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when life throws you a shitty work collegue..


is it okay if i say it publicly that im close to despising my workmate? almost there..

i've tolerated taking the blame for not doin something that we both were responsible for, held in my words when i was made to look like a fool in front of our superiors, kept my patience when she annoyingly and repeatedly told our friend that i was the one who reported on him..when it was really an honest mistake…on my part.

i cant take it anymore.

i dont know if i could get used to being on calls few times a week.. and i thought i was getting the hang of it

and then the situation in my own ward had to get worse.


cant wait for her to leave the ward on the 28th.

M.U.S.T  B.E. P.A.T.I.E.N.T

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a beautiful saturday

im currently wifi-ing while im getting a manicure & pedicure done. haha.. trying to get my mind off being stress or depressed about being on call tomorrow..

*tells self it's okay..*


so today i managed to get my haircut from Sunny at Shunji! yeay..it's so long overdue. and the best thing is, i got my fringe back ๐Ÿ˜€ even better is that he told me i could walk in anytime if i wanted to trim my fringe..without making an appointment ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ and im gonna let my hair grow long and prolly around april i will get another perm..


gonna try to psyche myself up tonight

tomorrow have to be up early..



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funny things at work

i have not felt so carefree for the longest time.

im going out tonight with the girls!

omg i cant believe it ๐Ÿ˜€


im on call again on sunday, oh yes, the third motherfucking sunday in a row

getting really tiredof these sunday calls


so yesterday i experienced something new.i was called to accompany a baby from daycare oncology clinic to go for her ct scan, and was supposed to sedate her and make sure she remains sedated throughtout the scan… sounds easy peasy…lol thats what i thought. the thing is our dear baby here is such a fighter,she was fighting the effects of the sedation and refused to sleep.she was pre-sedated with chloral hyrate and then i gave her some midazolam and she was still tossing and turning. waited for almost an hour before the MO came with promethazine and we tried that too but she was STILL AWAKE . omg *sweat* and so unlucky we were, her iv line bunked like..5 times? the MO had to set the line right there at the ct scan waiting area 4 times and finally when we thought we were done and she was off to slumber land peacefully (the line bunked after we injected promethazine the final time) the radiologist came and drop the bomb : they need an iv access for the contrast substance to go in -___- i swore my knees went weak hahaha i cant believe it, so the poor MO had to set the line again..

off she went into the ct scan room and we were at the observation room waiting for it to be done when the radiologist called us in and said the iv line bunked a-g-a-i-n. omg i cant believe it so we had to set another line right there with her on the bed of the ct scan machine and the place being the ct scan lab it didnt have a stopper for us to lock the line so after we got the line in and the contrast in we realised that we had nothing to close the line to stop the blood flow, then our poor baby was bleeding out of her line making a really big mess..blood dropping from the line and everyone was scurrying to look for a stopper. finally found one and she was scanned… *phew*

it was really funny to think of it.the entire process took more than 2 hours. in between while we were setting the lines i had to run over to the trauma dept to get some supplies and we wanted heparin saline but weirdly they dont have it premixed like how we have it in our ward..so the kind nurse made one for me with a normal saline + heparin (1ml heparin in 100ml NS) it brightened up my day…just a random act of kindness could do so much for me ๐Ÿ™‚


my sayang just came online, im off to chat now while i wait for miss chen to pick me up..




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Induction day 11

today i filled up the bath tub with water and i went 'floating' in it – one of the advantages of being vertically challenged..having ample space in a standard sized bath tub -__-

and today Kalpana led me to do yoga on the beach. it was heavenly eventho there were some stretches we couldnt remember and some poses we couldnt do.. having the sea breeze blowing and the sound of the waves hitting the sands..it was so so relaxing.

too bad we didnt think of doing it earlier.


just a few more days left, more exactly 4 days.

and tomorrow's our day off cause we'll be having an exam on thursday.



