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these days

the countless times i have loaded this page to start typing a few words and then…my train of thoughts started drifting away. there's nothing much i want to say, but i feel suffocated inside as if there are things im supposed to say.

the days stretched endlessly and having my class 30 mins by public transport away isn't exactly the balm of comfort.

i realised that im a practically a it was indeed an eye opener when i discovered someone else nearby who is soooo much more of a sloth than i am..a sloth in a pretty, slim packaging..haha. yeah, as lazy as i thought i am, i know im no contender for her.

so much to bitch about, these are the days where im running short of profanities to hurl. my patiences runs so low, i am ticked by the tiniest of things. i'd hope that this would go away by tomorrow when i can do my grocery shopping finally! (been stuck at home the past 2 weekends,i think it's killing me)


at least i had a satisfying dinner. my fav pizza, surprisingly plain (just cheese and pizza base) with a glass of white muscat..


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how inconsiderate can people be!! who the hell fries ikan bilis at 10pm at night in front of my bloody unit door kanina fark…the entire room is going to smell like food god dammit!! what kind of people can have their room smelling lke food at this time of night…fark these people!!


posted by fariq

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it’s me, you and my little wine glass

it might be me talking, or it might be the hormones talking..but i realised today..just how easy it is to succumb to drinking. it started with an innocent glass of wine after class because i wanted to try the new Glamour menthol superslim ciggs that i bought yesterday..then i became tipsy, and i felt a burden lifted off me.i felt liberated from my feelings, from my fear..and all i felt was just this funny lightheadedness.

it's not my first time drinking a glass of wine,granted almost everytime i drink i get the same sensation.but drinking alone in the's the first time for me.i realised that taking a few glasses of wine could take my mind off things which bugs me, even if it's just for that few hours.

it is a mean of escape, even if it is shortlived.

but when im desperate.. who am i to complain?

i have been worried recently.worried about the same old issue which has been bugging me.

sometimes i look at pinky and i get so obsessed about spending enough time together, but really..there isnt such thing as 'enough'. there simply isn't and i have to stop looking.




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recent beauty purchases and mini update

first two items im gonna post up are actually part of my Xmas present from Jing and Pinky.Awwww both of them are so sweet to know that i โค Benefit, and they ordered it  for me.even though it came late, i was delighted

this if from Pinky


It was the first time ever i had a wishlist, so it was really exciting to receive something that they picked for me from that list.

now, the Tokidoki stuffs i accumulated from all over :

i found Smashbox Tokidoki lipgloss in Dramaticca in Warsaw during my winter trip..

the color is a tad too bright to my liking,but it's too cute to resist


i ordered this from Ebay and received it within 6 days from US. i love u Andyfrog! (seller)

this is also from the same seller in Ebay. It looks like a powder blusher but it isn't.It is a light pinkish gold shimmer powder which goes on very well with the Skin Tint (above)

family pic of my tokidoki items

Fr L-R : Eyeshadow quad in Modella and Celebrita, Lipgloss Dramaticca, Skin Tint Bella & Dolce Vita soft lights

im TWO items away from the full set o____o ,i need Lipgloss in Dolcissima and Artificial Light de Luce (it's somethng like Benefit's High Beam) and there's this mirror in the collection, but Pinky said there's no way he'll allow me to spend 33usd on a mirror ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

 so anyway..Jing went back to Msia for CNY and i asked her to help me get these:

It's from the metal-X collection, the gold glitter eyeliner :):) i was surprised and glad that they still have it

haha sorry for the not so attractive pic, i've used it already!

i love it, the texture is smooth and the color is quite natural. it is not long lasting, but that's not a problem for me ๐Ÿ™‚


On sunday night we celebrated Suan's birthday at Illusion

 me,Jing, Vinvie, Cheryl

 haha this looks like a talk show kinda setting hor..

okay my photos for Suan's birthday are so weird hehehe because i was hungry and i ate up my food straight away when it arrived and i was so clever to order a dish that took 40 mins to prep.and when it finally arrived, everyone was already having dessert -_______-

okay end of update!

 oklah, one more pic ๐Ÿ˜€

cooking jap curry tonight *yumyum*


*edit* pics of my dinner :

omg i ate this and i thought i landed in heaven i love my recipe books it has all the easiest,simplest things and it turns out really great. if anyone wants the recipe let me know

both of these, with jasmine rice *slurp*

gonna bring it to class tomorrrow.


ps : have i mentioned that it's been snowing..?

