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holidays…almost over

im on holiday and i finally feel rested.

got my hair permed today

eheh i like it!

it's not done by my usual hair stylist, decided to try someone new since he moved to a new shop and im just too lazy to drive to hartamas for my hairdo.


had my hair permed at Centro, Cocoon at the Garden's midvalley by samantha.

found samantha one day when i was having my eyebrows shaped in shu uemura and i noticed the lady who did my brows, her curls were really nice, asked her where she did it and…


the rest they say, is history


(didnt really mean for such a dramatic end to my story, but)

im blogging from my comp! so rare 😉




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jingle bell

happy birthday Jing! a special person like you deserves the best. wish you lots of happiness this year, stay healthy n pretty 🙂

now, give me a number I can call.. are u still in UK?


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Uploaded – 7119

at wits end

u fed me porridge when i threw a tantrum and refused to eat

now that ur too busy and stressed to eat, i cant do the same for you

sorry sayang 😦



when can i see u smile like that again

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Another ending

Tomorrow is my last day in Obs n Gyn before I start my holiday. I'm going to surgery next. Falah is at surgery so I'm not majorly freaking out.

There's this inexplicable sense of comfort that I feel knowing that he's there. Not just him, but Gauri, Hwong too. I know that if I can't cope, he'll be there.

I learnt a lot from Obs n Gyn. I left Paeds with new friends and many fond memories of the wonderful people there.

I'm leaving Obs n Gyn armed with confidence of my somewhat newly trained skills, and a feeling of relief that I survived.

Time seemed to pass faster in Obs n Gyn tho. It must be the crazy labour ward calls.Yesterday was my last. The possibly last baby that I delivered was a cherubic 3.2 of baby girl, borne to a really tired first time mother.

Can't explain the feeling when a newly delivered woman, with her baby in her arm, after going thru the ordeal of having her perineum sutured say thanks to you with real gratitude.

I love my job, just not the exhausting hours

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