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Oncall room

there’s something very exciting about being able to blog from a pc while im at work in the hospital *shhhh* im like a small girl in a candy store.. wildly excited at this prospect. hrrrrmm i think im too easily amused.

no pics because this is the pc at the oncall room ;P
ps: time for me to join the morning rounds. tata!



jealousy rearing its ugly head. and tail. and horns!!

it’s not even that time of the month yet.

anyway i’ve decided to start taking leave from next week. instead of hovering around for a few more weeks, the temptation of not doing so seems to be..erm.. more tempting? sorry for the lack of vocab.

i was supposed to go back to the OT for the last remaining 2 weeks, but i chickened out in the end. i’m rather unmotivated now.. and prefer the ICU which has become somewhat my comfort zone. i’ve been here longer than anyone else in the team at the moment, save for the lecturers.

i’m off to try relax.

Loving it NAKED

the next best thing to having a best friend come home from a trip to Europe when you don’t get to tag along is…when she comes home with goodies for you! and i received a lip primer too 😉


i love my NAKED palette so much *excited*


very luxe packaging..velvety and sleek


i’ve tried it out, naturally (immediately after i reached home) and i love it.. the colors are all neutrals..very easy to use and match. with different finishing.. but the texture remains smooth just like all the other Urban Decay eyeshadows.


loving this so much


i’m feeling so lucky Fan managed to get one for me from UK as it is sold out in some of the other countries. and of course.. i’m still wishing that Sephora would open its doors in KL, and bring along all these other makeup brands that we don’t have right now. Pssst like, NARS, hello? do you hear me Sephora?

used it quite a few times.. i love that they gave a mini eyeshadow Primer potion so that i could try it out and decide if i want the full size one. (yes i do) the only issue i have with some of the more glittery shades is the fallout. need more practice with the application. otherwise i’m totally in love with it 🙂

have not posted about my MAC Venomous Villains haul..from a while ago. will do that soon

I’m happy hating you

i’m rather uncomfortable with the sudden realization that i actually harbor a feeling of such intense dislike, it’s bordering on hate (IF it hasn’t already reach that state) for a particular annoying creature i could not bring myself to label as a human.

there i’ve said it. I HATE HER AND I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. never in my life i have never entertain such delightfully joyful thoughts of misfortune falling upon someone. OH yes, i’m hoping she’ll get her car scratched, choke on a fishball, get an ugly pedicure, grow warts on her face,get her heart broken, get genital herpes ( highly likely, did i mention she’s also a slut?) in the end of everything she’s done, she’s left with nothing and i hope no one is silly enough to fall into her trap. evil conniving bitch.

when it comes to this person the Hippocratic Oath that i took upon graduation just flies out of the window. Oh sorry, if anything happens to her, i can’t bring myself to help her. having her in this world is just a waste of oxygen.

i hope this is not the beginning of some anger issues.this is so unlike me, to be SO ANNOYED by something.

i know someday i’ll be able to forget the anger that i’m harboring and this person would just be another speck of dust in the air. but till then i’m happy staying with hate.


we lost a patient today. a young 32 year old mother of a baby. she had a very bad flare of SLE. had been battling it since she was 17. she left behind a very loving husband, who married her despite her condition.. and a beautiful baby boy who will never get to know the wonderful woman that is his mom.

this admission was her 4th in the intensive care unit(ICU)  in the past 3 months that she has been hospitalized. i have seen her get better, extubated and weaned off her dependence on an artificial ventilator. sent back to the common ward, only to have her back in ICU after a few days. she drifted in and out of consciousness, as we had to sedate her from time to time. my last conversation with her was just prior to her admission to ICU this time. she had my hand, wouldn’t let me resume my other tasks in the ward and told me ‘my baby couldn’t recognize me when i went home’ she told me.. she was afraid she wouldn’t get well enough to go home. back then i didn’t expect her to deteriorate.. back then i told her to have faith in herself and be strong, one day she will be discharged.

today she collapsed after an elective intubation after we noticed that she was getting more breathless.. tried to resuscitate, try to bring her back to us but we failed.

today i extubated her for the last time.

ICU is emotionally draining. seeing all these ill patients lying almost motionless.. surrendering to fate and faith.

every awaking moment we have, every decision we make, every step we take.. everything is easily taken for granted when we are able. it’s so easy to forget to be thankful. when we wallow in self pity, take a moment to remember the sick who are just trying so hard to stay conscious, be free of pain.. and even to breathe spontaneously.

today was a harsh reminder of just how fragile life is.

Lobby Lounge Empire Hotel, Subang

had a chat over uhrm.. char kuey teow at Empire hotel, subang a few weeks ago with Limun.

love the wood panelled ceilings.. the waveline design is so pretty

limun is actually holding my drink, hehe. it was the cranberry splash. the orange swirly drink is hers, very yummy

new dress new dress ❤

soft and fluffy in the inside with just the right amount of crunch on the outside..

an explosion of sour, sweet and salty flavours in your mouth

it was better than what we expected from a lobby lounge, and i had to have it because i had an explicable craving for it

cheers to our friendship 🙂

i’m always hitching a ride home with limun these days. saves time because she leaves earlier than my dad can pick me up (why my dad is still sending me to work is another story i’ll save for another day) i know i’m such a big baby, ahaha but anyway i digress. met limun when we were both still juniors, doing our second posting in Obs & Gyn, laboured through our labour ward posting together and with Grace. 2 months in labour ward was bearable because of them, even though we spent our time surrounded with the cries of mom to be, the cries of babies just delivered and of course the stench of amniotic fluid… it was actually fun. i would’ve been in orthopedic posting with limun again, and im sure if im, we would be having alot of fun.. but i decided to take a leap of faith and go for anesthesiology instead. so now we spend our time mainly gossiping on the way home beating the traffic jam, and sometimes having drinks outside.

i was telling limun about how my parents mentioned that they regretted sending me to ukraine for 6 long years, so faraway alone.. and how if i really ended up in NUI, Galway, chances are i might still be there and wouldn’t have come home for housemanship. then i would meet limun or falah. this is how my life was supposed to be i guess. not ending up in Ireland, and now im home. fell in love, working my ass off, and of course.. met someone who turned out to be a very good friend.