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Frozen frames of memories

i looked back at our photos, i see that we are taking lesser and lesser. It doesnt mean much to me now, but i can imagine how it will crush me to see that i have so few photos taken with you in these last few months of my stay in Ukraine. Always caught up with living life.. i forget to even an attempt of capturing these moments.


i wish we had taken more photos, sayang ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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Now you tell me..

damn what do you wear for a -13 fuckinfreezing weather?


off to class now with my supply of drinks, food and erm.. 'mamaji' <– Singfa's bringing =p

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26th Jan : MiniMe’s day – a celebration for the pink hippo

a few weeks ago..we celebrated MiniMe's birthday *ahem* so the lucky little pink hippo was 2 years old and we (johnny,ct,babygirl,vasanth,pinky and i) got to eat the fabulous fruit tarte that we bought

a few pics fr the night, taken from johnny's fancy dslr

HAHAHA someone acting cute

this is the reasons for Pinky neglecting me *sob*

this is me entertaining myself to reduce the effects of neglect

if only im the one with pinky in this handsome pic of his

this is more like the real him.. haha

ps : do u notice that in most of the pics siti is moving?HAIYO! sayang, told you im not thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat fidgety :S

time for bed but im still unwilling to get my ass off the chair..tomorrow we are bringing a kettle to class (and im bringing my jap bowl noodles :D:D) because it's gonna be a long long day tmorrow.

Jing is coming back! im so excited o___o  

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CNY 08 day 1

Happy Chinese New Year Darlings! May your year be filled with endless supply of love, laughter and beauty! (tell me you dont want that hahaha)


the next few days ahead are gonna be filled with

  • gluttony (oh the food!)
  • envy (everyone's new year outfits) ,
  • lust (Pinky also got new year outfits leh),
  • greed (we started playing this game..)
  • sloth (4 days of holidays,what do u expect)

hahaha so basically im starting off the year committing the sins im already guilty of last year *lol*

have i mentioned that i love CNY songs?i think im becoming some sort of distributor for my pathetic 20 odd songs.hehe i totally dont mind spreading the 'lovee'

omg last night we had 'Mamaji' marathon gosh is the game addictive or what.i love it! even though i keep losing..even pinky played too eyyeay so fun <3<3 we played tll almost 6 am this morning and Pinky had to go class about an hour later..while i doze nice for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

so today was spent doing nothing , something im getting better and better at..haha

no pics yet, sorry!

btw i had the most amazing reunion dinner last night because there was ample food,ample space and i could eat at my own pace, hehe



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Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you’re strangers

im bugged by the fragility of friendships..the thin ice that im threading on at the moment. it is, after all human to err.


i've made my mistakes,i've learnt from it.

but when will you?


im saddened by a little realization these few days. Even though the thought had been hovering in my mind for ages, i've chosen to ignore..tried not to think too much into it. At times when im feeling really happy (or really free) i'd even conjure a little story, a little image in my silly head to tell myself that im just being paranoid. and to cut them some slack, dont expect too much. *sigh* whatever 'keep yourself in denial' phrase that i could've uttered, i did. On my bad days i put it at the back of my mind and put a KIV label on it, telling myself i'll come to deal with it one day.

*SIGH* i think im gonna just let it be. (it's just not an excuse to be lazy =p)

btw u know what?the icing of the cake – friends can break my heart too.


ps : my adobe is finally working again thanks alot to tanny but i think im forgetting how to do alot of tihngs i used to.

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Smashbox tokidoki, i *heart*


now im only 2 items away from the complete collection but i dont think i'll be getting the last 2 items unless if i can use someone else's cc *hinthint* to buy it ๐Ÿ˜€ dont want to use mine as daddy is already kind enough to layan my nonsense with so much make up recently

post pics up later, i think im too delirious to be clicking away on my cam :D:D

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