Monthly Archives: December 2011


time for a new header! hmmm need some inspiration tho. Suggestions?


nothing like a fall for reminder

who knew that a little accidental fall could be such a humbling experience?i just tripped on my pajama pants (yes, people like me still wear these things these days) on the way to the bathroom. so now i’ll be walking around with a bruise on my left knee. no more shorts and dresses if i care, but i’ll see what i can do with some concealer if I’m really in the mood to wear less. i guess a bruised knee is much easier to handle than bruised ego *clears throat*

good night, I’m gonna lie down and think of what below knee clothing options i have :E

the small moments of joy

little did i know someday i’ll be sharing frozen yoghurt with this person. sharing laughter, admitting my mistakes, saying sorry, being territorial, just being me. and then going on our separate ways till we meet ?again. it’s nice not to put an expiry dates on things sometimes. to just go with the flow and see what happens next. i had a few hours of joy being in the company of this person, and I’m not waiting nor expecting another session, just feeling thankful that despite everything that has happened, a few years down the road we could be that two person so happily sharing a (small) tub of frozen yoghurt on a rainy night.

life isn’t exactly sweet yet, but it surprises sometimes. (Garrett popcorn not reaching my hands in the end was not part of the nice surprise :S

taking a step forward is a touchy subject. I’m in no position for a battle, and if moving on is a battle, i shall concede defeat before it even starts. because it is not a race to see who forgets first, or who gets a new someone first. it is not even about forgetting and erasing the relationship and all that was shared. it’s as personal as it is how you heal your soul and comfort the heart that has taken the battering from the broken relationship. moving on is no longer a choice when your heart tells you to stop the hurt, and to start loving yourself because the other person has decided not to anymore. there is no need to be spiteful, no need for drama, no need for name calling or blame. I’m beyond all that.

it’s just a chapter in the past, I’m turning the page but not closing the book 😉