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Thank God you found me

the awesome feeling of being found. it’s addictive and comforting and it makes me happy. and happy is what i need right now. so thank you, thank you for trying to find me all these years but thank God you found me when i needed it most.

still cant believe its you. my thoughts went back to our teenage years of spending our holiday at the beach, your sisters, your mom, your dad.. and how we were kids then. and all these years of living in close proximity, eating in the same places and we’ve not met.


of life right now

FaceTime is fun. it brings a whole new level of interaction into the conversation. and a certain intimacy about showing the person you are having a conversation with your expression.

just came home from sharing a bottle of red with bestie chen. i love nights like this, and i’m starting to enjoy my drinks again. i guess you can’t really take that away from me.. i’ve abstained somewhat over the past 2 years and now I’m back to enjoying it whenever i want.

watched Immortal a few days ago. funny that i could disappear for a while and when we reconnect things are back to how it used to be, and even more amazing-we’ve known each other for 12 years. that’s crazy. been in and out of each others life throughout. and now he’s back and as amusing as ever.

it’s getting really late(or early-depends on how you see it) and I’m tipsy from the drinks i had(wine does this inexplicable thing to me) so it’s bed time.

ps : can’t wait for Krabi!! chaiwye is coming back home โค

pps: would you believe it if i told you i might end up in the same hospital as….*ahem* some significant other from my past? it’s just surreal to imagine that..

Runaway flyaway

Spent the weekend away from home with these wonderful people who’ve known me for ages, friends who have been with me through college, uni, a few relationships, Europe trips..


Met Ck!to think that he used to live 2 floors above me back in Ukraine.he had a habit of going downstairs to the kiosk to buy a carton of milk every night and on the way up he usually pops by my room..sometimes we checkout pretty girls on friendster-that’s me layaning him, sometimes we watch horror movies, because I’ll never watch a horror movie on my own >.< and sometimes we just gossip about whatever happened in class..we went grocery shopping together when I was living alone, and always ate out because he's such a foodie, always craving for something fancy. I'm missing my favourite fish pasta from topor restaurant as I type :/ he's a friend I'm perfectly comfortable with, a friend who has seen me at my worst and yet didn't hasn’t runaway

And as usual Jing,vv and Cheryl were there to welcome me, there to stand by me when I needed them, they know all my weaknesses and despite that still love me. I stayed a night with my cousin, and she brought me to see a wise elderly lady who told me alot about myself and my life.

A weekend away did me me a lot of good.I felt liberated, and realized that being alone is not so scary after all. I value my independence, and I know someday I’ll be able to embrace the freedom that I’m given.. even though it happened at a time I least expected. But that’s how life is, not everything will turn out as you expected, not everyone will stay with you till the end, and adversities come as they please without warning. The only thing within our control are the choices that we make.

I choose to be happy.

And to cherish the people who didn’t leave when I needed them most.

Though miles may lie between us we are never far apart, for friendship don’t count miles it is measured by the heart

Week night

This is how we are spending the night. Pizza deliveries (buy 1 free 1 with online order) and the tv..

Perfect quiet night in ๐Ÿ™‚

Chilla Cup

had a silly night out with the girls (+siew jin) and experimented with the Lemeleme app on iphone. I love the app, its like having a few lomo cameras with me





Our multiple attempts at getting it right. Not quite so right in the end but lots of fun trying. perfect saturday night with the best people in the world.

Weekdays mornings

I’m post oncall today.. which means that i’m OFF! ๐Ÿ˜€ after slaving a whole night through, getting the day off is really sweet. so my dear Limun picked me up from the hospital and we went hunting for places to eat dimsum.. just so happened to be both craving for it. Ate too much dimsum, i came home and fell asleep.

*bliss* ย (love the feeling of falling asleep after a full stomach-haha totally unhealthy)

i had a pretty good oncall last night. managed to sleep at 3am with no more cases coming in till 7.30am ๐Ÿ˜€ Keeping my fingers crossed that my next one on Sunday would be equally good if not better..

Does yakitori count as dinner?


Accompanied Limun for dinner at the cafe (pic above) ordered a celery+apple+cucumber juice which was yummy but I wouldnt go back there anytime soon because the service was slow.there were only another table occupied and it took them more than 10mins to blend up my drink ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

This pic is taken before the loooongg wait for my drink,still happy n smiling

Wore my new cotton on top which I got from the sale today ๐Ÿ˜‰ and i like the green background.actually the ambience is pretty nice but the food is just okay and the service was below too bad.

Went walking around the mall and right before going home the jusco snack counter was selling their greasy fried food at 30% off, what a perfect excuse for me to snack on 2 fried chicken wings and 2 yakitori sticks *yummy*

I have an obese (115kg) patient to intubate tomorrow,wish me luck -__-

New place

The pool view of the place we *might* be staying at Malacca. Looks pretty nice in this pic ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s not confirmed yet tho.we are still looking at a few places.


Tea at Whisk,Empire

Spent a lovely afternoon at Whisk with Anngie last week.nearly forgotten bout the pics in my now I’m blogging from my phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lunch @ kimchiharu, jaya one

Had lunch with qiqi yesterday at a cute little Korean restaurant at Jaya One,pj. It was my first time having Korean food,and it was quite nice, but I don’t think Ill be eating it that often, not exactly my favorite type of flavors