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Chilli or Tomato?

that was the one simple question that really made me smile today. do you know how rare it is these days that the people working at fast food outlets bother to ask? usually they just assume that i want chili. thanks to the sweet boy at burger king who made me day errrr night (bought dinner, please dont take it the wrong way) i get really annoyed when they just throw a stack of chili sauce into my takeaway bag. especially at drive thru, even after i mention that i want chili AND tomato.

i’m having really bad period cramps today. struggled with it the whole day and then came home flopped to bed and the next thing i know it’s already 8pm. had a little craving for burger king so i went to jusco to takeaway, and top up on some of my favourite frozen food – nuggets. so now my tummy and fridge is filled. i’m working afternoon shift 2-9pm tomorrow so yeay, breakfast tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚


Lobby Lounge Empire Hotel, Subang

had a chat over uhrm.. char kuey teow at Empire hotel, subang a few weeks ago with Limun.

love the wood panelled ceilings.. the waveline design is so pretty

limun is actually holding my drink, hehe. it was the cranberry splash. the orange swirly drink is hers, very yummy

new dress new dress โค

soft and fluffy in the inside with just the right amount of crunch on the outside..

an explosion of sour, sweet and salty flavours in your mouth

it was better than what we expected from a lobby lounge, and i had to have it because i had an explicable craving for it

cheers to our friendship ๐Ÿ™‚

i’m always hitching a ride home with limun these days. saves time because she leaves earlier than my dad can pick me up (why my dad is still sending me to work is another story i’ll save for another day) i know i’m such a big baby, ahaha but anyway i digress. met limun when we were both still juniors, doing our second posting in Obs & Gyn, laboured through our labour ward posting together and with Grace. 2 months in labour ward was bearable because of them, even though we spent our time surrounded with the cries of mom to be, the cries of babies just delivered and of course the stench of amniotic fluid… it was actually fun. i would’ve been in orthopedic posting with limun again, and im sure if im, we would be having alot of fun.. but i decided to take a leap of faith and go forย anesthesiologyย instead. so now we spend our time mainly gossiping on the way home beating the traffic jam, and sometimes having drinks outside.

i was telling limun about how my parents mentioned that they regretted sending me to ukraine for 6 long years, so faraway alone.. and how if i really ended up in NUI, Galway, chances are i might still be there and wouldn’t have come home for housemanship. then i would meet limun or falah. this is how my life was supposed to be i guess. not ending up in Ireland, and now im home. fell in love, working my ass off, and of course.. met someone who turned out to be a very good friend.

a discovery a little too late

i am snacking on a slice of wholewheat bread with goat's cheese spread.oh goodness,it's yummy. been eyeing on the goat cheese for ages, so many times we went to the supermarket i was contemplating to get it,and today i finally took the plunge and i have no regrets about it at all.

actually there is a minor regret, i wish i bought it earlier, because it is so delicious ๐Ÿ˜€

have never really been a fan of cheese spread, i prefer mine sliced so when i saw the goat cheese i was tempted to try and im wondering if these are available in KL? i hope it is, one thing i'll really miss when i go back home are cheeses and yoghurts, the yoghurt products here are divine.. unlike those back home, which are made to suit for local tastes (sweet)

im attempting to study, but after every few mins i come back to the comp..and surf around aimlessly again.



pinky is asleep and looking so peaceful. next few months will be really tough on us, but i will try my very best to be good, and to go through it because he is so worth the effort. being with him these two years + has shown me that he is definately a keeper. he keeps me sane and happy, and i have come to appreciate that alot.

i think im gonna have another slice of bread with goat cheese and then resume my futile attempt of studying -___-

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this week

so the MCQ krok 2 exam stress has lifted ! *phew* what a relief, i was having sleepless nights wondering if i failed, and the sleepless nights wondering if i did really badly even if i did pass..

so it turned out none of that is true, i did much much better than i'd dare to hope for (83.5%!!!) i cant believe it!! i know im starting to sound really lame having no self confidence and what not, but walking out of the exam hall i felt that i wasnt sure about quite a number of questions and that feeling sucked.


im spending my days spending $$ i found a uber cool shopping outlet for Adidas and it carries quite a wide choice of Missy Elliot merchandise..*hehe* so u know where those precious $$ went. i was contemplating asking dad to allow me another Benefit haul but have been tihnking really hard about it and i havent made up my mind.. feeling guilty ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

it's just my bad luck with getting Benefit Body So Fine, because each time Jing wanted to pay up the items in her shopping bag the item would go out of stock. it happened TWICE!! and then recently it came back on…so im really tempted to get it with my own visa.. sigh.


believe it ornot i still have 2 exams to take. It's so called the Finals. though i hear everyone say that if u passed the MCQ u'll most likely sail through these finals… so im really really lazy and unmotivated the moment, someone please motivate me!!

a few days ago we celebrated our anniversary by pigging out in our all time favourite restaurant

this is called 'lakman' it's basically a noodle soup with a meat based broth, topped with chunks of beef. potatoes,carrots and onions. quite oily,but very flavorful

meat cutlet baked with potatoes and cream sauce – this is sooo yummy (even tho it doesnt look so here :p) the potatoe are tender, and it's perfect to eat this with bread dipped into the gravy

and this is the famous dish, Plov or Pilav. it's actually rice cooked with meat,carrots,sometimes peas and spices.it's a favourite of many, reminds me of nasi bryani

and this…is the local version of lemonade, it tastes alot like ice cream soda

this isn't russian cuisine, but uzbekistan ๐Ÿ™‚ imho, more delish than typical russian fare. haha




