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:) one touch editing

really simple photo editing with fotokasten app.I'm so loving it

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straight from the heart, missed the mind

words,just like a blade could inflict pain to the depth the speaker wishes.

today I learnt that the pen is, indeed mightier than the sword.

a bleeding wound I could clean and dress with the right medications.

but this… I really don't know how

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day 3 of almost slothness


shall put this profile pic as a gentle *ahem* reminder to my sayang, who is on the verge of quitting….that im always here, ready to revert back to the not so social,not so chain smoker that i was. If he requires a fag-mate. in a twisted morbid way, in an almost lost hope to push him to quit.


i just sounded like some sort of psycho maniac.

im totally surrendering to the fear of developing malignancy. i see people suffering with it everyday. young and old,male or female.those who lived their lives indulging in everything and those who lived prudently, always watching their could happen to anyone, but the fact is that smoking carries the increased risk.


oh yeah,

i have 11 days ahead of me of not waking up early..

finally a non bf/family related reason to smile.


i swear im grining in front of my screen right now 😀

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