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Warsaw ;)

hello hello im in warsaw.

it is freezing, im not very comfortable, but my friends are taking care of me (thank God)

im freeloading on the free internet now, after eating our dinner which we cooked. *yumyum* ivan is a great cook ๐Ÿ™‚


gonna chat with Pinky now. (am not gonna say how much i miss him till i see how much he misses me)




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So little time

Still. not. excited. (about the trip)


i think im freaking out.



doesnt help that the weather's turning colder and colder..

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All i want for christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ especially those who matters.

not really in a xmas-y mood at the actually at home with a tummy cramp. had a blast last night at our potluck dinner. it's always nicer to have a smaller group of close friends around where everyone can interact (well maybe except Pinky due to the language barrier)

many pics to post, including the saturday night music fest thing.


im leaving for Greece on friday. i bet you can sense my usual too many worries. this time Pinky not coming along ๐Ÿ˜ฆ major bummer for me. but i decided to go ahead because it's something that i have to do for myself. i hope i will be fine, not too tired,not too lazy to carry my stuff, not too…moody?i'd hate to spoil everyone's mood *cross fingers*


i am feeling …

indescriable. i miss Pinky, but he's in class. i didnt go to class today, woke up with a horrible nightmare and still reeling from it. i guess sitting alone in the room isnt the best way to deal with it – i should have gone to class then cheryl and babygirl would cheer me up.

i dreamt that Pinky cheated on me…TWICE.

omg what a nice way to wake up on christmas morning :(:(

luckily when i woke up he was right there. but im still in shock.

i hope it will never happen.



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Retail therapy works.. ;)

so im back in Ukraine..back into Pinky's arms..back to sleeping on double pillows..and back to my strawberry printed and scented toilet rolls ^__^

took me a total of 15 hrs of flight time and 9 hrs transit to be back.all by myself..didn't think i could do home and back here all alone..but i did it. and it renewed my faith in myself, and im proud of me. every little step will lead to bigger things i hope.

i had the most pleasant long haul flight because the kind lady at Changi seated me alone! in a flight full with only 2 empty seats..i am so thankful.

as usual i came back with a haul of misc things for me, my beloved friends, Pinky..and lots of things to eat ๐Ÿ™‚

i even managed to buy some stuffs from the MAC holiday collection from Changi.

MAC Royal Asset eyeshadow palatte

I got the metallic palatte..the colors are intense and gorgeous, but the black silver sparkly color wasn't as intense as i expected

MAC Heirloom eye brushes set. Everything i needed!

Glitter eyeliner from Metal X collection in Wonderwhite (i think) and my under eye concealer

Remember a while back i ordered some stuffs fr Benefit online?i got them ages ago but didnt post here :

Valley of the stars kit comprising all the various highlighters

Powder pop! love this one too but i dont really know how to use the bronzer well enough to contour my cheeks yet

and a few false eyelashes that i bought,(below post) i tried it on again yesterday

18-12-07_1629g [800x600]18-12-07_1621h [800x600]18-12-07_1620 [800x600]18-12-07_1622h [800x600]

 i used MAC metallic palatte for my eyes, Benetit for my cheeks and lips..and my shu uemura falsies

im off to bed now. Good night!  

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Pet peeve

what's with people who gladly add you in Friendster or Facebook (or whatever 'im your friend, you are my friend, the whole world should know it' web based app) and yet couldn't bring themselves to say hi to you IRL?



so annoying. just stop adding me already would you!

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A random act of sweetness

today the boy selling Famous Amos cookies made me happy by giving me 35 extra grams of cookies (i only bought 100g) and today i lined for for 30 mins buying donuts…which i dont really fancy after trying a few.

my aunt/uncle/cousin are here.been so busy because part of my time is spent catering to their needs.i was the driver yesterday, today we spent 9 hrs in Sunway Pyramid, shopping.first time ever, the parking costed 8rm -_____-


we bought so much, that our Vitara boot was filled to the brim, and J.Co had its own place in btw my aunt and uncle at the backseat..hahaha my much precious donuts.


bought my first pair of fake eyelashs fr shu uemura a few days back and today i bought a few more.

cheryl took and edited some of the pics.lo and behold, me with lashes :):)

getting it attached,sorry about my super sahara lips.always been like that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


i wish im born with lashes like that! that said..the first plastic procedure i go for would be eyelash implantation.


wish everyone well back in ukraine.i miss all of you so much

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QotD: Scared Senseless

What are your irrational fears? 
Submitted by Dan Culhane.  

that i'll be left alone, Pinky will lose his patience with me, mom&dad will give up on me, my friends will be too annoyed by me to care ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


see, that qualifies for irrational doesnt it?

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tell me how.

i feel guilty for feeling so immensely uncomfortable in my own starting to freak out..i can feel am i going to get used to being at home next june ..when i have to come back for good?


i miss pinky so much it is hurting me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ why cant i ever miss someone normally..assuming that the feeling of missing someone isn't so painful..


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The not so ‘comfort’ of being at home..

im home at last. 4 hrs at Istanbul, another 3 at Changi..finally im back home.

had a dirty minded surgeon for company on my 13 hr flight from Istanbul-Singapore. he's an ass who has no respect for the institution of marriage, and he tried to get into my pants. a cardio-thoracic surgeon, with the personality of a disgusting bastard. yuck.


being at home means stress level rises sky high.

im faced with questions i can't answer eg. 'how did u end up with that nodule in your lung?'


i dont know. because if i knew maybe i wont be flying home alone to find out?

mommy frets over's expected since im the only child,but it is also suffocating.



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Ivy @ Atarturk International airport Istanbul

believe it ornot im at the Atarturk international airport Istanbul now using their free wifi ๐Ÿ™‚ im amazed..haha because i didnt know that istanbul airport has the free wifi service and im quite relieved at least my boredom can somewhat be curbed for the next hr or so till my laptop batt runs out .

next flight out at 11.55pm..flying to luggage's checked in all the way to kuala im only having my laptop and my roxy duffel with me which is heavy like a bitch. first time ever..i actually didnt feel like browsing the shops.

thanks alot to everyone who sent me off.your presence was like a comfort to my heart and a reassurance that i will be fine.

honestly..if my camera cables were not checked in i would take a pic of my surrounding to post it up :/


im gonna cont chatting with Pinky and Vinvie now.tatas



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