Monthly Archives: February 2009

mind f*****.

i could do so much more if only you allow me to. i wish im selfless enough to persist even though u said u'll rather i dont. but i really am too proud.

to proud to let go

to proud to go on.


i worry about what i foresee, i feel disappointed by what you said to me.

in the midst of all this chaos, you are my comfort.

but soon enough, you might also be the reason for my tears.


i dont know if i should walk away from you.

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*hehe* under the sheets..

so i was browsing the photo updates of my friends in facebook..and i saw a few wedding albums.

the first thought that came to my mind was 'WOW so now they can have legal sex'




i guess wedding's not for me anytime soon…

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just to let u know

that im still alive and laughing

im quite contented these days, not as badly mind-f*****

and i even managed to watch the few movies that i really wanted to




this was last tuesday

i love spontaneity

i think i live for it

too much time to plan and prepare makes me anxious

nothing gets me going more than a sudden decision to have fun 😀


i spent valentine's morning doing my ward round.. it was relaxing, everyone was in a good mood and stress free

then i had a delicious lunch at Delicious, (urm, really-pardon the pun)

and went browsing the Bangsar boutiques with the girls.


my day was lovely 🙂

thank you, and you know who you(s) are!


im really lemming something at the moment:

i want a book of poems by E.E. Cummings

must drop by a book shop one day to look for it


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who would’ve thought that

we'll be going to zouk on a weekday..

and im post call


haha im so hyper now

but tomorrow i'll be zombied.


shall worry and regret tomorrow, there's no time like NOW!

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breaking.. & broken

in a lame attempt at protecting my own heart, i break another..

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<3 u when..

i scrolled back to read my recent entries (oh i know,who the hell does that-) and i realised that im losing myself, consumed by my WORK 😦


it's all been whining, semi depressing entries, more whining.. and some random drunken entries.


i dont know how i've been feeling these days. my feelings of joy are relative.. no longer the pure unadulterated versions i so used to enjoy. i feel old, im paranoid that im starting to look older..

im confused and undecided.


i bought alot of things recently, mostly i dont need..all superflous but i guess retail therapy helps. maybe for a few short hours after acquiring it, and again for the few mins when i use them

im kinda losing my knack for googling. wanted to find some quotes but i couldnt.

im gonna read my favourite poem from ee.cummings again..

and hopefully fall asleep with a smile on my face.


im on call tomorrow … geez.


ps : is *this* love?

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Almost exactly a year ago

      i miss me in this outfit

  i miss me in ukraine


i think i wouldnt even whine if i had to walk of 7 floors to my room when the lift breaks down..

or complain when the snow slush dirties my boots..


i always miss everything i cant have.



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