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Induction day 10

it's f***** early in the morning and we are already here in the hall waiting for someone 'important' to come. had 30mins after morning exercise to get ready before we were told to assemble in the hall..and this 30 mins includes breakfast


i dont have much internet time because we are either at the beach or trying to squeeze whatever little sleep time we have when we are free.


im okay i guess, but im still hoping for a miracle…



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this week

so the MCQ krok 2 exam stress has lifted ! *phew* what a relief, i was having sleepless nights wondering if i failed, and the sleepless nights wondering if i did really badly even if i did pass..

so it turned out none of that is true, i did much much better than i'd dare to hope for (83.5%!!!) i cant believe it!! i know im starting to sound really lame having no self confidence and what not, but walking out of the exam hall i felt that i wasnt sure about quite a number of questions and that feeling sucked.


im spending my days spending $$ i found a uber cool shopping outlet for Adidas and it carries quite a wide choice of Missy Elliot merchandise..*hehe* so u know where those precious $$ went. i was contemplating asking dad to allow me another Benefit haul but have been tihnking really hard about it and i havent made up my mind.. feeling guilty ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

it's just my bad luck with getting Benefit Body So Fine, because each time Jing wanted to pay up the items in her shopping bag the item would go out of stock. it happened TWICE!! and then recently it came back on…so im really tempted to get it with my own visa.. sigh.


believe it ornot i still have 2 exams to take. It's so called the Finals. though i hear everyone say that if u passed the MCQ u'll most likely sail through these finals… so im really really lazy and unmotivated the moment, someone please motivate me!!

a few days ago we celebrated our anniversary by pigging out in our all time favourite restaurant

this is called 'lakman' it's basically a noodle soup with a meat based broth, topped with chunks of beef. potatoes,carrots and onions. quite oily,but very flavorful

meat cutlet baked with potatoes and cream sauce – this is sooo yummy (even tho it doesnt look so here :p) the potatoe are tender, and it's perfect to eat this with bread dipped into the gravy

and this is the famous dish, Plov or Pilav. it's actually rice cooked with meat,carrots,sometimes peas and spices.it's a favourite of many, reminds me of nasi bryani

and this…is the local version of lemonade, it tastes alot like ice cream soda

this isn't russian cuisine, but uzbekistan ๐Ÿ™‚ imho, more delish than typical russian fare. haha




Pinky got a haircut! no more curly locks >.<


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Just because.

i am feeling very much loved and pampered and i feel so happy to have found you. i found my best friend, confidante, playmate, and my very own hug machine >.<

โค you very very much, sayang !


ps : i also dont mind the uber delish kuah lemak you can cook up…

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another hallmark in life..

tomorrow is the last day of our semester, which also signifies the END of my entire schooling life

and im feeling kinda depressed. i knew this day was coming, i have been thinking about it the past few weeks..and more so the past few days.each day i have been counting down.. and tonight would be the last night i have to worry about waking up early for class

if i could i would continue studying, it may be weird that im still studying at my age, i took a 6 year degree course and i still am not ready for it to end.

or maybe im not ready for my life here to slowly come to an end piece by piece. soon it would be the photo session, then the final MCQ exam, the final viva exams..and then graduation ceremony and it's all overwhelming me. im not ready to start working, im not ready to leave my comfort zone.

and i dontknow how to lead my life without Pinky by my side. i dont know how to get used to life back home staying with my parents, having had 6 years of total freedom here.


omg what am i gonna do tomorrow i havent even been taking pictures of us in class i dont wantto break down and be all weird cause im pretty sure not many ppl share my feelings everyone seems to be so glad to get this over and done with ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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i found you, so what’s next?

today he scrubbed my back with an orange scented scrub and then i soaped myself with an orange flower scented shower gel.and now, im gonna cut up a few oranges to eat.


it's been an emotionally draining few days.im breathing in the air of uncertainty and i think im this close to getting breathless and again, the love of my life saved me, by offering comfort after comfort, (be it in terms of food or an sympathetic ear or lots of patience) and i feel better now, after an afternoon of deep restful sleep. which unfortunately took up my gym time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and i am, feeling guilty.

tonight i will have to struggle to fall asleep because the afternoon nap wasnt really a nap after all.


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