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There is only so much pain that a person can bear

I wish I could crawl into a hole and never come out.

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starting work tomorrow

today i forgot to switch off the car headlights and i left it there like that for 2 hours to find that i couldnt start the car. luckily i had falah, luckily i was in pyramid, luckily the security guards came to help.

im so annoyed by my careless self.

have not mentioned the few times last year i hit the car banging the curb, banging another car… *sigh*

no one to blame, but myself.

and that sucks.


ps : yeay gonna meet chanshukman tomorrow. *excited*

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Happy roaring year!

Liev & I wish everyone a happy and fruitful year!

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Tonight @ red zone

Another 3 hrs to go and I'm already so exhausted.a pt came brought in by ambulance from a car crash was unstable and had to be intubated,but not by me.there's some bleed in her brain and I just transferred/bagged her all the way up to the operation theatre.the nuerosurgeons are inserting an intracranial pressure monitor for her.

I'm waiting to go back down to resus.the only good thing that came out of this?taking another blue scrub top fr OT.

I'm starting to babble,it must be the time of the morning -__-

My brain needs some rest.

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Some Chinese new year color for my bedroom 🙂 its so red! I can't believe I picked it out.hmmm.almost done with my clothes shopping,well *almost* because I'll never be 'done' with shopping =p

Spending sometime at home doing face mask,bringing mom for her shopping.

Night shift at red zone tonight,hoping for some cvl or intubation.intubated someone the other day,and I need more practise.

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that’s how it is