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he thought he knew me ;)

oh ya i forgot to mention

today when i was sitting down on a bench with mom in subang parade this guy walked past and kept looking back at me and he asked me if he knows me omg then i asked for his name and it didnt ring a bell at all. but he did look kinda familiar, like this guy i used to go school with Jared.haha so for a moment i thought he was Jared but he gave me a name which was totally unfamiliar to me.

this is the 2nd time it happened this holiday

the first time we were at sri melur this guy came over to the table and asked me and babygirl if we knew him cause apparently we were smiling at him non stop earlier (haiyo!) actualyl not smiling at him la, this babygirl so naughty she was laughing at that guy's dad from the car before daddy i guess he caught us looking and giggling and terprasan that we were smiling at him.


but i tihnk he was superbrave to approach us like that to ask.haha he even told us his name but really,he was a stranger and not someone i know.


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Guilty of gluttony

im sooooo satisfied with the amount variety of food i had today,let's see..

for breakkie : a slice of raisin honey cake

lunch : beef rissole at Dave's Deli <– i love the strong beefy taste..haha satiated my carnivorous craving

tea : half boiled eggs and curry puff + yinyong at Uncle Lim's

dinner : Mongolian Steamboat!! <– so yummy its orgasmic!! really!


spent the entire day at subang parade today.initially wanted to go MPH to get some books because members get 15% off all books only to realised that it starts tomorrow :/

back to the topic, mongolian steamboat to die for, only rm 22.80 ++ all you can eat (wish i could, more!)


 we picked the one with 2 types of soup base, one spicy and one non spicy

one of them is glutton of them did not eat(can u believe it!!)


there were venison/beef/pork/chicken/lamb all sliced thinly making it very tender to bite.

this isn't even half the amount that we ate *smiles*

fanyin enjoying the soup

chaiwye more posey than us -____-


a very satisfied me


i was so stuffed i couldnt breathe, and i couldnt even talk to Pinky properly on the phone (sorry sayang) and i thought i'd not eat anything for the next 5 years till i reached home..

and i remembered that i have a quart of baskin robbins ice cream waiting for me..

a perfect dessert to end my day…Twinberry cheesecake ice cream. its super yummy especially for me because i love cheesecake and it has cheesecake chunks in it with strawberry and blueberry(i think) ribbon, waaaaaah.

speaking of baskin robbins, there were so many ppl today lining up to buy the handpacked ice cream at 31% off hahaha we even had to take a number and at my turn it was 459 can u imagine how much ice cream they sold today and how many people are having  a good time tonight eating ice cream and then feeling happy with a sugar high ? i cant wait to finish up the twinberry cheesecake because Peanut butter n chocolate is waiting at the bottom! :D:D

Ice cream makes the world a happier place! well it definately made mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Of all the days empty

i was looking at the krispy kreme website wondering when i'll get another bite of the sinfully delish doughnuts…and i saw that there have stores in JAPAN!


im super excited ok, because mom&dad are bringing me there! (not to eat krispykreme la of course)we decided to go japan for hols on the 17th of Aug ^__~ im so gonna hunt down the krispykreme, i hope i'll find it without difficulty! haha lazy to print out the add to look for it and what not. i bumped into the krispykreme in HK, how lucky! i bought six and i practically ate it alone cause no one thought if was so fab :/

oh ya,another picture post for you

this is Jazree and Aizat, our new friends fr the ward

Me in btw 2 tallies

someone took this pic for us before making a quick exit

With Dr Au

With Dr Hew

haha i cant resist putting this pic up eventho i look like crap

with dr lai, the one person who taught us so many things! ๐Ÿ™‚


went out with chaiwye,suyi,fanyin and suen on saturday night.big hooha just to get a slice of tiramisu cake

hello meet my frog friend chaiwye  

even tho he looks like this sometimes, he is still my fav guy next to pinky, my dad, jay chou and daniel wu

next, you get to see me in my new top ๐Ÿ˜€

Suyi, Suen, Me & Fanyin (chen is missing fr the pic!) 

this is something which looks similiar to the pahlova but isnt.the waiter was so lansi.when we asked him what it was he literally spellt it out.haha what to do, he was talking to a bunch of overexcited kids.

we went to alexis for this : the tiramisu cake. went to the one on telawi street first but they ran out of it so Suen had them call to check if BSC has them..and made them reserve..a slice.

it was yummy enough for the effort tho.but im still not a tiramisu person :/

 yeay made the grouchy waiter take a pic of us

i drank lemongrass and ginger tea which turned out to be nicer than i expected

i love suen,i love self shots ๐Ÿ™‚

pics are edited,but badly *sigh/whine/pout*

i should practice it more often. i tihnk i need cheryl to teach me!mouse, faster come back!

ps : im supposed to go Mongolian Steamboat tomorrow, argh cant wait imagine herbal soup with venison & lamb *drool*  

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the dragon tool

today i thought of my almost forgotten shisha.i miss it, i tihnk i really need to use it more is double tubed, quite big and very blue.smalljing and everyone else carried it for me from egypt.

i love smoking the shisha.and i love the fact that i have one at my disposal.

but pinky always dont want to help me set it it equals pretty much to nothing.

there are alot of things on my mind now.i hate it when words fail me at the times i need it most.


now i cant even tell u how i feel.

