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Graduation – Picture heavy


Liev-my little lion

Pinky and i brought back a precious little Chow Chow puppy with me.. Pinky went through all the trouble to get his travelling permit in time because we only found him one day before we were due to fly (sunday) and we had to rush to get his documentation done early morning on Monday before our 11.45pm flight..and Pinky did everything for me.

here's Liev (previously Booble)

sleeping on the bench in room 708, our hostel in ukraine

a week later,brought him back to JB with us, this is taken at Uncle Poi's house



photos are unedited because im lazy, and also busy! busy with job app, and i've just gotten some time to tranfer the few pics i have of him in my camera..

waiting for cheryl to send me her version, much more beautiful than mine..haha the camera in the hands of an expert 😉


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just two days

i had this plan for a really long winded post reminiscing about my life in Ukraine, i always thought i could do it right before i leave for home..but as usual my estimation falls flat and im so busy packing and trying to get a taste of everything i know i will miss, i cant find the time and the right moment to blog.

tonight is the 2nd last night in ukraine, my almost final night being able to sleep on the same bad as pinky, in my room…this room i have been staying in for the past 5 years. It was in this room, that we got to know each other better before we fell in love… it was here when everything started.

im sad to leave, much more than i ever thought i would be.

trying to stay happy and smiling for pinky's sake, i dont want to make him sad as well because he will have to come back here and stay in our room without me…wihch is more difficult than me being back home without him 😦

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