Monthly Archives: December 2012


How I crave

Sitting here in Starbucks in my feeble attempt to study (feeble because…see, I’m not studying but blogging instead) I realised that I crave for solitude more than I thought, and I enjoy it better than I would expect. It allows my mind to wonder on its free rein, without the limits and boundaries of the everyday mundane and the sense of responsibility towards the people surrounding me.

I’m reading about stuffs that I’ve learnt during the earlier days, it seems vaguely familiar yet I still need to read it..and I’m feeling like I have such an ageing brain. Finally opened my big’s supposed to be an incentive 😉 and brought my Seville tumbler out today. Miss my Lisbon tumbler which has fallen into the hands of the wrong person (mrF)

Oh and the playlist here is nothing short of amazing, it’s a good mix of Christmas holiday songs and some soulful jazzy sounds..

Back to the books now.



Just that.

Many words left unsaid because they are inappropriate, many gestures held back because it defies the boundaries, options are ignored because none were right, all these and yet there were no expectations because that’s too dangerous to be flirted with.

Summed up in words, everything seems simpler. Too bad it doesn’t translate into real life.