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Retail therapy works.. ;)

so im back in Ukraine..back into Pinky's arms..back to sleeping on double pillows..and back to my strawberry printed and scented toilet rolls ^__^

took me a total of 15 hrs of flight time and 9 hrs transit to be back.all by myself..didn't think i could do it.travel home and back here all alone..but i did it. and it renewed my faith in myself, and im proud of me. every little step will lead to bigger things i hope.

i had the most pleasant long haul flight because the kind lady at Changi seated me alone! in a flight full with only 2 empty seats..i am so thankful.

as usual i came back with a haul of misc things for me, my beloved friends, Pinky..and lots of things to eat 🙂

i even managed to buy some stuffs from the MAC holiday collection from Changi.

MAC Royal Asset eyeshadow palatte

I got the metallic palatte..the colors are intense and gorgeous, but the black silver sparkly color wasn't as intense as i expected

MAC Heirloom eye brushes set. Everything i needed!

Glitter eyeliner from Metal X collection in Wonderwhite (i think) and my under eye concealer

Remember a while back i ordered some stuffs fr Benefit online?i got them ages ago but didnt post pics..so here :

Valley of the stars kit comprising all the various highlighters

Powder pop! love this one too but i dont really know how to use the bronzer well enough to contour my cheeks yet

and a few false eyelashes that i bought,(below post) i tried it on again yesterday

18-12-07_1629g [800x600]18-12-07_1621h [800x600]18-12-07_1620 [800x600]18-12-07_1622h [800x600]

 i used MAC metallic palatte for my eyes, Benetit for my cheeks and lips..and my shu uemura falsies

im off to bed now. Good night!  

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did the Mantoux test on friday, and now i have a slowly disappearing,itching and tender papule on my left forearm 😦 it was measured to be 13mm..so it could be *almost* a positive result. except that i was vaccinated 12 years ago. im embarassed to admit that i dont know if 12 years post vaccination, Mantoux test result will still be affected (ornot)


my days are filled with visits to the clinic,rushing back to class..spacing out in class and finally making my way home.everyday there will be a tiring journey, a boring wait and that stupid itch on my forearm.which burns when i take a hot shower.

the only thing exciting which happened in the past few days was discovering my Pandan flavoring-haha kinda forgotten that i've even brought it here. Pinky and i baked a Pandan flavoured butter cake.it's too dry for my liking but pinky said it's okay..so it's okay i guess.

i haven't the mood to snap pics of my necklace and my Benefit items. all i remember fr the past few days is just how tired i was.

my CT scan is scheduled on Friday.im kinda afraid 😦

*edit* took away the pic, didnt like it on 😦

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im just about to move my ass downstairs to join the rest for a BBQ right at our hostel.wahaha so convenient!having a pit downstairs tho it's a lil bit…not so well made.


anyway, i is very happy and excited now see me see me!

see i had this so cute red ribbon hair clip which i JUST bought..like 30 mins back, well…had because it broke


and pinky goes 'what happened!what happened!what happened!'




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ey, tell me..

which one nicer?





only slight variation in the background.i can't decide, so i value your opinions.



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