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2 months


3 of us my kathy27-08-07_121206-08-07_1343IMG_0703Ivy bwSuen flashingDSC0509506-08-07_1142copyMy fav girlsIvy b& wi sprung pink furry ears

flew by just like that.

im sad to leave. cant even comfort myself by telling me that pinky's gonna be there 😦

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It’s confirmed..

Burberry's staying.. and Coach n LAMB is going withme..

having mixed feeligns about this but i def cant bear to leave my lamby here *sigh* mommy forcing me to make difficult choices and i know that she'll rather i leave the burberry.


gonna be taking lots of pic of my baby tomorrow so i wont miss it so much. oh, if only i took pics of the other people i'll be missing as well.



gonna have dimsum for breakfast tomorrow, if i wake up early enough.daddy took a day leave to layan me


been packing and packing. we bought this vacumn pack sealer thing fr japan and the 100 yen store in ss2 and it works like wonder compressing my clothes..into a flat vacumn packed..whatever..reminds me of the ba-qua i like to eat in vacumn pack :S

mom bought some cool stuff for herself yesterday…to my horror i found out that she wears a SMALLER size levi's than i do.. -_________-


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tried, but not yet tested

did he forget…

how to hug me to sleep?


i need a hand to hold, and a shirt to smell.

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there you go, one by one

im surprised, but im sad to leave.

i've only just hugged them goodbye but im already starting to miss them. i'll miss suen i'll miss fan, i'll miss quant..


listen to whatever songs i 'll end up feeling sad.

everything i feel is amplified. i drove home with suen in front of me till usj 5 before she turned in, and we were on the phone the entire time..because she knew i needed her. what would it be like next year when i come back and shes all the way in sydney..

chaiwye left..and suen's leaving 😦


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the accidentally perfect day.

i had such a nice day today.i met my darling jiaxin in the afternoon, teman her to the shops in bangsar, we drank and we smoked<– how i missed this, and just talk and talk..and i feel really lucky to still have her in my life. i cant find the right words to describe my feelings..but i felt really happy today spending that few hours with her.

because she understands me very well and im truly me when im with her


i just came back fr watching fireworks with suyi,fan,quantlyn+bf,lichong + gf and puigeet.nice company they were, even though i didnt know half of them, but it was so sonice to sit on the grass looking at fireworks, beautiful sparkling,glittery fireworks..haiyo so 'lam' ar..and i held quantlyn and fanyin's was an awesome way of spending a saturday night..unlike the usual things we do.the only bummer is..i forgot to bring my camera..

after the fireworks display endedwe continued sitting on that patch of grass(covered by mats ok!) till the traffic cleared..just talking.i miss suyi and fanyin so much.but im thankful that i got the chance to see them at least..

at the end of the night..i realise how lucky i am, just because i have friends i know who loves me


ps: chen its time to come back and sayang me abit!its been tooooooooooooooo long *pout*

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they left

as i arrived..Mimi, Jing n Ch are on their way to Athens!omg im so excited and a tad envious 🙂 was thinking of joining them but decided against it cause i'd have to pay for my own ticket while they could claim theirs fr Turkish airlines' freq flyer program.bodoh la me didnt apply, because i think i flew with turkish airlines like…7-8 times return journey, because i used to come back twice a year!

nvm i went to japan, and i came back!

the bag is bursting!

i love japan i love japan i love japan i love japan everything is nice and pretty and clean and high tech and yummy and there are lots to buy, even more than HK *gulps* now im sitting in the midst of this big mess in my room with all my stuffs all over the place 0_o

i transferred my pics..but im kinda lazy to blog about the trip now.

my skin's breaking out,gonna be popping alot of pimples soon.praying for some miracle from oxy =p maybe later when i come back.tata!

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just so that u know..

when it comes to this

sometimes i just need to sigh.

a long, deep sigh.




sigh already feel better ABIT

*pats self*

*hops away*


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when will we do this again?

one fine afternoon at Delicious.


edit : guess who went to see gwen stefani last night? NOT ME! omg im so jealous. sigh. she was, like 5 metres away from pinky…i would've gone to her concert in kl if i werent going to uncle was getting me tickets :( 

she was as blonde,as skinny and as flat…as her mtvs..hahaha i asked pinky already =p  

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it was mini-g and u then..

i had a friend whose hand i could hold, whose thoughts i could read, whose words i could speak, i have a friend who would hug me, drink and smoke with me, and just do silly stupid things like that one time we almost set fire on the playground  when we tried lightng up candles, the time whn we played firecrackers, the time when i got drunk on half a pint of beer… , i had a friend who would teman me do face masques, come over and stay and playmy violin to wake everyone up in the morning..

i had a friend who almost never said no to me.

but thistime and possibly the previous time when i came back thingschanged.

what happened to us chaiwye?


im sad that he is leaving, and i dont know how to deal with it.more so when things are different this time around.

i will miss chaiwye soso much.tho i cant help but think that i'll miss the him that i used to know even more.

and im so desperate to have him back 😦

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