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A day at the operation theatre

 yesterday we had the opportunity to observe an emergency operation on a patient with *peritonitis* he was in a bad state when we saw him, in pain and he was belching every few seconds. suspected to have paralytic ileus, he was sent to the operation theatre right after he was prepped.


while we waited for him to be ready..

Sing Fa,Tanny,Cheryl,Vinvie & Zameen

Guess who! hahaha

Us girls

trying to insert my unruly hair into the surgical cap

the small operation theatre, viewed from the outside.

(if you are intolerant to gross images,i think this might be quite offensive to you) 

our teacher making a midline incision


this is the loop of the intestine which is necrotized

the surgeon making a cut to check the blood supply to that part of the intestine

this better illustrates the full extent of the necrotic process

our teacher (on the right) with his assistant working hard

the patient had *thrombosis* of the messenteric arteries, which causes ischemia of his appendix,caecum,some part of his transverse colon and the small intestine..which finally lead to its *necrosis*  the colors of the affected areas ranged from cyanotic ,grey, to greenish yellowish and it was heavily distended with air. during the operation, there was even a foul smell in the OT. i feel sad for the patient.

we saw him today, at the ICU.he was unconscious and needed the ventilation unit for respiration. our teacher opened the stitches a little to check the condition of his intestine-it was kinda amazing,he showed us the healthy pink loop of sigmoid colon fr just a tiny window on his wound.

on another note, something bad happened yesterday to us.Vinvie and Cheryl's wallet got stolen fr our class which was it must be an insider's job. Im really lucky that mine was safe and sound.cant imagine having to cancel all my credit cards when im planning a winter trip. hope Vinvie and Cheryl will feel better soon :/ usual.nights

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

i was bored,tummy achy and restless so Pinky agreed to bake cookies with me ๐Ÿ™‚ i feel so lucky that he always agree to do whatever silly things i can think of doing, which usually comes at midnight 0__o

so we made the cookies with *this* turned out okay but i guess i could improve it. it was pretty easy to make tho.and i substituted butter for shortening and used only white sugar as i dont have brown sugar.

might bring it to class tomorrow if we dont gobble it up =p

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Raya~ (Eid Mubarak) celebration in Ukraine

so delayed but here it is – raya pics

The 'kain' fr our outfit for the night celebration


For the afternoon open house,

Me, Siti & Izzy 

CK, Pinky, Bubbles & Johnny

comparing *ahem* height

Us โค


Then at night we had another round of eating and taking repetitive photos, you will see





hahah like family photo =p

we had lontong with kuah lemak, tandoori chicken, sambal sotong, beef rendang, begedil, nasi kunyit..

but we only took a pic of this.and the kuah kacang isn't even ours. this is nasi himpit (compressed rice) with peanut sauce *yumyum*

ok time's up to watch movie.

daylight saving is starting…yeay one extra hour tomrorow ๐Ÿ™‚

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A little treat

just a few days ago Pinky, me and babygirl went out for lunch at Moare Moare (for me to eat my Bianca pizza,finally!) and we stopped by Silpo to buy eggs after that.

then i saw this..

and i cant walk away from it XD so we decided to get it ๐Ÿ™‚ i love Ferrero Rocher Rondnoir, it's dark chocolate *hypersalivate* it's really really nice… sigh

i took one and i started giggly gave me a sugar kick. maybe because i really love dark chocolate.and Ferrero Rochers…so this is like the perfect match for me.

โค it!


yesterday i saw the most amazing surgery ever.not because it is something really unusual, it was 'just' hernioplasty for postop femoral hernia..but i was standing just a little behind the surgeon (who happened to be our tutor) and i had a very clear view of everything going on..for the first time i could see clearly each step of the operation. Usually we have to stand further back and sometimes stand on stools but as the surgeons worked, their hands are always there's really no greater advantage than standing as close to the operating table as possible within the limits of its sterility.

it was done under local anaesthesia, and the patient had to cough periodically (cough shock symptom) for the surgeon to check if he has reduced the hernia was really cool to see that the patient still could talk when his abdomen is incised and open and his muscles/spermatic cord are exposed 0__0

we'll be having the surgery cycle for quite a while.and it's been interesting almost everyday so far ๐Ÿ™‚

oh ya, apparently a 21 yr old woman with dextracardia (the position of her heart is on the Right side instead of Left like everyone else) is supposed to be admitted next week. OMG cant wait to see her.

