Monthly Archives: November 2011

of life right now

FaceTime is fun. it brings a whole new level of interaction into the conversation. and a certain intimacy about showing the person you are having a conversation with your expression.

just came home from sharing a bottle of red with bestie chen. i love nights like this, and i’m starting to enjoy my drinks again. i guess you can’t really take that away from me.. i’ve abstained somewhat over the past 2 years and now I’m back to enjoying it whenever i want.

watched Immortal a few days ago. funny that i could disappear for a while and when we reconnect things are back to how it used to be, and even more amazing-we’ve known each other for 12 years. that’s crazy. been in and out of each others life throughout. and now he’s back and as amusing as ever.

it’s getting really late(or early-depends on how you see it) and I’m tipsy from the drinks i had(wine does this inexplicable thing to me) so it’s bed time.

ps : can’t wait for Krabi!! chaiwye is coming back home ❤

pps: would you believe it if i told you i might end up in the same hospital as….*ahem* some significant other from my past? it’s just surreal to imagine that..


Thru this ordeal

Been away because I’m struggling to find a way to live, let alone write. I’m still missing my dad so much, I guess that’s not gonna change.what I could hope for is to cope better with it.

It is at times of great adversities that the distinction between the true friends who really cares..and the ones who do it out of guilt become really blatant. I’m blessed to have many true friends to stand beside me and hold my hand through this horrible ordeal, so I don’t really need your guilt upon me..and you don’t need to pretend either. And yes, if you think I’m speaking right at you, well maybe I am.

I will always always love my dad. Someday I’ll be able to write beautiful things and speak of the wonderful memories with him. But right now I need to figure out a way to fix my life and my heart.

I will be back when I’m able to write again, soon.