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Mozzie talk

Had the best oncall last night…of my entire medical career. Was oncall in the operation theatre and I had only 3 cases, which wrapped up by 11ish pm 😉 then it was rest time all the way…

I’m right now at HTAR klang to attend a talk about Dengue fever, I think the state ministry is freaking out because Selangor state has the highest amount of cases reported 😦 I’m gonna get ready to be bored. Postcall and I just wanna go out and play >.< thank goodness mr awesome dropped me here and we are hitting the gym after this 😉 😉



My job

For the next 24 hrs this is the environment I'm in. This pt nearly collapsed earlier. He responded to dopamine for a while but he's blod pressure is dropping again. So now he's on double inotropes, just added dobutamine.i don't think he will make it. Just counselled the family members.

After 12pm I'll start being oncall but in the other wards. Hopefully the patients are stable today.

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24hrs at work

I'm feeling the inexplicable stress of being oncall tomorrow. It's only been 6 weeks of being in medical posting but it already feel like it's ages.can't wait till I finish medical.

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Tonight @ red zone

Another 3 hrs to go and I'm already so exhausted.a pt came brought in by ambulance from a car crash was unstable and had to be intubated,but not by me.there's some bleed in her brain and I just transferred/bagged her all the way up to the operation theatre.the nuerosurgeons are inserting an intracranial pressure monitor for her.

I'm waiting to go back down to resus.the only good thing that came out of this?taking another blue scrub top fr OT.

I'm starting to babble,it must be the time of the morning -__-

My brain needs some rest.

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2010 thus far

My days are whizzing by in a blur again. It's my turn to do the HO roster from mid jan onwards.I'll have with me a schedule to fill,and a lot of people to please.

2010 started off with me being in the arms of the person I love, but without the people I adore.I didn't have my friends with me,no one made any solid plans.so I spent it with falah and his close friends.

I'm still working at a&e,the people here are nice,willing to teach and they remember u by name,from the first moment they get to know you.

Sometimes I get some mail from my friends who are in their final year(s) of med sch asking me what's important to know,well honestly… there isn't really anything specific per se,just today boss asked me what does peak flow depend on -__-

Eeek.sometimes I can't believe I'm in the middle of my 4th posting.am becoming more n more jaded.

Well,life goes on.

I've never regretted choosing this field,however much I whine about my job.I like what I do,at times I love it.but I just can't fall in love with the hours it requires and the expectations from me.Im just me,taught to heal..but still a human nevertheless.

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just let me go

I can't take this anymore.I'm tired all the time and when I fall asleep I dream of the hospital,of my patients,of the ward.it's haunting me.work is haunting me.

I feel like running away.

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I almost forgot to breathe

I need a break. I really really need a break.I don't know how long more I can continue working 7 days a week

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for a change

today I will be the patient. I've been feeling nauseous recently after eating, and I'm always feeling really full… it's like my food is not bring digested.

waiting for falah to give me a shot if metaclopramide, intravenously !

I think I'm over working, don't get me wrong, it's definately not voluntary. I haven't had a day off since 17th July. remember it so well cause that's when I started my surgical rotation.

I think I'm going crazy.
or getting really depressed.

oh he's here. hope this works

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Another ending

Tomorrow is my last day in Obs n Gyn before I start my holiday. I'm going to surgery next. Falah is at surgery so I'm not majorly freaking out.

There's this inexplicable sense of comfort that I feel knowing that he's there. Not just him, but Gauri, Hwong too. I know that if I can't cope, he'll be there.

I learnt a lot from Obs n Gyn. I left Paeds with new friends and many fond memories of the wonderful people there.

I'm leaving Obs n Gyn armed with confidence of my somewhat newly trained skills, and a feeling of relief that I survived.

Time seemed to pass faster in Obs n Gyn tho. It must be the crazy labour ward calls.Yesterday was my last. The possibly last baby that I delivered was a cherubic 3.2 of baby girl, borne to a really tired first time mother.

Can't explain the feeling when a newly delivered woman, with her baby in her arm, after going thru the ordeal of having her perineum sutured say thanks to you with real gratitude.

I love my job, just not the exhausting hours

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Right here right now

im exhausted

i feel like im living in the labour ward

been doing so many calls

and going to work every single day, even on weekends and public hols


right now im at the gynae oncology ward. oh yeah, oncology again -__-


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