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Little B

Our new ride 🙂



New car!

Having a quick breakfast with cousin Daryl and his friend Eric. Today we have ab agenda… We are collecting daddy’s new car from cycle & carriage 😉 daddy is still warded at sunway medical centre, so we are collecting on his behalf. Feeling kinda excited now 😀

Chilli or Tomato?

that was the one simple question that really made me smile today. do you know how rare it is these days that the people working at fast food outlets bother to ask? usually they just assume that i want chili. thanks to the sweet boy at burger king who made me day errrr night (bought dinner, please dont take it the wrong way) i get really annoyed when they just throw a stack of chili sauce into my takeaway bag. especially at drive thru, even after i mention that i want chili AND tomato.

i’m having really bad period cramps today. struggled with it the whole day and then came home flopped to bed and the next thing i know it’s already 8pm. had a little craving for burger king so i went to jusco to takeaway, and top up on some of my favourite frozen food – nuggets. so now my tummy and fridge is filled. i’m working afternoon shift 2-9pm tomorrow so yeay, breakfast tomorrow 🙂

I could put you to sleep ;)

Sometimes working with the right people makes all the difference. it makes the time whizz by,  and before we know it, it’s time for the next case. and then the next. and then it’s time to go home.. so most of the time this is how my days are. i’m lucky that i get to do the things that i like, that i’m passionate about –  putting people to sleep. i do that on a daily basis in a controlled environment. i think of the cocktails of drugs to give, in various dosages for different patients with different needs.  i don’t say much to my patients, and the last thing they hear from me is always.. ‘i’m gonna put u to sleep.. ‘ so the other day when i was rostered at the anesthesia clinic (where we do pre operative assessment of the patient)  it was an eye opener and not to mention jaw dropper because i had to speak so much, i think i’ve never had to speak this much in the entire few months that i started working in this department -__-

i’m waiting for mrF to skype now,  getting kinda tired of the long distance 😦

Week night

This is how we are spending the night. Pizza deliveries (buy 1 free 1 with online order) and the tv..

Perfect quiet night in 🙂