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Im in handbag heaven~

mom and dad came back from europe last week and brought back a whole lot of stuffs for me. including this bag that i've been lemming for a longgggggggggg time…. *ahem*

so here's it is…!


okay..another peek

any guesses?

Monogram Vernis Alma pm

been in love with this bag for the longest time..esp in this color, amarante. the only other color i would like is rose pop, a bright pink which was never made into this bag..(the pm size)

i asked mom to look for Alma BB, the baby version of this bag which comes with an additional long strap for cross body wear..but of course, its all sold out. so my lovely parents got me this instead <3<3<3!

and there's something else!

(can u see im verrrrrrrrryyyyyyy excited)

this one comes in a box


looks just like any other monogram

but inside printed with sweet pastel pink flowers

it's a little bit bigger than i expected

but the pink flowers are too cute to resist 😉


much more stuffs i havent taken pics of

from bangles/hairbands/earrings/scarves



my parents certainly made me feel as if i was there to shop!


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i’ve never thought poems could be this sexy

i have a whole new appreciation for poems, esp from E.E. cumings. he wrote the most amazing stuffs. and this is my favourite..i love it so much i cant stop thinking about it. and i got a tingle all the way down to my toes the first few times i read it. Amazing indeed, havent felt this way for the longest time.

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