Monthly Archives: March 2009

what you dont see in me

i see some bleak days ahead..expecting about 9 on-calls in april.



havent been feeling so good the past week.

the moments of joy were fleeting.

the anxiety of what to come resides deep in my heart

in btw all that


i feel relieved to have a few hours of really good sleep.


i need to drink

in fact i think i need to binge drink

and probably get drunk


cant remember how it feels to be happily silly

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in love

i just collected my iphone today!



actually bought it for its high aesthetic value..

so it was really a bonus to find out that there are so many fun things to do with it 🙂

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i knew u were there but..

tonight..i saw a side of someone i wish i didnt.

i always knew it was there, but honestly speaking, i didnt expect that side of that person to affect me.

because i thought what we had were solid,

we are good friends.


im disappointed

feeling kinda weird now

i dont know if i'll be able to get over it

and i really dont want to be petty

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still here, still breathing


retail therapy works. especially when its a pair of 4.8 inches come fuck me heels..

and then some tops

and some bras

and thongs


last weekend was spent shopping.


this weekend has just started.

there's someone i want to see, some people i need to see, and some one i'll gonna see.

all the people mentioned above are different.. who's who?


finished with peads today.

offered to do saturday morning ward round…because i felt generous..*hehe*

going be having a week long break then im gonna start Obstetrics & Gynaecology.. hmm am kinda nervous about it.


this week's been busy. was on call on monday. went to see Jason Mraz on weds with falah & daryl, on call again on thurs..then today i attended a wedding.

the bride n groom were wearing pink.BRIGHT satiny pink. omg as much as i love pink, i will not make my husband wear pink on our wedding day -___-

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