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it was grey grey grey hovering above me

it could be because the sky was gloomy today, so grey i couldnt find it in me to not to think of it. i think of what one year of separation would to to me and pinky. how my life back home would be…with an ocean separating us.

AND there's that (alot) of stuffs i'll have to somehow bring home with me. Im a hoarder, obsessively and compulsively so there is some sort of sentimental value in practically everything i own -_____- which is fine and dandy if i do not have to relocate 6 years of my life my errrr many essential items for survival.


still at a loss of idea for dinner tonight. i would like to eat something..just that i dont know what. im hope that craving would steer me somewhere more specific than just 'something'


time to order the MAC Fafi.omg how can i forget about it,it's launched today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ luckily jing reminded me.


ps : sometimes i should really keep my mouth shut.but i cant esp when i feel that we are being picked on just because we are foreigners. *sigh* the story is the other day at the market Vv was looking at jeans but the shop owner wasnt there so she went in to look at the jeans closer and there's this lady for a stall nearby who came and stood there looking smug and sacarstic and ready to scold Vv. when the shopowner came back the busybody lady 'reported' to her about Vv going into the stall by herself without asking for permission and then she started chuckling and the other ppl around also joined in and looked at 3 of us like we are idiots for not knowing how to ask permission before entering. OMFG. i was so pissed that she-one busybody who isn't even the stall owner dared to speak to us like that, i went back to her and i gave her a piece of my (very angry) mind. i cant remember for fucks what i said in my horribly broken russian but i was livid with anger and she totally got my drift. take it u old bitch.

what's worse, the said lady i scolded was old (probably in her 60s) and i hated the fact that i had to raise my voice at an elderly. but i really couldnt do nothing and allow Vv to be treated that way it is rude of me to speak to an elderly lady that way but she picked on us and she was racist and i cant take that.

spewing all that out makes me feel so much better.hah!

pps : fried chicken fillet for dinner *yums*

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feel so pampered tummy cramps (oh!the auntie is visiting) and i came home so hungry and typical of Pinky to know me well, food was already prepared. we had steamed prawns with garlic and stir fried celery for dinner *yums*

i was so hungry and worked out that i was lazy to drop by Tanny's place to get our photostatted papers and when Vv collected hers she brought mine up to me o___o hehehe so nice of her

im off to find even more eggs now! (last day already!!)

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eggs-tra guilty

i've been neglecting Pinky abit ever since the fluffriends easter egg hunt started ๐Ÿ˜ฆ my obsession for hunting eggs has me glued to the laptop for hours at end,missing my bed time, and even some of my do nothing but play with Pinky time. He is so supportive of my egg hunt nonsense he even helps me >.< i love my sayang so so much.

words fail me when i want to describe how i feel.

he bought me a reindeer on fluffriend for a very expensive price which he had to earn by clicking a dozen clicks everyday.

he made me a printed card by playing around with adobe photoshop on our 2nd anniversary.

he sat there for hours to wait for me at the gym.

all that..and he has to layan all my whims and fancy 24/7, including doing things like this:



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Another simple joyful evening


An evening preceeded by steamboat could it not be was me and pinky again, but i thought of calling jing,vv and cheryl the former 2 being MIA so cheryl came up with her ingredients for the soup she intended to cook that night..which was perfect for our steamboat. then after our binge for almost 2 hrs we played mamaji .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

im already wondering when i would be having steamboat dinner again *drool*

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Women’s day 08

the first of the flowers which i received the past few days.. Pinky surprised me with this on weds when he picked me up from the gym (haha!got u there,im NOT there for sports..) he picked the flowers up himself at the florist, so it was an interesting mix.two white tulips,one pink(my favourite) and 2 fiery orangy red ones. Sweet.

on thurs,i got this small rose when we were at Vester hypermarket,and Pinky bought a box of Rafaello…so we got this free :) yeah,who could imagine buying a box of chocolates coming with a stalk of rose for free.

