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Oncology classes – A brief roundup

Oncology cycle turned out to be not as bad as i imagined it to be, i was rather dreading it because we have to go to a hospital pretty far away. and thinking of early morning waking up and all that…errrr. butthen i realised that there are plenty of busses going that way..and our teacher doesnt really mind us being late ^_^

our daily routine would be like this: first thing in the morning, our teacher will explain the day's topic to us and brief us about the important things and then we'll have our break time, usually around 9am in the morning. we are given 20 mins for break time, but usually we stretch it till about an hour ๐Ÿ˜€

next, it is either going into the operation theatres to watch (watch only, no touching..hehe) various operations, or going to the wards to speak to our patients. Usually given the 2nd option means an extension of our break time as some of my classmate's patients actually passed away and some patients do not like to be disturbed…

the other day i snapped some pics in the operation theatre. It was the removal of the ovaries with its appendages because the  lady had very very large tumors in both her ovaries.



our teacher is the one on the right (in white). he was trying to pull our the ovaries, and it was difficult because they were huge.


you can see the ovaries now, the two shiny round masses, those are the ovaries deformed by the tumors. so big!



the cycle is coming to an end on Monday, im gonna miss it a bit. we have a nice teacher, hospital has ok cafe (some hospitals do not even have a cafe) and we can go to class late :D:D


and during one cloudy, windy day we took this shot :


haha we look like we went shopping, but no we didnt. the paper bags were used to stuff our labcoats and the second pair of shoes that is compulsory for the hospital.

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so we had BBQ..

yesterday with the winds practically howling and rain almost drenching us, we had a BBQ at the pit downstairs (at the hostel) omfg the experience,though not one i'd like to go through again.

i guess i should stop reporting about the weather since it's the topic that no one's really interested in unless if a hurricane's coming or the snow's about 12inches deep or something. but really, i cant help it but i have to rant about how the weather right now is so not spring-y !

i had to go to Titova again to my dentist to fix my pulpitis tooth, but again today when she was digging the roots i felt pain so she had to anaesthesized me again, and i'll have to make another visit on Friday *sobsob* i super scared to go dentist, i damn dont like and of all people it's ME who have been going there like..4 times the past 1.5 weeks

then i came back with the left side of my upper lip numbed so when i spoke it looked like my lips were lopsided. bumped into Khoo and he was quick to laugh at me, saying that i looked like i had some nerve palsy.hahaha clever people and their clever remarks.damn!

i came home and i dozed off from the pathetic feelign of being hungry yet not being able to eat. but i woke up to my lovely lovely soyabean drink *yumyum* drool that Pinky made.wahhhhhhhhh am i so loved and spoilt! i think so too ๐Ÿ˜€ then when the numbness wore off i had my dinner, which Pinky secretly cooked while i was still in lala-land. it was nasi kunyit and yesterday's leftover baked BBQ marinated chicken…

so blissful to be pampered and taken care off.he is now asleep like a small dingdong

oh yeah so funny today he had Vinvie trim his hair..ehehe and he seems pretty happy with

aiyah got headache coming,i'd better try to sleep.



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when i turned my back and thought i’d be walking forward

i could not describe how it feels to be misunderstood and yet not knowing how to explain.

just like how i cant write how i feel right now . not anymore, i have somehow loss the abilty to pen down my feelings.

i've slowly trekking back into the almost forgotten territory of sadness.


and no, believe me ornot i dont want to either.

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this is so fun

winter trip #2 : Hamburg-Leipzig-Dresden

a really long overdue pics of our holiday ;P

23rd January 2007-24th January 2007


the Hamburg train station. it's really nice because there are plenty of shops eg bakeries(oh how i have been deprived) fast food eateries and even shoe shop selling gorgeous boots *swoon* hahaha yeah, that pretty much sums it, a little convenient shopping place ๐Ÿ˜‰ and yes, it is a train station


we took an ICE train which is the fastest train in Germany to Leipzig to meet our friend Alexandra. the train station in Leipzig is even better, bigger and has more shops..wah, im so loving even the train stations in Germany ๐Ÿ˜‰

i mean it's so convenient i could grab a pair of shoes or something and make a dash for the train ..right?


