing.

tata for now.


ps: thanks for ur comforting words in the previous comments

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