Pinky got a haircut! no more curly locks >.<


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the most perfect sunny side up..

i have ever fried.

it's amazing what a 7rm pan can do heehe =p

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Another simple joyful evening


An evening preceeded by steamboat dinner..how could it not be splendid.it was me and pinky again, but i thought of calling jing,vv and cheryl the former 2 being MIA so cheryl came up with her ingredients for the soup she intended to cook that night..which was perfect for our steamboat. then after our binge for almost 2 hrs we played mamaji .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

im already wondering when i would be having steamboat dinner again *drool*

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A little joyous Sunday

Yesterday Jing took me to a new hypermarket quite far away, boy it was prety big! nothing simferopol has seen before i bet =0 because it reminded me of carrefour back home ..hehe so  i was really happy and excited eventhough the selection of things being sold was quite standard compared to the other supermarkets. i enjoyed my time there going from aisle to aisle…with a big trolley yet enough space without having the need to jostle.

in case you dont know..it IS the first hypermarket in simferopol :D:D

even the staffs were friendly.when i was buying salad the lady asked me whether i was speaking english (in russian) to Pinky and then started asking me where im studying etc, she got pretty excited when she found out that i have Obs & Gyn classes in the hospital her mom works at..hahaha so random. it was a refreshing change..from the usual Ukrainian hostility.

i overspent again,buying crabcakes,prawns,sausages..and whole lot of other stuffs. im so proud of my fridge now.it is so well stocked! both my neighbours arent in so the fridge is mine again! (actually it is mine,but i was obliged to share -___-)

tonight im going to cook sweet and sour fish. today i went to the outdoor market, Privoz omg it was hella dirty and muddy from the undried snow and mud cocktail *ewwww* but we braved it all for the sake of buying capsicums at cheaper price..expected it to be a few bucks cheaper..but not half the price..so im very happy! at least getting my boots dirty was worth it.

somehow im thinking..for a person perpetually on diet(me) i spend alot on grocery shopping each week.and im really trying to fatten Pinky up.but im starting to think it's a lost cause..

im loading youtube chinese new year videosnow..im trying to download more chinese new year songs too..anyone can help? i'd really appreciate it.

yesterday Suan,babygirl, jing and vasanth came over..*lol* quite an unusual combination..but i think everyone had fun.we girls baked a brownie and watched a movie..Boy Girl Thing..haha silly movie but it's the perfect movie to watch with my girlfriends.

oh ya, yesterday Pinky found an extra pack of tea which i've forgotten i own..haha see now i have this much tea to drink..and they say, 'Variety is the spice of life' right… -______-

anyone wants to come over for a cup?

my fav is Tess Daisy ๐Ÿ™‚

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

i was bored,tummy achy and restless so Pinky agreed to bake cookies with me ๐Ÿ™‚ i feel so lucky that he always agree to do whatever silly things i can think of doing, which usually comes at midnight 0__o

so we made the cookies with *this* recipe.it turned out okay but i guess i could improve it. it was pretty easy to make tho.and i substituted butter for shortening and used only white sugar as i dont have brown sugar.

might bring it to class tomorrow if we dont gobble it up =p

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Raya~ (Eid Mubarak) celebration in Ukraine

so delayed but here it is – raya pics

The 'kain' fr our outfit for the night celebration


For the afternoon open house,

Me, Siti & Izzy 

CK, Pinky, Bubbles & Johnny

comparing *ahem* height

Us โค


Then at night we had another round of eating and taking repetitive photos, you will see





hahah like family photo =p

we had lontong with kuah lemak, tandoori chicken, sambal sotong, beef rendang, begedil, nasi kunyit..

but we only took a pic of this.and the kuah kacang isn't even ours. this is nasi himpit (compressed rice) with peanut sauce *yumyum*

ok time's up to watch movie.

daylight saving is starting…yeay one extra hour tomrorow ๐Ÿ™‚

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A little treat

just a few days ago Pinky, me and babygirl went out for lunch at Moare Moare (for me to eat my Bianca pizza,finally!) and we stopped by Silpo to buy eggs after that.

then i saw this..

and i cant walk away from it XD so we decided to get it ๐Ÿ™‚ i love Ferrero Rocher Rondnoir, it's dark chocolate *hypersalivate* it's really really nice… sigh

i took one and i started giggly uncontrollably..it gave me a sugar kick. maybe because i really love dark chocolate.and Ferrero Rochers…so this is like the perfect match for me.

โค it!


yesterday i saw the most amazing surgery ever.not because it is something really unusual, it was 'just' hernioplasty for postop femoral hernia..but i was standing just a little behind the surgeon (who happened to be our tutor) and i had a very clear view of everything going on..for the first time i could see clearly each step of the operation. Usually we have to stand further back and sometimes stand on stools but as the surgeons worked, their hands are always blocking..so there's really no greater advantage than standing as close to the operating table as possible within the limits of its sterility.

it was done under local anaesthesia, and the patient had to cough periodically (cough shock symptom) for the surgeon to check if he has reduced the hernia entirely.it was really cool to see that the patient still could talk when his abdomen is incised and open and his muscles/spermatic cord are exposed 0__0

we'll be having the surgery cycle for quite a while.and it's been interesting almost everyday so far ๐Ÿ™‚

oh ya, apparently a 21 yr old woman with dextracardia (the position of her heart is on the Right side instead of Left like everyone else) is supposed to be admitted next week. OMG cant wait to see her.

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