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Almost exactly a year ago

      i miss me in this outfit

  i miss me in ukraine


i think i wouldnt even whine if i had to walk of 7 floors to my room when the lift breaks down..

or complain when the snow slush dirties my boots..


i always miss everything i cant have.



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I miss.

i miss being undecided on which jacket to wear, i miss pondering about whether to wear my skinnies tucked into boots or just shorts with my thigh high.. i miss MSN-ing with cheryl in the morning deciding on what to wear..

i miss going to class with my colorful tights

i miss walking around feeling the cold cold wind on my face

i miss having a hand to hold to keep me from falling when there's snow

i miss walking to class thru the park.. the closest to nature i ever gotten

i miss walking to the bus stop early in the morning..stil groggy from sleep,then almost falling asleep on the bus

i miss the faint antiseptic smell of our class in the hospital.. i even miss changing into my second* shoe

i miss cooking in the evenings, i miss deciding what to eat..i miss bugging Pinky to defrost the meat

i miss waiting for the slow stove to work its magic..

i miss my room, i miss my home in ukraine..


i dont know where's home.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

i miss the weather so so much..

back here all i can wear practically are just tanks/shorts/skirts/tees..

none of my fav boots,tights,jackets..

* it is compulsory for us students to bring a second pair of shoes(of flipflops if u prefer) when we go for our classes in the hosp as a way tohelp maintain the cleaniness in the wards, so that we will not be bringing in the dirt from out shoes.. esp important during winter…when we will be trudging around in snow on the way to class

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Graduation – Picture heavy

just two days

i had this plan for a really long winded post reminiscing about my life in Ukraine, i always thought i could do it right before i leave for home..but as usual my estimation falls flat and im so busy packing and trying to get a taste of everything i know i will miss, i cant find the time and the right moment to blog.

tonight is the 2nd last night in ukraine, my almost final night being able to sleep on the same bad as pinky, in my room…this room i have been staying in for the past 5 years. It was in this room, that we got to know each other better before we fell in love… it was here when everything started.

im sad to leave, much more than i ever thought i would be.

trying to stay happy and smiling for pinky's sake, i dont want to make him sad as well because he will have to come back here and stay in our room without me…wihch is more difficult than me being back home without him ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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counting the days

Having finished my final exam, and having Dr. added to my name,my life is supposed to be really cushy and fabulous right now… but it isn't really.

countng the days till my parents arrive.. what? in less than 3 days. Pinky is in the midst of his exams, and im in the midst of packing up my life. i've only cried about less than few times these few days.. and as usual, falling asleep was really tedious.

to fall asleep i'd have to tire myself out so much, my eyes would be dry and sore. i cant roll into bed and try to fall asleep because each time i try doing that i'd be awake for a good few hours (no tossing and turning involved here, bed too small) and it sucks. i hate lying down in the dark crying and trying not to wake Pinky up. i hate it so much that i'd rather stay awake and stay online, till im so tired..i stagger onto bed and fall asleep.

even though the exams has ended, i look like shit.


time to stop blogging…and start packing.

so MANY things i have.maybe i should take a pic.

ps: yesterday i had a most wonderful day out with Pinky, to celebrate out monthlyversarry, i'll blog it out soon.



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tomorow is the DAY. my final exam of the entire 6 years of medical school. oh gosh i have been in Simferopol for 6 years, o___o and tmorrow is the day i walk out of the exam hall officially a doctor (provided i pass)


im stressed.

i cried

i feel nauseous

i feel scared

and im quite sure in a while the tummy pain will come..


tomrorow it will be Obs & Gyn, Surgery and Therapy exam all in one session, it's like…the MOTHER of all exams.


combined!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

i pray that i'll get a nice cooperative patient, a lenient examiner and my confidence and knowledge please stay in my head , and please..no diarrhea.