my beloved gave this 3 vibrant tulips on friday, for Women's day which falls on the 8th of March. I only took a photo of it it's fully bloomed and kinda wilting. I love the red for tulips, nothing beats the classic i guess.

another surprise on friday night when i received a stalk of yellow rose from tanny and singfa *giggles* they sorta crashed our pyjama party sempena women's day..but they brought flowers..for all 7 of us.

my girls bought me an assortment of chocolates, just enough to satiate my sweet tooth for the next week or so..

yesterday Pinky and i went shopping! @____@ we went to centre, had a drink at Kofein, and then Centrum. Happened to be day 1 of the opening of Mango there,but nothing to get excited about because there weren't any sales or anything special. Bought a top and a pair of sunnies, completely blew my weekly budget (again!) so im kinda penniless again. but i love my top it's black and lacy ๐Ÿ˜‰ good for layering, yet not quite sheer to be worn alone.

dinner time : having baked cheesy nuggets and fries. talk about unhealthy sedentary lifestyle..hehhe.

btw,did i mention that tomorrow's a holiday?? :D 

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March 8 may just be another day in history..or not.

tomorrow is the day we could do something to change our fate. One cross and we will live with the consequence for the next 5 years. If you have ever had any resentment about our government, if you had, at any point of your life lament that the government is corrupted, unfair and and just plain incompetent, TOMORROW YOU CAN CHANGE THAT. you may think that one vote wouldnt bring much difference to the total tally, but remember one vote from everyone who wants a change will result in a substantial amount.


do not listen to the rumors, do not be a coward. Vote for what your heart tells you is right.

or live with the consequence of your cowardice, and stop complaining.

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again the shadows of you follow me

i long for the nights i slept so deeply i woke up the morning after with no inkling of what i dreamt..

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bag whore

you pushed me to an edge that i didnt know was near. desperation is a poweful motivation that is often forgotten until it fills me up and i realise that i could achieve things that i didnt know i was capable of.

one day i hope you realise that when i walk away, i may not turn back, or you might not be able to catch up.


this cocktail of negative emotions is screwing me up..and im not feeling any better

because i just found out that Lesportsac released their final collection of Tokidoki last winter.

so many missed chances, so many a times i held it in my hands, put it on my shoulder, stare at it and the put it back on the shelf. I've gone as far as doing the same thing in a few different countries, and various malls..omg i just made myself sound so weird.

and because i was so fickle minded, because i thought to myself 'it's okay, i could buy my coach first, or i could get the betsey johnson bag first and get the tokidoki another time' finally..

i wouldnt be able to anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

omg i want to smack myself for the times i saw it in kl/sg/hk/jp and i DIDNT BUY IT.



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Are you 21 yet?

im quite bummed out that i cant vote for the elections this time.i'll have to wait another half a decade before i could vote! but i have a fair idea who my friends are voting for back home.Hannah Yeoh seems to have alot of support from the younger generation.I would support her too, just because she is young,vivacious, and she's from Subang Jaya ๐Ÿ˜‰

here's a little promo video of hers

Do the right thing people, vote for who you know would do the best job. It's time for a change!

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And i said i don’t like anything lemon

the fridge is stocked up, finally! yesterday we braved the strong wind to go to the market and the i've gotten all the things i wanted.. tonight we are making a little steamboat for dinner with fish,prawns and chicken balls which im attempting to make.

yesterday my vanity costed me tired aching feet because i wore a 'high maintenance' outfit was a white dress and a waist cincher with my black jacket and leggings and a pair of peeptoes. Aiyah troublesome to walk it but i thought it was cute and the weather forecast of strongwinds completely eluded my mind -_____- 

i looked so annoyed because i wanted pinky to take a pic of me and that boy was whining about how skinny his jeans were and how difficult it is to fish out his phone

This is Aunty Lam on the way to do her grocery shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰


we are attempting to bake a lemon meringue pie right now *excited* Pinky wanted to bake it after watching Desperate Housewives season 4 one of the episodes where Bree tried to steal Caroline's Lemon Meringue pie recipe ..

im happy and contented to spend my Sundays baking and lazing around..

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