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day 2 in the Operating theatre (OT)

that's falacoyo my darling sitting down like a good boy *ahem* being an anaesthetist. doesnt he really look the part?HMm too bad he's not very interested in it. if you take a good peek at the photo you would see a rather famous cardiothoracic surgeon in the red cap. It was an open heart surgerty for valve replacement. wow, really cool because we could get a very good view from our side of the table, and there's even a stool for people like me *blush*

so again, today my OT list finished early, out of the 3 listed patients, 2 couldnt make it for the op and the surgeons added in another case.. even that it finished by 11.30 am. i was left alone with nothing to do, waiting for the premedication round after 2pm. so i had breakfast/tea 3times. omg i could really get used to this kinda life…hehe 

in the end there was no need for premedication round and i hung around the various OTs til 5.30 pm because the open heart one was so interesting. the bypass machine was the heart/lung for the patient while the surgery was taking place.. wowwee. i tihnk im inspired. not to be a surgeon, just..inspired by the technology.

i have to read up on paediatric related anaesthesia tonight..AIH feeling lazy now how laa.

ps : have i mentioned that i love seeing falacoyo in scrubs..? so irresistable… *palpitations*  

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Not just another wedding

A few hours of basking in another couple's romance. Not the typical wedding with the King of Perlis and some ministers gracing the event. My Sayang looked like a bollywood star =p I wore baju kebaya, my favorite traditional outfit. Oh yeah, Sayang nearly became the best man for the groom, but because he didn't want to leave me alone sitting there with people I don't know, so he declined *sweet* thank goodness… Cause the bridesmaid turned out to be his ex from many years ago -__- (he wasnt informed when the bridegroom asked him) it would be so awkward and painful to watch. So I'm really lucky he chose to sit with me instead. Bigbig kiss for you Sayang *mwaaaahhh*

Anyway, congrats to adib&diana 🙂 wish them much happiness and joy

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Mom’s 59th birthday

What an awesomely pretty ice cream cake 🙂 dropped by baskin Robbins after work to pick it up.a small tiny ❤ shaped frozen decadence

Bought the cake 4 days late tho =p

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Starting work again tomorrow. It

Starting work again tomorrow. It would be my final posting, and I managed to switch from orthopedic to anaesthesiology. Because I find it more exciting(in theory) to put ppl to sleep and have the opportunity to mess around with their veins/arteries (cvl, arterial lines) than to fix up someones broken bones. And one major ++ point is, so far the house officers attached to Anaes have not started doing oncalls. Hope it remains like that.

For the past many months if slogging and whining through my housemanship finally to come so near to the finishing line I feel not the joy that I expected when I used to day dream about it when I first started out. Instead Im dreading to finish, because our government and their policies are so cruel/crap that most of us will be sent faraway, mostly to east Malaysia. I hate the thought of it and it depresses me. I hate the situation that I’m in, where I have no say in regards to where I will end up working. Yeah, we are given 3 choices when we fill up the form regarding which hospital to apply for, but I have not seen anyone getting what they want, unless if of course, they requested for the jungles of pahang or the interiors of Sarawak.

Worse is, Falah finishes earlier than me 😦 so he’ll get his transfer first

Bedtime. Just felt like ranting

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Happy birthday mommy!

Mommy is turning 59 today. She still looks young and gorgeous. Wish her a very happy birthday and good health always. So many things I wished I could tell her but the words get stuck each time. If only she knows how often I think of her. Thank you mommy for all that you have done for me. Couldn't say that enough.

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Ladies of leisure..

Anngie , my newly wedded friend who's just gone off for honeymoon! Spent a nice weekday afternoon strolling around at subang empire. Ooh I love leisurely afternoons of having tea and shopping like this 🙂 so nice to be able to hangout with Anngie again ❤ now we wait for jing to come home

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Frozen yoghurt

My new love from coffee bean. Always ended up choosing the original 'tart' flavor (nothing personal, I assure u 😉 eventho there are many flavors to choose from. They even have the blended flavors like peach mango, black forest etc.. Sigh. Craving o__0

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tell me

what happens when you call for help but no one answers…

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