Monthly Archives: April 2010

Good morning

Am taking multi tasking to a new level-blogging on the way to work 🙂 coffee in the morning makes my tummy rumble and roll,and that was only half strength coz it was a 3in1 coffee+tea may sound a tad odd to u but it actually tastes quite decent.

Signing off now,I'm entering the lift

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Sunday night dinner

Having dinner with dear bf at Med cafe .kebab ❤

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the volcanoes halted everything

my parents were supposed to fly to frankfurt last night but the flight was cancelled due to the volcano ash cloud phenomenon… hmm. was post call and went to the airport to send my parents off but i feel quite happy that they came home with me, wasnt really ready to let them go. the flight's postpone till tomorrow, tentative. hopefully they get to fly tomorrow because they were so looking forward to the europe trip with my aunts/uncles.

and i was looking forward for my lv/chanel ^__^ ehehe too bad i cant tag along, taking such a long leave in the beginning of a posting is too stressful for me.


life is like back in the wards, im in neuromedical now, and back to doing oncalls about 6 times a month. and it sucks, still havent gotten used to it.still feeling depressed pre-call.. but at least i have my parents and falah around.


need to go out more i think.

havent been meeting up with anyone else.


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@ work

Took a break and snappdd a pic without anyone noticing(hopefully!) while im doing discharge summary For a Patient.can u see my pink stethoscope ? 🙂

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My archilles heel

Would be this sinful dessert from Delicious, The classic chocolate cake

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