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QotD: Courage Under Fire

Tell us about a time when you were brave. 
Submitted by Hops.

loving Fariq is the bravest thing i have done.

doing the autopsy comes second.because when i saw khoo,ivan,kee and tanny doing it the first time i was so freaked out and i really thought i couldnt do it.but i had to (because teacher said so lah) and i did.

now i can proudly say i did it!


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Vitagen, the object of my affection.

im holding my fav drink in my's amazing how everything even my vitagen comes with less sugar.i dont really mind it, but i feel a tad disappointed that i didnt get to taste the original one before they took it off the shelves and decided that less sugar is better.


im waiting for suyi and a certain hanboon to pick me up.apparently hanboon is fr my school.but i seem to remember nothing about seem.we'll see.

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Pics! Pics!

here's a series of pics for you..haha finally transferred them from my phone onto daddy's laptop.what a bother! haih.

whyla the vaio cr not coming out in msia yet!singapore got already,hk got already! *sulk*

ok back to the pics

the first people i met which weren't my parents since i came back was chaiwye and fanyin (got feel honoured ornot wan!)

pics are unedited and pimply,therefore u have to click to see them :p



the night before gelatiqueen flew back to KK, we had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market, mrs lam's fav fish food shop


Mr & Mrs Lam, the 2 people who co-produced me

babygirl & gelatiqueen

the non english speaking waiter flaming the seafood

my and my overgrown baby (dont kill me vinvie!)


then last friday, we decided to play at the playroom of the Peadiatric Ward in Hospital *********

me in a dollhouse

Vinvie in some worm

See to get into the worm vinvie had to crawl into the ship first..this are the girls who are also doing their summer practicals in the same ward

sometimes they thinkim a retard. *haih*


one last pic!

because i think we *both* look nice ๐Ÿ™‚

supposed to go for a medical talk at hotel Nikko last friday, it was about Management of Childhood Asthma,there's some new drug coming out but we arrived so late,it was nearly ending so we only signed the guestbook.

then after that we went to eat the beef ball noodle at jln TongShin..haha the Ngau Kee wan..yummy

ok bedtime for the working hard me.


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17 months (+/- 2 weeks)

of being a princess

of being spoilt rotten


(totally irrelevant..–> i cant decide if im getting used to not having my sayang around.i have a nagging feeling that im just pushing all of it aside,allowing myself to tihnk of other things instead.i dont think i'll ever get comfortable withnot having him beside me.but im pretty capable of dissoaciating myself from it.sigh.let's hope i'll be better at dealing with it.)

i guess i cant not have someone to sayang me and cuddle me >_<


Happy Anniversary's to manymany more months to come.


see!our first pic taken together..ever

When u fell onto my lap on NYE 06..hahaha they said, 'the rest, is history'

ps: omg my braces wearing days!been ages since i saw a pic of me with braces >_<

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Sorry no pics! :D

omg i've 'worked' so hard today! we were at the Peadiatric Clinic today with a very nice Dr Lai till almost tiring, i cant understand how Dr lai can tahan layaning the kids the entire morning+afternoon, post call.meaning that he was at the hosp the previous night.had a glimpse of my future lifestyle, and i saw how well he interacted with the kids.someday i hope i'll be like him ๐Ÿ™‚ so i guess he is kinda inspiring.

mommy retired last friday this means more time at home = more time spend on me dunno = good or bad >.< i hope the questions will not start coming after babygirl and cheryl leave. havent figured out what to tell her, i think all i can try to do is to keep quiet.

sometimes im ok, sometimes im not.sometimes i dont know how i feel.

i tihnk i want to get some stuff from Benefit.maybe retail therapy will help ๐Ÿ˜‰


still using dad's waiting for vaio cr series to be launched.hehe cause got pink color :p fancy my parents always layaning my pink fetish.

ey,butthen again, that's what parents are for? :D:D


oh yeah, found 3 pics


another aeroflot aircraft waiting to fly at Moscow Airport

my underweight sayang with my overweight hand luggages


and one more,

 because i cant get over how sampat i look.haha

i love disneyland!

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Woe is me

today i learnt that love does not conquer everything.


it does not undo the hurt inflicted upon you, it only speeds up the healing time a little.



i have also failed the 'Perfect Girlfriend Test'

i guess i'll probably spend a long time learning to be more put myself second and to accept fact as it is.


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