Monthly Archives: September 2010

Crocs Mccall

something pretty to post

i love the print and the colors!

it looks even cuter with the pearl jibbit

this is the 2nd pair of croc mccall that i bought, the first pair is a peach colored one with loud floral print.. but i fell in love with the colors for this pair.. more subdued in all my favorite hues of turquoise and purple.


Hello world!

This would be the first on wordpress! im quite liking it so far, but still need a proper header, and ALOT of tweaking here n there 🙂

it’s the long weekend without falah >.< come back home quick hun!

I’ve moved! vox is closing :(

Hi neighbors. I've moved my blog to TypePad. You can now visit me at You can follow me on TypePad by visiting my profile. See you there!

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Why I *heart* jaya grocer

It is the only place nearby where I found teakanne tea, which I used to drink in Ukraine. It has the most amazing aroma.. and a very wide range. Did I mention that I'm a tea person?

Icu sucks all my energy. It's not busy per se but somehow at the end of the day I'm always really worn out.

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