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a day out with my girls


the look on Pinky's face when he found my pseudo-misplaced camera.

he is most awesome,it's like he has a sensor to where everything is.each time i misplace something the grovelling begins..because he always always manage to find it.

today me, Jing,Cheryl and Vv went out because Jing is going home tomorrow *sob* no, actually she's taking a holiday in BKK before heading home..how nice is that, 5 days of shopping madness, great flavorful food, and her sisters are going as well so im really sure she'll have a blast. so happy for her, i think she needs a break from all that studying ๐Ÿ˜‰

check this out, and english menu, hahaa it's not so common here in Simferopol so i had to take a pic. this was just the drinks menu..and no i didnt have that long island iced tea which made me tipsy the last time

Cheryl, Me & special person of the day- Jing (Jing:not that ur not special la usually, but u know..extra abit today :p)

the sunglasses exchange, cheryl looking so nice in mine, and i love hers!it's so nice i love how the hue fades to a really light brown at the bottom

this is where we  were, the outside area of Martini bar. technically not a bar (where we were seated)i love our seating area because the chairs are upholstered in burberry-like print

Jing and Vv

ooops caught in the act trying to sabo cheryl's photo

Tada! the result.. of what i did (photo above) hahaha

our drinks came. believe it ornot it was warm, and when i asked for ice, they didn't have it.no ice during summer! only in ukraine the people can accept this in restaurants ,so weird

me with my nice but warm drink

this is an attempted spy pic of this couple sitting nearby, just seconds before i took this he had his fingers in her cleavage -___-

 Fantasy pizza, i kid you not that's how it's called. i love it, but it's not nearly as good as Aperto's Krim pizza, which also has similiar ingredients. this one lacks salt. but i love the egg on top.hope KL has pizza like this 

Cream of brocolli with bacon. blended brocolli really doesnt sound appetising but this is really yummy, it's the best soup today voted by all of us

this is mine, covered by a plate of croutons

my seemingly empty bowl of chicken broth is actually filled with chicken pieces, chunks of cheese and half a boiled egg

Salmon soup, not to my taste because it's too fish. but cheryl loves it

this is our salmon carpaccio, it's to die for !! *salivates* thin slices of raw salmon dressed with light lemon+vinaigrette served with parmesan.. heavenly. i really like it and im surprised because it's the first time im actually loving a raw fish dish ๐Ÿ˜€

jing's salmon tartare.. all these names reminds me of top chef

we took a pic with our waiter and waitress, hahaha so cheesy but he could speak english and he was adorable-such a rare gem

then we went shopping and ran some errands and right before going home me and vinvie went..

bumper boats..is there such a thing? so fun waaaaaaa i love it


the photos are unedited, because picnik wouldnt let me upload.mehh.

happy day today

not really feeling so good when i started blogging but after seeing all these photos im happy again.


much <3 to everyone flying off tomorrow..


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another hallmark in life..

tomorrow is the last day of our semester, which also signifies the END of my entire schooling life

and im feeling kinda depressed. i knew this day was coming, i have been thinking about it the past few weeks..and more so the past few days.each day i have been counting down.. and tonight would be the last night i have to worry about waking up early for class

if i could i would continue studying, it may be weird that im still studying at my age, i took a 6 year degree course and i still am not ready for it to end.

or maybe im not ready for my life here to slowly come to an end piece by piece. soon it would be the photo session, then the final MCQ exam, the final viva exams..and then graduation ceremony and it's all overwhelming me. im not ready to start working, im not ready to leave my comfort zone.

and i dontknow how to lead my life without Pinky by my side. i dont know how to get used to life back home staying with my parents, having had 6 years of total freedom here.


omg what am i gonna do tomorrow i havent even been taking pictures of us in class i dont wantto break down and be all weird cause im pretty sure not many ppl share my feelings everyone seems to be so glad to get this over and done with ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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Dniepropetrovsk , a small shopping haven

just got home fr a very fruitful shopping trip >.< but im sick..again with the sniffles and cough.
will  post the pics of my stuffs up soon ,there's something im reeeeally excited about ๐Ÿ˜‰

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The girl in the black pinny.

when the first thing u hear in the morning is 'Bila aku sudah tiada…' you kinda know how your day is gonna turn out.what the hell was my playlist doing to me arrr?


i think pms is here for the week. getting weird pains and fatigue.

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