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this is why the doctor says ldr = bad for health

i didnt wait for 2 hours just for a chat with you to be told that you'll be going off in 40 mins.

i hope u understand that…my patience is running thin, so please do not make me stretch it even thinner..

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Sigmund Freud & his chow chows


this pic is amazing..i didnt know mr Freud had chow chow too..and to see a pic of him with them..

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few random thoughts:

i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky

i might be doing the intralase lasik surgery for my eyes next friday! no more contact lenses and spectacles after this! (but i will be changing my geeky specs to 0 degrees lens..just in case the call for a geeky face arises..heehe)

i bought 2 dresses from Miss selfridge today

this is looking im wondering how to wear it.or what to wear it with because this isn't really my style..but thought of experimenting..

i love this one the skirt is like an almost full poofy skirt..hehe makes me look a little housewifey but i love the print and smocking at the waist.. 🙂

all dresses except the new collection are going for 20% less from now till 5th october.. *yeay!* so do check them out,there are many pretty ones in store


it's been a while since i posted what i bought..yet i've been buying quite a few things recently. more mac and some benefit items that i've gotten ages ago and didnt post.

everyone seems to be busy this weekend.

who wants to go for cider? or at least some drinks..i need a good hard long island ice tea

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stuck in reverse, and achingly so

one step forward two steps back
what are the purposes of intuition
when all it does is bring about doubts
making the step forward fearful?



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Going, Coming, I thought i heard a knock..

Whose there?

No one..


i had a fabulous night out with the girls, we somehow landed at Finnegan's .. an Irish pub..the name is a tell tale i guess.and i had Strongbow CIder..which i really love 🙂 hoping not to be craving it anytime soon because i dont know where else to find it. and going to Hartamas is quite bothersome.. anyway the couches at Finnegan's are really comfortable.. and having the company of 4 great women + the cider +  the comfy couch = awesome.

and i finally managed to smoke -__-

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enough of this emo crap

been trying to hold the tears in because i know once it starts.. it would take much more to make it stop. just like how we were taught in med school… prevention is always better than cure. right now i'll give anything.. for more patience because it's running low, and we cant do without it.

without patience, 'us' will cease to be, and i cant let that happen.. can i?

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I’m Yours

Dear friend,

you have no idea how badly im dying for a smoke, and how much more i want to have it with you.

i miss you Chai 😦



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whoever said long distance relationships are 'do-able' obviously did not consider sucky internet lines in his equation..


i dont know how to comfort another person when im not feeling fine myself,i hate the feeling of being obliged to sound happy and chirpy when im feeling shit inside..i cant keep up the charade,yet i have to, because comforting the other person is my responsibility.

im so frustrated i can literally feel my heart bursting..

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I miss.

i miss being undecided on which jacket to wear, i miss pondering about whether to wear my skinnies tucked into boots or just shorts with my thigh high.. i miss MSN-ing with cheryl in the morning deciding on what to wear..

i miss going to class with my colorful tights

i miss walking around feeling the cold cold wind on my face

i miss having a hand to hold to keep me from falling when there's snow

i miss walking to class thru the park.. the closest to nature i ever gotten

i miss walking to the bus stop early in the morning..stil groggy from sleep,then almost falling asleep on the bus

i miss the faint antiseptic smell of our class in the hospital.. i even miss changing into my second* shoe

i miss cooking in the evenings, i miss deciding what to eat..i miss bugging Pinky to defrost the meat

i miss waiting for the slow stove to work its magic..

i miss my room, i miss my home in ukraine..


i dont know where's home.. 😦

i miss the weather so so much..

back here all i can wear practically are just tanks/shorts/skirts/tees..

none of my fav boots,tights,jackets..

* it is compulsory for us students to bring a second pair of shoes(of flipflops if u prefer) when we go for our classes in the hosp as a way tohelp maintain the cleaniness in the wards, so that we will not be bringing in the dirt from out shoes.. esp important during winter…when we will be trudging around in snow on the way to class

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