we met up with Alex after a false alarm not being able to meet up because our very clever *ahem* friend CK didnt get her phone number so we were wondering about for almost half an hour before someone tapped Fariq on his shoulder and thank goodness it's Alex ! this pic above is taken in her studio apartment, it is the enclosed balcony. her apartment is so nice, i'd totally love to stay in a place like that.

we were to take a train to Dresden the next day but we spent the entire afternoon around Leipzig instead.

we didnt know that Leipzig is pronounced correctly as 'Laipzish' so we were walking around speaking it as how it's spelt till Alex came to our rescue huhuhu so this is a retarded pic of me and Alex (me retarded, she-not) taken at a bus stop.


me and Alex, while waiting for the tram


i was walking down the street from Alex's apartment with Mr Pink Thing.. (he isnt in the pic because he took the pic ๐Ÿ˜‰



this is ck feasting on German sausages so yummy i could still remember the smell but i didnt eat as i rushed off to shop ๐Ÿ˜€


finally after and early snack of mcds we boarded a train to Dresden. And this is Mr. Pink doing his fav pose XD


we arrived in Dresden to this! we were snowed in!

ok, this is disgusting of me but i shall continue after a long long time soon *blueks*


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Women’s day

we had a long weekend (4 days) because apparently Women's Day on the 8th of March is taken pretty seriously here. Hhehe i dont mind, as long as i get my hols ;p

Jing, babygirl, me, pinky, Suan, small tan were there. Small tan and jing made peanut paste dessert, and the rest of us made the sushi. The strawberry tarts were bought from the bakery ๐Ÿ˜€

some of the silly things we did ๐Ÿ™‚ we set up a sushi 'factory' so everyone worked together to produce those sushi that u can see from the pic *hic* hehe it wasnt easy, as the rice was cooked too sticky.

on Friday we went on a day trip to Sevastopol.will post photos soon


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today i chatted with my mom and casually she inserted this 'take care my only one v precious haha' into our conversation…

the hours later i realised that i refused to close the window long after our conversation ended because i wanted to reread it over and over again…


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Everything Is Illuminated

The movie is gorgeous, because it depicts the ukrainian people to a T. I love this movie, it is interesting, weirdly touching and morbidly fascinating.

im nursing a pretty bad sore throat now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it's so annoying and i dont like gurgling

anyway CNY pics..! i have so few its pathetic. because there was too much yummy food to be eaten ๐Ÿ˜‰ we stayed over at Gogalia 74 apartment with everyone else. and everyone was sleeping everywhere…hehe there were plenty of leftovers too *yumyum*




no, i did not share a bed with mimi. we watched The Amazing Race Asia till i dozed off


my precious made to wear his sleeping shirt because its red ๐Ÿ˜€



here's the pics i took with the Fireworks mode of my pink sony fun! but the little things we were holding kinda burnt my fingers abit

ok.the end.


ps : believe it ornot, we have classes tomorrow!

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It’s spring!

If only our local condition reflects that. The place is all dirty with muddy slush ewk walking around you cant help it but make 'splish splash' sounds and it dirties the bottom of my pants, and also my shoes ๐Ÿ˜

today i had a chance to get an exemption from the Peadiatrics exam this coming summer. But as always, the chance slipped through my hands because i didnt treasure it enough to work really hard for it. I dont blame luck for this one, i blame my inadequate prior knowledge. I dont regret not spending enough time on it, because what i didnt know today wasn't something that i learnt in the past two days, it is something that i should have known.

i have been very unmotivated this sem, and it all began from last semester. im more preoccupied with watching movies, cooking dinner and i hardly ever study on a daily basis. i got through my classes with whatever knowledge i've acquired all these years, without adding more to the pile.

maybe today was meant to be more than just another test.

hehe because it brings back most of the motivation that i have lost in the midst of trying to live.


today for the first time, i borrowed a russian language text book from the library. i assume that i'll be trying to read it tonight ๐Ÿ™‚


oh yea, as a reminder : what i didnt know today was how to check skin turgor.(it is one of the simplest things ever!)


*hangs head in shame*


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