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im sooooooo excited!i just ordered some stuffs fr Benefit online :D:D but it's gonna take quite a while to reach me.. so the thing is, me and Izzy are combining our shipping so that we can get the free shipping promo fr the website ๐Ÿ™‚ we kinda saved about 20usd on Izzy and i cant wait for nov 8 to come..then we can start the countdown!

this is what i have ordered:

Gee that was quick! make up remover

Valley of the starts kit containing a mini sized High Beam, Moon Beam, Her Glossiness and 2 shimmer eyeshadow

Powder pop! a limited ed powder kit containing Dandelion, Dallas & Hoola

Badgal lash


cant wait for it to arrive, im only hoping that it will be cleared by customs easily :/ that's the thing with Ukraine, it's always more difficult..


i was preparing tomorrow lunch for Pinky and J* and i accidentally dropped the wok cover it went bang! and crashed all over the floor…and Pinky..who was almost asleep had to clean it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

im sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

 i feel so bad about it *sigh*

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Curry chicken and Sambal Thairu

i had a very nice dinner tonight, Pinky cooked..while i was asleep so i woke up to the enticing aroma of spices..and walked out to find the curry simmering on the stove

i feel so lucky!

Chicken curry

Sambal thairu, made with capsicum,cucumber,onions & tomatoes, dressed with Kefir and a pinch of salt

this is how i had my dinner, with Basmati rice and fried anchovies ๐Ÿ™‚


im so happy with my dinner tonight.thank you sayang for cooking it *hugs*


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procrastination is a 15 letter word

im supposed to be studying transfusiology hmm i wonder if that word really exists? the procrastinator that i surfing blogs looking at pretty  *rooms*, downloading PS brushes..and drinking a hot chocolate drink which i put in too much effort to make..


why drink hot chocolate when i prefer milo?why did i make it from scratch..when there are plenty of instant ones to choose from?

because i'd rather do anything but to study ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

today we had some guests over for dinner, we made lasagne (boring!) but people seem to enjoy it. so we keep serving the same dish, but to different guests. and we were talking about working..and the fact that im about to graduate sank it.

is it okay if i say that im not ready.. after almost 6 years of studies..can i find a way to justify saying that?

being *almost there myself..i realise more and more that doctors are human too. when i was a kid i'd get the impression that doctors are kind, loving people who gives u medicine tasting like cherry to make you well again..they are always patiently listening to your complaints..then nodding and then listening to your chest..and then writing your prescription, telling you 'remember to gurgle with salt water!' before waving good bye.

and for the longest time.. i wish i could be a doctor like that. and i told myself, i will.

but now i think, and i realise that not all doctors are like that. because they are human too. and because everyone has bad days, and during our bad days, we might not be able to be empathy to the sore throat that you might have, or the swelling toe that's been bugging you for days. we might just check to see what's wrong, and then without much compassion, tell you the solution to your problem (or not!) i am afraid that when i become a doctor, i'd have too many bad days, too many busy days, too many sleepless nights…too many..excuses. i dont know how to speak to a patient who is dying, i dont know how to deal with relatives of angry many i-dont-knows.

there are only so many things that they teach you in med school

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Retail therapy, to be continued

i walked around for almost 7 hrs yesterday and i ended up not buying anything.. NOTHING!


haha i think im so proud of myself

but now im getting ready to go out to buy the 'things' i didnt buy yesterday.. =p


lalala*hops away*

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If you’d ask me how i knew

loving a person means

allowing him to misunderstand you, if he feels better that way.


and then apologizing for it.



and then cook a bowl of your fav noodles (or whatever you are craving) to make you feel better.

i promise you it works.

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Selamat Hari Raya sayang! and everyone too :):)


yeay time to start eatinggg

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