Monthly Archives: February 2011

Dreamy pillow mist

Bought a little something to help me fall asleep properly.I’m such a light sleeper sometimes I feel like I’ve been awake the whole night because I was still so aware of my surroundings.

Blissful sleep here I come ❤

Missing mrF so the grille man came to fix the grille it's only our Internet that's still pending and I hope it comes soon so mrF and I can skype properly

Gonna try to fall asleep now.tomorrow's gonna be a long day.might write more about the pillow mist when my Internet is up


Toxic gases

I haven’t disappeared,I’ve only started working -__- started 1 month of the infamous ‘tagging’ where I’ll have to stick around and learn as much as I can for a month. And the hours are…hmm it only leaves me enough time to sleep and bathe.I’m tagging 8am till 12midnight e.v.e.r.y day 😦 it’s renders me a zombie at the end of the day and I’m falling sick.

Oh ya,today is valentines day.and I’ve been in the Operation Theatre complex since 730am.
This is my home for now.

Balik kampung!

We are currently on the way back to johor ,that’s our hometown and the extended families are there including grandma for the next few days I’ll be a small town girl, in rengam. My friends always joked bout that.haha it’s hilarious one day I should pack them along with me 😉

Liev taking a pee break

Relocating again

Moving to Melaka means packing up part of my life in Subang (my heart is elsewhere,at the moment in Terengganu) I have been feeling rather depressed about moving out of home again. Tomorrow me and Limun will be reporting for work in Melaka. Wish us luck 😦

Will be missing mom,dad and my fat little lion liev ;(