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QotD: Scared Senseless

What are your irrational fears? 
Submitted by Dan Culhane.  

that i'll be left alone, Pinky will lose his patience with me, mom&dad will give up on me, my friends will be too annoyed by me to care 😦


see, that qualifies for irrational doesnt it?

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QotD: [this is home]

Where do you consider home?  Is it the place you grew up; the place you're currently living?  Why is it home?
Submitted by uncagedbird


 i've spent my life in 2 different homes in the past 6 years.Staying in one for 4-5 months on a stretch, coming back to another one for a month or two for vacation. i miss both homes when im away from them. home faraway from my birth country used to be a hated place, it is also that place i first felt truly profound sadness, learn to live on my own, learn to survive a betrayal by a dear friend, and learn to love the new friends i found.

home back here (msia) on the other hand is where my parents are, and to a certain extent it will always be where i think of when i wonder where i belong.

home in Ukraine on another hand, is one i share with someone very dear to my heart.

having 2 homes is akin to having my heart split into two, each sided by the people that i love, who unfortunately do not love each other.

i hope one fine day home would be the place where the people i love could accept each other.


then that would be truly my home.


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QotD: Best Week Ever

If you knew you had one week to live, what would you do, where would you go, who would you see? 
Submitted by normatheartist

i'll eat carbonara fetucinne, wake up for breakfast, stay up for tv, visit my grandma, spend time with my parents, the whole time dragging pinky along with me wherever i go.

what a sad question to answer..

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QotD: Courage Under Fire

Tell us about a time when you were brave. 
Submitted by Hops.

loving Fariq is the bravest thing i have done.

doing the autopsy comes second.because when i saw khoo,ivan,kee and tanny doing it the first time i was so freaked out and i really thought i couldnt do it.but i had to (because teacher said so lah) and i did.

now i can proudly say i did it!


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QotD: This Is Who I Am

In 5 words or less, who are you? 
Submitted by dejablu503.

     An Inquisitive Fusspot. Curious about everything, fussy about anything…

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QotD: I’d Totally Pig Out

If you could eat anything you wanted, and not have to worry about gaining weight/being unhealthy/inhumane, what would you totally pig out on? 
Submitted by Jay.


oh my list could go on and on.but let's start with my absolute favourite :



1) Char kuey teow –

 this is a Malaysian specialty, is it fried kuey teow with prawns, eggs, chinese sausage, beansprouts, best served on a lotus or banana leave


2) Carbonara anything – ah, the glorious and cheesy white sauce!i love it with anything at all


3) McD's fries – 😀 no description needed on this one




4) Eggs, any style –

if only i dont have to worry about cholesterol. my main favourites are scrambled, half boiled & sunny side up with runny yolks


5) Starbucks Rhumba Frappe

6) Fried rice, Pinky style - my only weakness when it comes to eating rice. no photo for this one, till the next time he cooks it for me!


talking about food, i must mention my dinner tonight, hahaha i had a wide variety of things to pig on, well we had…

baked beans, toasts, omelette, spiralli pasta, tuna mayo & mashed potatoes.

heehee all thanks (alot!) to my Mr Pink. :D:D how can i not sayang him right? he feeds me to the brim..hahaha

 *all photos taken fr Google image search



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QotD: Up All Night, Sleep All Day

When is the last time you stayed up all night?

that would be…that time when i was studying for my exams, trying to cram everything into my head.. my sleeping patterns take an opposite turn when the exams are near. i stay up till about 9am, and the i sleep all the way till sunset.

no more staying up late for me now as my classes are in the morning.i remember the time i stayed up till 2-3am on a daily basis, not really doing anything in particular..just bumming around online or watching some movies even on weekday nights..

no more up all night partying, coming home tipsy either. seems like all the drunken debauchery days are gone..

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