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When I’m not at work

Went shopping today and bought a whole lot of things 😀

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Dr Zaq

I find this pic really hilarious. Took my paeds mo while waiting to resuscitate the emergency caesarean section baby. So me, matthew and zaq were waiting in the rest room and I caught him in this pose -___-

Another reason to miss paeds , the medical officers there are like our friends.

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Blogging from my iPhone

I finally found an app which allows me to to this! I'm post call today, decided to stay back at the hostel so that I could sleep n not wake up so early. Hope I can drop by starbucks later to get the dark mocha drink

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still having fun with i-talipon

some pics i took over the few weeks

had lunch at this place called the garden

nice concept indeed,i like

and the food prices are okay

small, medium and big Lam

another shot of the interior

one day i was walking past the nursery at our labour ward and heard a baby crying

so i went in to take a peep

and saw this little darling

alone in his/her crib (didnt check – hehe)

so cute ain it

one day i dropped by cheryl's place before going out

and saw her almost buried by her stuffed friends

taken on a sunday afternoon post call..if im not wrong

i love Jaya one!

so glad it's near UMMC 😀


all pics taken with the iphone

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this week

i dunno how i survived my week

labour ward call on sunday.. i actually saw the nurses change shift 4 or was it even 5 times..and i was still there. through FOUR working shifts of the nurses -____- obviously labour laws are not enforced for housemen..

then again on call on tuesday.

had so many admission i cant even remember which was which.

and was on call yesterday as well.



im glad it's over.

im back onto my bi weekly calls.

another 5 calls for the rest of the month.


on a happier note, i guess our MOs like us quite a's so fun working with khoo, limun and grace.

we can even speak chinese *hehe*

conducted 2 deliveries today, sutured one.and the rest of the day spent monitoring 2 impending eclampsia patient half hourly.and that includes manual BP & reflexes!

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